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26801998_1515441[phone redacted]_funddescriptionThis GoFund Me Campaign is for my brother Caleb(25 years old), his wife Hope(26 years old)and their two children Miles(2 1/2 years old)and Leah(8 days old). On December 31,2017 Hope gave birth to little Leah. Four days later Hope had a migraine for two days. When Leah was only 6 days old Hope started having other symptoms other than a migraine. Her right hand went numb and she couldn't finish putting on Leah's diaper. She was having chest pains and a racing heartbeat. Hope then had a massive seizure! The ambulance arrived 15 minutes later. She had several more seizures by the The they reached the hospital. Hope  has suffered a stroke and was taken to a distant hospital to a stroke specialist. There were abnormalities in her MRI. After seeing the stroke specialist Hope has a blood clot in a vein on the right side of her brain. They are giving her a medication to break up and dissolve the clot. This takes 2 weeks and the first week is very critical the Dr said. She was exclusively breastfeeding Leah and when this happened yesterday no one pumped her for 14 hours! She is now running a high fever which the Dr said is extremely dangerous! Hope is continuing to have seizures! Her head has been hurting her excruciatingly bad still.  The dr said this is due to her giving birth and he thinks that was the cause of the blood clot which traveled to her brain and caused the stroke. This morning January 8, 2018 we found out Hope is not responding to the medication that is supposed to dissolve the clot. A brain surgeon is on standby. At this time brain surgery is being seems to be the only course of action. Caleb is unable to work at this time due to supporting his wife at the hospital. They need money for food, gas, medical bills and other child related expenses at this time. Please consider giving a donation to this very loving deserving family of four. No donation is to small! They will be very thankful for any help they receive! Prayers are very welcome! Update**  Hope is in brain surgery right now for the next two hours!  Update**The brain surgery did not go as expected. When the surgeon went to remove the blood clot she found that Hope's entire brain is covered in blood clots.  When the surgeon went to remove them they would grow stronger and multiple down Hope's arteries. They put her on more blood thinners and anti seizure medication. They've had to sedate her because of the excruciating pain in her head.  She can hear us when we talk to her and whenever she hears us talk about Miles and Leah she cries! The surgeon said she was not expected to make it through the night..that it'd take a miracle for her to make it to the morning. Hope has made it through the night! However, her right eye has stopped responding and they think it's due to Hope's brain swelling and possibly bleeding. They are taking her for a CAT Scan and we'll know more soon! We are praying for a miracle and ask that you join and believe with us in this prayer! Update**They did an MRI yesterday morning(01/10/18)
26801998_1515661[phone redacted]_funddescriptionand we're still waiting on the official results but I just got a call from my mom who just spoke with my brother Caleb and he just posted this himself ❤️  Update: 5 am(1/11/18)
The ventilator is off. She is breathing on her own. Tube should be coming out as soon as doctor arrives this morning!!
8 am update
Two steps forward, one step back is still one step forward...
Hope was off the ventilator for over 2 hrs but her O2 slipped into the 80’s near the 2.5 hr mark. During the 2-hrs she was doing response training and she may have gotten tired so doctors think she is not quite ready to come off ventilator. She has developed a condition in her lungs found by X-ray. Not sure if there is bacteria present but checking samples.
They will put her into a chair later today and work her a little - trying to get her stronger. Her left side responses are a little sluggish but she can still do them. She is coming out of her situation but just needs time to get strong. She is making great progress and needs our continued prayers.
No head scans are scheduled for today so progress is good in this area. If conditions deteriorate, they will get more scans as needed. General antibiotics are being started for the lung issue and as the culture test comes back they will fine tune the antibiotic.
"For I know the One whom my soul trust and He IS ABLE" 2 Timothy 1:12
Prayer Warriors lets keeps Hope lifted up to the One who cares for us the most ❤️❤️❤️ Update 1/12/18- The brain surgeon talked to Caleb yesterday and told him that by all medical science, test and everything they saw Hope should not be alive and the fact that she IS is a MIRACLE!! The brain surgeon actually used/said the word miracle! 
26801998_1515809[phone redacted]_funddescriptionHope has a blood clot in the artery of  her right arm, there is no blood flow in this artery; however, there is peripheral blood flow that is getting blood to the arm. Hope has a very bad migraine that is not wanting to go away. Also, she has pneumonia and a fever. Hope is now able to wiggle her fingers and toes, hold up two fingers and give thumbs up. Her eyes are still closed but appears to be functioning equally and normally so brain swelling is coming down! Praise Jesus!! She can see if someone opens her eyes for her. Her left hand is sluggish but seems to be better when she is more alert. Hope is now completely off sedation!  She is still in critical condition and still needs all of our prayers! Update 1/13/18Another great day of progress for Hope. Although she has much pain in the headaches and in her right arm, she did achieve many things. Catheter is removed; she was able to stand and scoot her feet under her own power; she is talking more and more and with volume as she has been very hoarse from ventilator tubes. Her feeding tube didn’t come out today but she was able to get a few bites of applesauce and did well. A few coughs during her exam prevented them from giving her the green light. We will try again tomorrow to pass the test and get the tube out. She sat in a chair most of the day and was alert, involved in conversation. Pneumonia has been identified and antibiotics have been adjusted. Her left arm and hand are still lethargic and unresponsive. She is still unable to open her eyes. Everyday is a new adventure as she make big moves forward. Update 1/15/18 Hope has again continued to move forward. She passed her swallow tests and the feeding tube is out. She will be on a thickened-liquid diet for the next few. She is pretty excited about being able to eat again. Fever has been low or non-existent. Eyes are still not open but she is working hard! Last night was a long one; her head hurt, neck hurt, her hand, back hurt, arm hurt....and not at the same time. So not much rest. Hopefully things will be better now that tube is out. She can carry on a conversation with us and is fully involved in it. Her right arm is looking so good they will not put more Nitro Paste on it. This arm had the collapsed line in it but the doctor could feel a nice pulse and declared it good. Dr said he will move her out of ICU tomorrow.
- Left arm mobility is still a need.
- continued progress with blood clot issues
- progress with her liquid diet
- general strength to get her body moving again. Lack of movement has made her sore especially on neck and back. Update 1/16/18 Hope was transferred to a regular room yesterday and she had a pretty good night of rest. We will get an update from the stroke doctor around 10:00. Physical and occupational therapy will be coming through as well. She is eating good and seems each meal is a step towards normal. Her obvious concerns are the stroke / clot resolutions. At last report drs were pleased with the progress. Headaches have continued to be her nemesis. Concerns as a result of the stroke are her eyes. She is working hard to get them open and currently they are misaligned but she can see when the eyelids are held open. Her arm and hand motor skills suffer. Most work hand-in-hand with the eyes and depth perception deficiencies. Her legs and feet appear to be in good shape although weak. They are transitioning her blood thinner meds and could see results in a few days. This would allow for the IV to come out. A comment from her new nurse...”we just read her transcript, this girl is a miracle” ... but as my brother stated, “of course, we already knew that.” Wednesday 1/17 More and more progress... Hope has continued to move forward leaps and bounds. She is completely off IVs and the leads are removed. She is off the Heprin and Antibiotics. She will get an MRI today for one last check. She has no restrictions on her diet and she has taken great advantage of that to get a chef salad and plenty of juices. She walked around with PT this morning using a walker. The neurosurgeon saw her from the nurses station and just shouted out “that’s so amazing”. It was priceless. Last night was the best ever - she slept through except for a potty break when they gave her meds at 4:00. She got a small bath and her hair washed yesterday so it really picked up her spirits. She also had her teeth brushed for the first time in 9 days. She will most likely be transferred to inpatient rehab tomorrow. She can get her eyelids barely open. Her eyes are still not tracking together but surgeon said they would restore to normal in time. This was a result of almost losing her on the table. We are moving forward. Everyone who have been involved in her care are so excited for her. We are so thankful for these professionals who have cared for our Hope. Hope is in inpatient rehab and will also be expected to have physical therapy as well. Caleb and Hope are far from home. These donations are making it possible for Caleb to continue to be at the hospital with Hope supporting and caring for her. Your donations are going towards rehab, medical expenses, food, gas, all things child related for Leah and Miles. And when it's time for physical therapy they will go towards that too. Please consider giving a donation of any size(none is too small/everything helps) to this precious family! Your donations are literally life changing for Caleb and Hope! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Update 1/18/2018:
Hope is discharged to go to inpatient rehab at West Florida Hospital. They have a great reputation for getting folks back on their feet. Hope’s eyes are still not fully open and her left arm / hand are weak. Yesterday’s MRI showed no new strokes and was generally stable from the last scan. She had another great night of sleeping and took many naps throughout the day. So we look forward to our next step in this journey and will continue to keep everyone updated. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! ❤️ Thank you Jesus and all of you who went before our Lord on Hope's behalf ❤️
Again, thank you for your prayers. Praise God for His mercy, love and compassion towards us!!! ❤️❤️❤️Please continue to pray for Hope, Caleb and their family ❤️ THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and donations..they mean more than you know!! ❤️
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