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How to help people who've lost their jobs, at risk of losing their homes, who're scared and confined with their family or even on the front-line making sure the rest of us are safe

Now if you're anything like me — you want to help these people, you just don't know how...

You hear the scary stories on the news about how someone's 31 year old brother died from COVID. And you think to yourself "aren't younger people usually safe from things like this?"

You hear that unemployment rates are higher now than they were in The Great Depression. You hear about all those people working essential jobs... nurses, mothers, living apart from their children so they don't put their family at risk...

When I see and hear these stories I feel a ton of gratitude and relief. I'm grateful that I'm not in that situation. But I also feel a twang of guilt and I wish I could do more to help.

Do you know what I mean?

If you're someone who wants to help, who wants to make a difference, who wants to stand-up for those keeping us safe, to stand-together with each other even in isolation — here's a way to make a real difference:

When you pledge to support myYogaTeacher, 100% of your donation goes to providing Free Online Yoga Classes for everyone affected by COVID-19.

I know, "who cares about yoga at a time like this!? The economy is unstable. People are losing their jobs. People are sick and dying. And our best hope is to stay inside so the hospitals don't get overburdened!"

Yes! I completely agree. But it's not really about the yoga itself. It's about the people practicing.

Families who feel scared join our classes and get an hour of healthy relief and entertainment. They get a daily practice that helps them stay positive.

Those grieving the loss of a loved one get connection with other people. They get a living breathing yoga teacher who cares about the difficulties we're all facing.

Nurses who're panicked, seeing horrific illness and death at work. Every morning they gather the courage to go back on the front-line. But before they go, they practice yoga and get a moment of peace. They get tools for stress and anxiety relief. They get a whole community supporting them.

(these aren't hypothetical examples — they are real stories from our students!)

Students call us and email us everyday. Telling us things like "I've lost my job. And now we might lose our house! But I practice yoga with you guys everyday and I'm so grateful I have this in my life right now. Thank you all so much! Bless you!"

YOU are the one making this possible when you donate. It's you providing these Free Yoga Classes to all these people!

More than 500 people take classes on our platform every single day.

As of April 6th, more than 30,000 people have signed up for these Free Yoga Classes.

So again, if you're interested in supporting these people — 100% of your donation to myYogaTeacher goes to funding Free Online Yoga Classes with live teachers.

0% goes to admin, 0% to marketing, 0% to staff payroll, 0% to executive salaries (ha, we're more like an online mom-n-pop business anyways. If we had a storefront our 'executives' would be wearing janitor, employee, and customer service name-tags!).

That means 100% of your donation goes to making these Free Group Yoga Classes possible!

We're aiming to raise $200,000

That's because it's costing about $15,000 per month to run these classes. (This pays all the Zoom fees and teacher salaries to run 25 classes per day, 7 days a week.)

We can't keep it going on our own...

When you help us to raise $200,000 this means we can help more people and give more yoga. We can add two to three times as many free classes with twice as many teachers — and keep all these free classes going for at least 6 more months!

Each yoga class has about 20 students on average... sometimes up to 50 students in a single class! That's more than 500 people every day who get these free classes (like 5x the daily attendance of a regular studio).

When you donate just $10, you're paying to make 1 more yoga class possible. This means another 20 to 50 people will get a class they wouldn't have otherwise.

When you donate $100, you're paying to make 10 more classes possible. This means another 200 to 500 people will get a class they couldn't have otherwise.

And if you are someone who can donate $1,000 or more, you can make yoga possible for 2,000 to 5,000+ people. That's 2,000 to 5,000 front-line workers, families, and people who've lost their job that get to find some relief and friendship in these yoga classes, because of you!

Thank you so much for any contribution you're able to make. You can click the yellow "Donate now" button to get started!

Your support is SUPER important and can make the difference between helping these people or not.

Now I know it's natural to say to yourself "this sounds good, I'll think about it" with the genuine intention of coming back to donate later. But none of us ever do come back, we forget, we get distracted, we get caught up in life...

If you're considering making a donation — I ask that you take the leap and do it now. Make it happen and make a difference today! (any amount will help, just click the yellow "Donate Now" now to donate)

Thank you so much for reading this letter and for all your support!

With love and gratitude,
Will Allen and the entire myYogaTeacher team

PS. In case you want to make Online Yoga Classes FREE and available to all front-line workers, isolated families, people who've lost their jobs and been affected by COVID-19 — you can click the yellow "Donate Now" button and 100% of your donation will go directly to funding these Free Online Yoga Classes.
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