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This is the OFFICIAL Campaign for Pastor David Lynn. Go to his OFFICAL website (  and the banner will redirect to this campaign. And also verified and reposted by him .

Who am I: Official graphics, website, and media director of Christs Forgiveness Ministries (founded by David Lynn) in Toronto. I am also the admin of the church's Facebook page . The money will NOT be sent to me, but to his PERSONAL account in order to pay for the fees and the lawyers as described below.

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The arrest of Pastor David Lynn (founder of Christs Forgiveness Ministries) and subsequent terms of his bail release preventing him from attending LGBTQ “communities” and “events” are unprecedented, unholy, and all together unlawful.  Although we are rich in the holy spirit of our Father, Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries is extremely poor in finances. We must make it clear that we do not have the resources to properly defend Pastor David Lynn. We are not a mega-church, we do not own a church building, and we have a small congregation. The only way he can fight this case is with your support. We are asking for Christians and churches across the nation to donate any amount to contribute to his defense fund. Be assured that every cent contributed will go towards this defense and our on-going campaign to build our “Stop Bullying Christians Now!” campaign and network.

 At this time we are exploring legal options and attorneys. We honestly have no idea how much this is going to cost. We do anticipate a defense fund but also going on the offensive counter-suing the city, police department, and officers involved. We want to ensure that the message is delivered that we Christians will not tolerate such a miscarriage of justice and this is never to happen again in Toronto.

This is a clear and closed case and a perfect opportunity to make a statement for Free Speech. The entire event was captured on Live Stream. We have sufficient evidence to go to battle against the city, police department. The execution of the arrest and statements made by the Toronto Police Department has publicly slandered Pastor David with false allegations of “hateful and derogatory statements being made toward LGBTQ people." As usual, every step of this battle will be live streamed for extreme transparency. We love you all and appreciate you standing behind us in this fight.

Full Story of what happened below:

On Tuesday, June 4th, a group of Christians from the non-denominational church of Christs Forgiveness Ministries began day number 3 of their 7-day Toronto street preaching tour. The 7 stops planned for the day came to a premature end when their pastor, 39-year old, David Lynn was arrested during their 5th stop at the intersection of Church and Wellesley. The entire interaction was broadcasted live on their YouTube Channel “ChristsForgiveness”. In fact, every stop on their tour has been live streamed since it began Sunday, June 2nd. Little did they know as they started the 5th stop holding hands in prayer--that the day would end with their Pastor in police custody, being charged with “Disturbing the Peace” and possible “Hate Speech”.

While at their unexpected last stop of the day At Church and Wellesley, Toronto’s self-named “Gayborhood” --a group of citizens equipped with banners and attitudes prepared to defend against “Christian hate” seemed to await their arrival. As the team of 10 or so people, being led by Pastor David Lynn (native of Toronto) arrived on the corner; they set up their plastic portable gospel booth stating “Free Info about Jesus”. The live stream video begins with a seemingly homeless and drug-addicted man approaching them, asking for help. A few church members proceeded to pray for him. The team of Christians then held hands and gathered into a circle to pray the Lord’s prayer from Matthew 6:9.

Almost immediately a crowd of people gathered around them. Within minutes the small crowd of onlookers seemed to morph into a gang of LGBT activists. They proceeded to surround the street preacher talking with his microphone and portable speaker. They chased the Pastor as he tried to move away from them. The activists chanted, "Who's streets?! Our streets! “ and repeatedly surrounded Pastor David Lynn with large rainbow flags, a banner reading "An army of lovers shall not fail", and signs such as “love is love”, and “If your religion teaches you to hate, then you need a new religion”. Upon further review, it has been confirmed that a group of LGBTQ activists identified as “the 519” prepared the demonstration in advance of Pastor David Lynn’s arrival in a coordinated attack against Christians and free speech.

Nowhere in the nearly 2-hour live-streamed video can it be heard the Pastor or the church congregation saying anything hateful. In fact, the crowd of activists never let him speak long enough for any content of substance to be heard. At 28 minutes into the video, the pastor can be heard stating “When you don’t agree with somebody you don’t assault them. If you were a homosexual and living in Saudi Arabia you would be put to death—they would physically assault you like I’m being assaulted by these people here. I don’t know who these people are, I don’t know if they are gay or heterosexual, I have no clue who they are. I am not saying anything hateful toward you.” He proceeded to preach John 3:16: “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, and it’s for everybody. Every person here is worthy of hope. Every person here is worthy of a chance of forgiveness. Every person here is worthy of a reconciled relationship with God because God loves you, God cares for you. He loves you so much that he sends people to remind you of that.” Falling on deaf ears, the crowd began chanting “We’re here! We’re Queer”, as the preacher continued speaking on the microphone for well over 5 minutes.

Shortly thereafter, starting at 34 minutes into the video, Sgt. Henry Dyck appeared on the scene, claiming to have driven by randomly, observing what he describes as a disturbance. Sgt. Dyck approached Pastor David Lynn as he continued preaching on the loudspeaker. Sgt. Dick is identified on Twitter as @TDotGayCop, and is photographed with prominent LGBTQ leaders, apparently a close friend of the village community.

Sgt. Dyck then stepped in front of Pastor David Lynn apparently attempting to stop him from preaching. Pastor David Lynn said, “I have a right to preach.” The officer replied, “You have the right to preach but not with your microphone on.” To which Pastor Lynn replied “We dealt with this in court already. We do this all the time. What’s going on Sir? What’s really going on here? As I was physically assaulted and I’m asking you to arrest them. I’m telling you I was here and I’m pressing charges.” The officer responded, “Actually you don’t get to determine that, I do.”. Pastor David Lynn replied, “Do I? someone assaults me, you have to, as a cop be impartial and arrest them.” The officer replied, “I will take a statement…”. The back and forth continued to ensue as the officer continued to demand Pastor David Lynn turn off his microphone, stating: “You see all these people here? You are literally right now causing a disturbance.” Pastor David Lynn defended himself stating “No, I am not. I am not the one blocking the sidewalk.” The officer continued to state that it was Pastor David Lynn causing the disturbance with his microphone. Pastor David Lynn stated again “No one is causing a disturbance. We went to court about this already.” And the officer replied, “Well you might be going again because if you don’t turn this off, I am not going to issue a ticket, I am going to arrest you.”. Pastor David Lynn asked “on what grounds?” to which the officer replied again “for causing a disturbance. “By you doing what you’re doing right now, you are causing a disturbance”. Pastor David Lynn finally stated before turning the microphone off, “I am going to turn this off, not because I have to, but I’m going to do it for you. But I’m still going to be here and exercise my freedom of speech. Now, I’m going to ask you something, are you going to arrest these people that assaulted me?”. Pastor David Lynn attempted to convince the officer to take his statement there in front of the crowd, but the officer required that he take Pastor David Lynn to the side instead. Pastor David Lynn demanded the statement be taken there and in-turn stated “I’m just going to continue to preach, you’re not taking this complaint seriously.”, to which the officer denied. The officer said “your causing this disturbance to happen” and Lynn replied “I’m causing it to happen by exercising freedom of speech? Think of the logic. I’m causing a disturbance by exercising freedom of speech in Toronto Canada. I have the right to exercise my freedom in Canada, without being marginalized, criticized, or bullied by the Toronto police or anybody else. You should be defending the impartiality as a police officer. Your duty is to protect me. That is your duty. The moment you start taking away my rights to exercise my freedom of speech you are breaking the law and I will take you to court. So, I am going to exercise my freedom of speech. What’s happening here is bigots, religious discriminators are coming against my religion and my freedom and what you should do as a police officer is dealing with people assaulting me and exercising hate speech against my religion. I’m going to share the gospel and I expect you to protect me and everybody.” David Lynn then left Sgt. Dyck and started preaching without a microphone as the crowd started chanting “Love conquers hate!” and began surrounding him again.

At 46 minutes into the video, approximately 3 minutes after the conversation with the police officer—David Lynn was approached by 5-7 police officers and placed under arrest. David Lynn is heard asking the police offers repeatedly “What did I do?” to which the officers had no response. The crowd of angry LGBT activists cheered as Pastor David Lynn was walked to the police car. The remaining members of Christs Forgiveness Ministries congregation stayed for another hour, speaking with the public and engaging the angry protesters in polite conversation in defense of their right to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Upon reviewing the videos live-streamed on their YouTube channel, they started the day at Yonge and Bloor Station. Around noontime, they moved onto their second stop, Kensington Market where they were greeted by what seemed to be an organic gathering of public bystanders who teamed up against the small church congregation. In the video, their microphone was grabbed from Pastor David Lynn and thrown to the ground, they were pushed and assaulted. One participant visiting from Louisiana, Phillip Blair is filmed having coffee poured on him. With almost perfect timing, the police arrived on the scene but they did not react quickly to the congregation's claims of assault and destruction of property according to Pastor David Lynn’s expectations. They left Kensington Market without pressing charges and moved to Central Tech High School and from there to University of Toronto’s Robarts Library, all before making a stop at the Village.

The Toronto police did respond to comment during a recorded phone call to Officer Reid in Police headquarters. The communications office confirms Pastor David Lynn was arrested in the downtown 51 division of the Toronto police. Their statement is as follows: “So what happened is we were called to the area of Church and Wellesley street which is historically been our village focused on LGBTQ… so we arrested a man for disturbing the police after he was allegedly yelling derogatory comments at passers-by and we were called there about 10 to 6 in the evening. So, you can imagine that if somebody is yelling things that are disagreeable to a certain community in that community there’s gonna’ be a reaction and there was. This person had a bull horn and it was determined that there was one person in particular who’s conduct was determined to be criminal and was thought to be causing a disturbance. The comments that he made were causing a commotion amongst the crowd and there were people there that were clearly disturbed and appalled by the comments that were being made. I don’t know what those comments were or what exactly it was he was saying. That man was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. I know that the way it works in Canada, just to give you some background. If you want to lay charges that involve Hate Crime or Hate Speech, we need to have the consent of the Attorney General. So, right now we can’t label those charges unless we have the consent of the judiciary.”

[ Link to download  audio  ]

19-year old church member, Zeru stated: “our church has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Yonge and Dundas for over 10 years without incident. Our pastor went to jail many years ago in order to win the right to preach with amplification. We haven’t been shut down ever since we won our court case years ago. We know our rights and are never afraid police will shut us down. That’s just not how they ever react to us.”. Another church member, 36year old former Muslim, Ahmed added “We get varying public responses all the time. Even though we preach the Gospel in love—some people just seem to hate us. We’re always messed with and assaulted, but we rarely ever call the police. But something is changing here in Toronto, and we feel the need to start pursuing these things before we are labeled the enemy.”

Testimonies from longtime church members as well as their YouTube channel with over 1,200 videos reveals that Pastor David Lynn has preached in downtown Toronto at Yonge and Dundas for over 10 years, and is known as a calm and peaceful representative of Christ. He preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and commonly allows onlookers who are engaged to speak on the microphone to offer their opinion, and answers their questions. The Christs Forgiveness YouTube channel is one of the most popular evangelistic street preaching channels on YouTube and has served as a foundation to encourage Christians from across the world to take to the streets in preaching the Gospel to every living creature, as instructed in the bible in Mark 16:15.

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