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Update : Posted 11 14 2022

I've closed donations for this fundraiser, but I shall leave it up for a while to allow for supporters to know the most recent update and some of the news that inspired this fundraiser. Thank you!

Update : Posted 10 18 2022

Congratulations Frankie, and to those who have supported this campaign!!!

Due to overwhelmingly positive news about his health that Frankie shared in private with family, this campaign is officially complete. It has been discussed that Frankie and my sister plan to post a concluding update for this campaign. This 10 18 2022 update is to confirm that the campaign is coming to a complete conclusion after the next update my father and sister are putting together.

Thanks for your part in making this campaign a success, and helping Frankie throughout his Stage 3 Cancer survival this year!

- Julian

Update Concludes

Important Campaign Update 7 4 2022 You can still donate to this campaign, even though it has reached its goal. Your donations forwarded to Frankie will help him, as he won't be able to work until he is back in working condition. He is still in the depths of his recovery from the darkest hours of his treatment. 

It seems that based on news relayed that Frankie's treatment in Ireland has indicated overwhelming success, and that his Stage 3 must not have been late stage. I am not aware of exact details that his doctors shared with him, and Frankie does want to post a medical update sometime in the near future, in the Official Update Section. In the interest of transparency, I am posting this Important Campaign Update, because the intentions of this campaign were to help Frankie, should he require immediate, emergency intervention such as sudden intensive care associated with Late Stage 3 Esophageal Cancer. Frankie still struggles with recovery, and donations do help, so please consider donating! As a result of Frankie's recovery going above and beyond the dangers that concerned me, and inspired me to start this campaign, I have changed the campaign goal from $88,000 to $50,000. You may still donate, in case you would like to have your money forwarded to helping Frankie, as he is not in working condition yet. He is still very weak, physically, and on heavy duty pain killers, so performing music is not something he is about to engage in very soon. Unless he and Ruby my sister post an Official Update indicating otherwise, this update may be deemed what the situation looks like for Frankie currently. Unless there is some news that I don't yet know, the outlook is a very likely full recovery for Frankie.

My name is Julian, I am the first son of Frankie Gavin, and I am starting this GoFundMe Page in the interest of helping my father, Frankie. He has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Esophageal Cancer, as of March 2022.  
This year, in January, he started having trouble keeping his food in his stomach. As of February, he started to struggle to eat solid foods consistently. My sister has been visiting with him in Galway, Ireland, and they visited the doctor together. After some testing, it was revealed that he has Stage 3 Esophageal Cancer, and the area in his esophagus is not easy to reach without some challenges in surgery.

I want to send Frankie to the Norfolk And Norwich University Hospital in the UK, for its very high success rates in treating Esophageal Cancer. A Link To A NNUH Page about its success rate in treating patients for Esophageal Cancer :
In these tough times, Frankie has been isolated away from where he thrives : In very social musical environments. The Covid 19 Pandemic is phasing out, but my father has just learned that he is dealing with a potentially life threatening condition that will involve months of Chemotherapy, and the doctors that he has spoken to so far, don't feel certain that they can do the surgical procedures necessary.
While $88,000 is my goal to help him in the long term overcome Esophageal Cancer, and pay for his medical expenses, even just a percentage of that would be very, very helpful for Frankie, to help him survive Esophageal Cancer, and to continue to provide people around the world with uplifting and liberating Irish Traditional Music for many years to come.
My father, Frankie and my self, as a young boy in Ireland.
My father, Frankie and my younger sister Ruby, who has felt most overwhelmed by news of Frankie's situation, as she is helping him, currently.
A family photo ; Frankie is on the right side of the photo, my self right center in the photo, younger brother Ronald, middle center, and my mother, Tracy, left in the photo.
Frankie and my younger brother Ronald, with a pet chicken.
A video is included of Frankie, playing music with the musical group De Dannan, 1988.
An Interview with Frankie on Irish TV :

Information about me

In 2023, per an agreement between my self and Frankie, some information was removed both from updates he and my sister posted, and autobiographical content that I posted in this about me, section. This was done under my own authority, after he expressed his concerns to me about sharing specific information on this page, because I thought this page, was about Frankie to begin with, more than myself. So, where autobiographical content belongs relating to my story, doesn't necessarily belong on a page such as this one, which was dedicated to Frankie's recovery. That is why I removed some autobiographical content from this page as of 2023.

I live a health enthusiast lifestyle, I enjoy hiking, the outdoors, and I am a professional massage therapist since 2012. I purchased 10 acres of land with money I earned in rural California, in 2020, and I have three vehicles, purchased with my earned money as well. I currently have a successful carrier in massage therapy in California.  

I am also an aspiring bodybuilder, stock market trader.

My Legal Name Update : This was, and continues to be, a slow, several year development, and process, that took a lot of self realization, and considerations about what name I felt most comfortable going by in terms of official identification.

In April 2022, I updated my legal name, though I still go by Julian Harris for official business due to the time and money associated with updating passports, ID, and certifications.  

I did this because I felt that my original birth name was not Irish enough, and I grew up feeling very Irish, and still feel like that, so I always felt a sense of not being settled entirely with my birth name.  

Connmaróir O'Arytavwyn, with a version of Aodhan, added as a Middle Name, and Julian as a Middle Name, is the updated name. For short, this updated name is written as Connmar O'Ary. 

Connmaróir according to my definition means Connemara Treasure, as is pronounced Con-mar - Oir!  O- Arii - tah- win (tav-in also works)

In Irish Arytavwyn could be rewritten as Ui Airteachain, meaning descendant of Nuada Silver Hand, as my Irish family is closely related to the people of Southern Roscommon, and there is old history there of their patron deity, Nuada Silverhand in pre Christian Irish history.  

I am still in the process of amending my passport, California ID, and other certificates.

Personally, Connmar O'Ary, feels new, attractive, poetic, and self empowering, as a name to go by, and it doesn't remind me of my parents toxic separation experience, which my double last name, unfortunately, does remind me of.

On a side note, my mother is by majority of Scottish heritage, followed by English, Spanish French, and German, Portugese, Connacht Irish, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, with a small amount of Native American DNA. My self, sister, and brother can, as a result, make the claim of being small part, authenticated Native American.

A couple of photos of my self are included : Easter visit to Yosemite : 2022, when I hiked to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls.


  • Gregory Hooper
    • $20 
    • 2 yrs
  • Gary Hayes
    • $1,000 
    • 2 yrs
  • Keith Richards
    • $10,000 
    • 2 yrs
  • Hans Jørgen Jensen
    • $50 
    • 2 yrs
  • Russell Hopper
    • $20 
    • 2 yrs

Fundraising team: Connmar, Tracy, Ruby (3)

Connmar O'Ary
Santa Monica, CA
Ruby Harris-Gavin
Team member
Tracy Harris
Team member

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