For needed surgery

Okay. I'm not sure where to start. I do not want to make this very long.
After I had my little girl Amara on 06-03-2016 I noticed a lump right behind my ear. Being super stubborn I decided it would go away on its own. Plus I didn't want to go waste time at any Dr. office.
Fast forward 6 moths later the lump was still there. I was very aware of the lump. At the time pain wasn't horrible. And I just pushed through it. Ignoring it.
I finally decided it was time to go get it checked out. I thought nothing of this little lump.
For the next 4 moths I did an ultra sound, CT Scan, MRI, and a biopsy. The ultra sound picked up about 3 or 4 more lumps down my neck. And after the MRI the Dr believes it may be malignant parotid cancer.
Honestly this has been such a crazy roller coaster ride. Because after all the tests I still did not get a response as to what it really is. Just a boat load of fear.
Before I went to get a biopsy the Dr. told me he highly doubts that it's cancer and I probably wouldn't even need surgery. He sounded very confident and it gave me hope and filled me with little bitterflies. All the stress and tears and pain and fear pretty much vanished...
After the biopsy my Dr called me and said he no longer sounded sure and there was a certain to e to him that really broke my heart. The biopsy result were not good. He told me it's best to do the surgery and remove it before it worsens.
So I met up with the Dr that would do the surgery and he felt the lump saod it would be an easy process and so on. Again I felt a little bit of hope.
He then went on to look at the MRI and did a complete 180 on me. He said it may not be such a easy surgery because the lump is right on my nerves.
I'm embarrassed to ask for anything I've had to reschedule my surgery because I really wanted to find a way to pay for it on my own.
Now I feel like I'm just making my case worse by stalling and asking for help.
It hurts to write my emotions at the time.
The surgery itself will cost me about 14,000.00 I belive around there. But thats assuming theres no complocations because honestly I do not kow what the hospital bill will be like or what the physical therapy will cost after. But Im really stressing the after math of this huge bill.
I stay at home with the kids and of course like for many it's really hard to pay those bills and keep your head above water.
I'm not sure any of what I have said makes any sense. My thoughts are very scrambled. If I can get the help to get this needed surgery done I'll be very grateful. If there are any questions please feel free to ask. I don't know what else to add. If you have read this thank you so much. If you can help I will truly appreciate it.
Also...prayers are very welcome.

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Kayden Sky 
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