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For Rosa is a narrative film inspired by the Madrigal Ten, a group of women who were ten of many Mexican immigrants sterilized without consent while giving birth at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center during the 1970s.  This story follows Eva, a fictional mother, who after being informed of her sterilization, is faced with the life altering decision of joining Jessica, a 26 year old fierce Chicana attorney, and nine other women in a lawsuit against the hospital .


Contractions. A second of confusion, a promise of no more pain and a signature.  Just like that, you’ve extinguished your ability to bear more children. Now, unable to have children and filled with regret, do you hold your pain privately or speak out and take a stand for your community?

In the 1970’s Mexican American women were being sterilized without their consent. The Los Angeles County USC Medical Center would claim otherwise but the Madrigal Ten would not stand down. This brave group of Latinas were led by Antonia Hernandez, a 26 year old attorney and fierce Chicana. It was a show of strength, the love for family and in defense of our bodies that these women took on the class action lawsuit in Madrigal vs Quilligan. This film takes inspiration from this case not because it was a win but because it was a loss.

Despite the trauma and life altering operation inflicted on these women, Judge Curtis ruled in favor of the county hospital. 

We will explore the story of Eva, a mother of one. After years of desperately trying for a second child, a lawyer shares the truth of her sterilization. Eva is now faced with the life altering decision of joining the other nine in the lawsuit and facing the shame she might receive from her community and family.

Eva’s story offers a glimpse into the Latinx culture, the love for family, and the hard choices that must be made for the progress of a community.  


It’s been over 40 years now and yet we  still live in a time where decisions about women’s bodies are not their own. Now more than ever we need stories that remind us not to repeat history, but to learn and change. My hope is that this film brings understanding to the pain a woman experiences when choices about her body are made without her consent. I want to honor that even through that pain and despite the obstacles, women have been continually resilient. I know I’ve gained my strength from the women who came before me like The Madrigal Ten who fought for our bodies and our rights. For that I’m eternally grateful.


Below is an excerpt from our script where Eva and Jorge dream up their future daughter named Rosa:


Our team is raising funds so that through film we can honor the ten women who came before us and risked everything to stand up in court to fight for their rights. As this is a period piece, donations of $50 will go to creating sets that feel authentic to the time period and culture.  Our talented Production Designer Rudy Salas is already preparing props and designs that will transform our locations into East LA 1973.  A donation of $200 will help go towards securing locations like the actual Legal Aid office on Whittier Boulevard where the women met to plan their case. A donation of $500 will help us rent camera equipment like vintage lenses created in the 1970s that will make this film feel rooted in the time period.

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Kathryn Boyd-Batstone is a filmmaker and  photojournalist born and raised in Long Beach, CA. The first day she used a camera is ingrained in her memory. That tiny click of the shutter revealed to her a new way of interacting and experiencing life. She was hooked. Since then, her camera has become a passport for understanding the world. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in photojournalism at the University of Oregon, Kathryn worked at the San Francisco Chronicle, as a News21 Fellow, and for the Rivard Report in San Antonio, TX. She now works as a Video Producer We Are Mitú while pursuing her masters degree in cinematography and directing at USC School of Cinematic Arts. 


Ashley Flores  is going into her final year in the Peter Stark Producing program at USC. Before this she spent nearly a decade in education. She taught technology to students in K-12 and adults. She was also co-owner of a production company specializing in TV commercials and branded content. As a producer she seeks to tell meaningful and complex stories about the Latinx community. Ashley will earn her MFA in 2020, has an M Ed. in educational technology and BFA in Journalism.

Sabrina Ehlert is a filmmaker currently located in Los Angeles, CA. Going into her second year at USC, Sabrina's pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television production. She's worked in multiple facets of the entertainment industry; from project development, production, to distribution. Her experience ranges from interning at a Denver startup film production company to 2nd ADing a feature-length film, as well as working at Fathom Events (an Entertainment company owned by AMC Theatres). As a strong advocate for Women's rights, she's excited to bring this film to fruition.

Assistant Director
Steph Sosa

Director of Photography

Hark Xu is an award-winning Cinematographer whose work has taken him around the world, and started off his adventure from his home Guangzhou, China as a filmmaker in shooting commercials, fashion shows and feature films since 2012. He is an MFA candidate at USC School of Cinematic Arts as an MFA. He has become a prolific cinematographer and beautifully crafted award-winning films, such as Yes, Today!, Harbor, and Lost and Found.


Romina Rey, an LA based editor born and raised in Mexico City and Miami, Florida, has worked on everything from shorts, to websites to feature films.  She is currently part of the This Is Us editing team.  As a American Cinema Editor’s Diversity Mentorship Program fellow, she also  was as part of the SMILF editing team. Her work has won awards at Miami Film Festival, Black Star Film Festival, Hollywood Shorts Film Festival, and many more. 

Production Designer
Rachel Garcia


I truly believe that our team has a chance to use this power of film to create change. Change for how women’s stories are told, change for how women’s bodies are understood, and most importantly change to make sure these women’s stories are not forgotten. 

I hope you will consider donating to help us honor the ten women who came before us and risked everything to stand up in court to fight for their rights. These women are us, all of us, our bodies and our rights. Now more than ever, we need a reminder of that.

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