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Stasyia’s Story:

 – It all began -
In May of 2011, Stasyia was born in Windsor, ON Canada to her parents Cori-Anne and Jeffrey. They were so excited to meet their little girl! It was discovered that Stasyia had an extra copy of her 21st chromosome which is otherwise known as Down syndrome.

In June 2014, Cori-Anne and Jeffrey started a social media page “Stasyia’s Story – Down syndrome” to share their incredible journey, to spread awareness and connect with others around the globe.  Stasyia’s Army has grown to over 30,000 followers as she continues to capture hearts by sharing the joy, challenges and triumphs of her life, including every step of her most recent medical journey.

– Something’s not right -
In October 2017, Stasyia began experiencing neurological episodes that differed and progressed from one to the next.  Over the course of the following four months, Stasyia experienced random and diverse seizures.  An MRI was scheduled and attempted but due to Stasyia’s stubborn determination, the sedation was not enough to allow them to complete the MRI which was rescheduled for February 2018.

On January 30, 2018 Stasyia experienced a 4.5 hour seizure that started in her right hand (appearing similar to other seizures) but then progressed down the entire right side of her body.  After a short stay in the Windsor, ON Hospital, the doctors were concerned about the lack of movement on Stasyia’s right side.  She was sedated, intubated and then airlifted to London, ON Children’s Hospital February 1, 2018.

- The hospital journey -
Stasyia has remained mostly sedated and intubated since her Ambulance Helicopter flight into London, ON.  A diverse medical team in Children’s Hospital Paediatric Critical Care Unit have been working with Stasyia and her family to find answers.  They completed the long-awaited MRI, along with EEG, Angiogram, spinal tap and various other tests.  Cori-Anne and Jeffrey were told that Stasyia had pneumonia with a collapsed lung, influenza B and Epilepsy.  They were also delivered the heartbreaking diagnosis that Stasyia had suffered a stroke and has Moyamoya disease.  This new diagnosis meant more tests and a long road ahead.

On February 7, 2018 the medical team removed Stasyia’s breathing tube and was looking to stabilize her to be strong enough to have brain surgery, the only option to treat Moyamoya disease.  After weaning her off sedation, Stasyia suffered multiple seizures and another stroke.  She was re-intubated and sedated and had more testing which included another MRI and EEG.

 – Emergency brain surgery -
On February 8, 2018 Stasyia was rushed in for emergency brain surgery despite not attaining the stabilization of respiratory health they had been working towards, nor decreasing the inflammation and reaching the level of calm post-stroke they wanted.  Additional strokes and neurological concerns far outweighed the latter.  Stasyia’s same stubborn determination has carried her through a turbulent few weeks but the road ahead is still a long one.

– See the full story -
If you’re already a follower of “Stasyia’s Story – Down syndrome ” you have seen the roller coaster that Stasyia and her family have been on recently.  You have seen the seizures, the air transport and the wait for an MRI. You have watched the medical journey unfold as they discovered pneumonia, influenza and Epilepsy. You have seen and felt the heartbreak learning of strokes and Moyamoya diagnosis.  You have waited by your computer to hear word after an emergency brain surgery.  You have hoped, prayed and sent all your love and support.

 – How we can help -
Many of you have reached out to ask how you can help.  We’re hoping ‘Stasyia’s Army – Call to Action’ will provide a way to show our support and at the same time, relieve some of the financial burden that comes with caring for a sick child.  It’s not just about the daily parking fees, accommodation and living in a city away from home that adds up quickly.  Cori-Anne and Jeffrey have been at Stasyia’s side through this hospitalization and unable to attend their own employment. 

Stasyia has many hurdles yet to overcome and potentially more surgeries.  There will be medical appointments and rehabilitation with no way of knowing how long this journey will be.  Cori-Anne and Jeffrey are hesitant to accept anything other than well wishes, prayers and a most thoughtful inundation of e-cards through the London Heath Sciences Centre.  But many of us feel so much a part of Stasyia’s Story, we want to do more.

If you feel the need to do something more, please consider a donation to “Stasyia’s Army – Call to Action” GoFundMe account.  It will allow Cori-Anne and Jeffrey to focus on Stasyia and not have to worry about work or finances.  It can help pay for accommodation, parking, travel back and forth to home for them to see Stasyia’s sister, Marika.  It will cover medical expenses or rehabilitation costs, appointments and follow up without the worry about how to maintain everyday living expenses at home.

Alternatively, please visit, like and share Stasyia's Story - Down syndrome to follow along with this amazing family as they share their journey and spread awareness about Down syndrome, Epilepsy and Moyamoya disease.

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