Please help if you can

12/10/19. Things just keep getting worse, I see no chance of anything changing, depression is setting in deeply this year, if we don’t catch a break we will truly fail for sure...
On top of the normal life setbacks, in September I received a notice from my mortgage company, the one I just modified with, apparently an error was made in the original figures and now an escrow analysis showed a 6000+ shortfall, and my mortgage has now increased to correct this, so basically they are taking away my modification, and my payment has increased over 400.00 a month, and that’s also spreading the shortage over 60 months otherwise the payment would be much higher. According to the mortgage company, they are not admitting their mistake but claiming it was done to qualify us ???
Not right. Unfortunately once again I’m in need of help. Starting next month social security will deduct Medicare costs for my husband, further reducing his income. The tools and equipment I have for sale is not selling, inquiries and no shows for the most...
I really didn’t want to do this again as I have lost many friendships due to this go fund me, and also the embarrassment I face but I have no choice things are that serious.

Unfortunately not much has changed everything is still a struggle financially,
And here I thought some relief.....”the 25 month (8/2019) would start health insurance”... ......
nothing goes the way they said..

Your not eligible for social security disability for 6 months to a year after being originally disabled, depending on your type disability
So January 2018 was 6 months for John and his eligibility date.... so NO insurance till February 2020.......

The end of a 40+ year career, health insurance canceled, tools have finally been removed from his job after 18 months. It's over... Very sad.

Last doctor visit went well health wise, heart surgery healing and strong.

Doctor stated he would help with meds till Medicare kicks in, hopefully he will.
Mentally, no advancement at all, depression a little high but understandable give the circumstances.
Me, Its getting harder and harder to accept and deal with all this, sympathy is very hard, anger is at an all time high
but I'm trying my best❤️

Mentally things are extremely challenging,
No changes at all, maybe even a slight step back since therapy has stopped. Physically his health is good, still on added meds and monitoring the clog’s in the legs.
Financially, getting hard to keep up...
My work has been almost next to nothing, busy one week and then not, things are a struggle once again unfortunately and with the bad weather approaching, will only get worse. Very worried about our future.
I’m praying for something to change. I can’t continue like this for the rest of my life...

Update 10/1/2018
well pretty much everything is the same, his physical health one year after heart surgery is good, still treating his legs with meds as he does not want more surgery right now and the doctor feels he can put it off a bit longer.

no improvement mentally at all unfortunately, this will be a long road to recovery, if that’s even possible.. Also with the threat of no health insurance, I’m sure that will make all this worse. I scrambled the last two weeks and was able to get his meds filled so he is good for at least the next three months. That gives me more time to try and get insured.

Home update
All three trial payments were made successfully, I’m still waiting for the official paperwork, everything I’ve received to date still reflects old amounts with payment due today..... I’ve been told to disregard after totally flipping out when opened. Updated statements are on the way, I should have within the next week or so they said...
so very confused with how many hands and departments are involved and one mistake after another, it’s unbelievable the companies get away with this... I’ve had one upset after another with two companies throughout this entire transaction.. and now the Lawyer that tried to help in the beginning is filing suit against me and charging me double, due to the amount of work as my loan was SOLD in the middle of the modification and Everything had to be redone with the new company. my biggest beef is the payment was only lowered by 150$... I did much better negotiating the loan myself...??? How is that possible???
So I’m not sure where I stand at this point..
really tired of this, tired of complaining,
Just tired...

Update 8/10/2018
2nd payment made for our home, one more to go, which will wipe out my funds entirely for the month. But at least I can make the payment...and more bad news unfortunately, Johns work called and He will be losing health insurance soon, they can no longer continue to cover him... very bad news..... that will further delay his recovery.... there is a 2 year wait in NJ for Medicare insurance. I’ve applied for Obamacare but did not qualify for coverage waiting for them to process, apparently due to SSDI a different office processes those requests. It really never ends.
I’m praying I can catch a break
One month without any problems, please God , that’s not too much to ask ❤️

Update 7/6/2018 Home update, I was able to make the first modification payment and hoping to make the 2nd as soon as possible, one more to go after that...
I hope I can continue working as much as possible without any disasters. Wishful thinking I know, but I'm praying ❤️Sally

Update 6/1/2018
Finally ! John was approved for SSDI, First Payment for June scheduled for 7/18... Still going to be a big nut to crack each month but certainly will help.....
medical update, pretty much everything has been on hold due to financial reasons. But the doctor was happy and his meds were doubled for the legs and we go back in a month.
John does not want more surgery if it can be avoided..

Update 5/18/2018
Just returned from the cardiologist, news wasn't good, legs are severely clogged and surgery was recommended to clean out, pretesting in the next week or so to see if he can withstand the surgery, so we'll see how that goes, still trying to get an answer from SSDI, I am calling every 800' number I can find today, this is unacceptable and getting way to long to process. Wish me luck ☘️

Update 4/26/2018
Letter received from SSDI, they want an independent mental examination further delaying their decision into 4 months, this is so discouraging. If matters can't get worse,
oh yes they can...
my tax refund status bars on the web inquiry have disappeared, once again two years in a row. Refund is delayed now too..

Update 4/21/2018

Evening everyone, things here are going extremely slow, cognitive therapy is getting more difficult as the tasks increase in activity. Stress level is rising unfortunately. Still no word from SSDI, NJ is very slow processing claims, It has been almost three months since I filed, and the bills are getting high, everything is a struggle, 1st the electricity was to be shut off, thank god someone was able to help, next my car battery died while waiting at the hospital, luckily security was able to jump me for free.
Then the scare with my cat, Next my cell phone was shut off, preventing me from working, my daughter was able to help get it turned back on and paid it for me, (I am so embarrassed and unhappy she had to do that) and now the TV and internet is getting turned off tonight. It really never ends.
Very nervous as 5/1 trial mortgage 1st payment is approaching quickly. Every day I'm faced with a new challenge, this is so difficult. I'm sorry I can't give a better update. I don't like the situation I'm in, unfortunately there's not a lot I can do to change it myself as fast as it needs to be.

4/4/18 update
Letter received from the mortgage company, they have given a 3 month trial payment plan offer, if all three payments can be made, they will grant a modification and my loan will be reinstated. This is going to be very difficult trying to do alone, SSDI is being processed, unknown how long that will take.

3/24/18 update
Sheriff's officer served foreclosure papers today. Mortgage company is reserving their right to proceed while my documents are being processed.

3/13/2018 update,
we have started cognitive occupational rehab, so far we have been given 30 weeks, initial findings have also shown visual impairment, which we were not aware of. I have filed for SSDI for my husband, as disability has stated he has reached the end of his entitlement effective
February 1st, 2018.
We have a long road ahead of us and need everyone's prayers.
Thank you all for you caring and kindness.

On August 4th 2017 my husband of over 35 years was hospitalized with severe neurological issues, he spent over a month in the hospital on 3 different care levels including cardiac and neurological and psychological. He was home for 2 weeks to get stronger and then back in again for open heart surgery. Apparently he had 2 strokes at some time in the past which went undetected. He was diagnosed with severe clogged arteries, PAD and also heart issues, needing open heart surgery/ 2 cardiac bypass graph plugs and possible neurological issues. He had previously been diagnosed with COPD, hypertension and high blood pressure. Before all of this he held down a job for 39 years, then he had to file for disability which took weeks to process starting our financial downfall. This is so scary, I don’t know how we will ever be able to make it or try to recover from this. We are already faced with over 20 thousand in out of pocket medical bills (more to come I am sure), and are now in danger of losing our home. We have been served a pre-forclosure notice on 12/15/2017, I have been trying to work with the mortgage company but it doesn't look good due to our limited income, Its hard enough trying to keep up with the normal bills.
We do not have any private coverage for disability income loss protection or continuation insurance to fall back on. I have been unable to work normally since this started, further causing more financial demise. I have been caring for my husband at home with no physical help from anyone as the insurance company would not approve acute care. He also was not accepted for semi acute due to neurological issues. During his times in the hospital I have been able to work a little, but It’s been very hard my time is limited and with doctor, therapy and rehab visits now my time is even more restricted.
We are unsure of my husbands recovery as it stands. We are now awaiting determination on his mental status. I am not sure when and if he can ever go back to work again.

I am losing the fight and spirit to continue doing this without some help, therefore I am reaching out to all of you.
May God bless and keep each one of you safe

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