Bring Dr. Robert Sungenis to FE2018

Hey guys! Rob Skiba here.

As many of you may know, back in June, Dr. Robert Sungenis challenged me to a debate concerning Flat Earth. He did so through Dr. Kent Hovind's office. Initially, I had no interest in debating anyone. But not long after receiving Robert's challenge, Kent also issued a challenge for a debate. It was at that time that I thought perhaps I should at least consider taking on one of them. But not having the time to prepare for two debates, I issued a counter-challenge, in which I said I would debate only on the condition that Dr. Hovind agreed to debate Dr. Sungenis first, on the topic of heliocentricity vs geocentricity in the Bible. I would then take the winner. 

For those who missed it, the following screenshot was from my YouTube video posted July 20, 2018 - 

I even extended the deadline a few days, but Kent refused to debate Robert and was unwilling to modify any of his demands (such as putting the Bible first as I wanted instead of last like he wanted). So, as stated in my video, Dr. Sungenis "won" by default and as such he would be the one I will be debating. The following represents the proposed format for the debate:

The topic: Defending your cosmological worldview from the Bible: What do the Scriptures have to say about the Earth and its place in the cosmos? 

Key things to address in the debate:

* Circle or sphere
* Nature of the Firmament
* Heliocentric or geocentric cosmology

Format: A 2-hour debate (with a little fudge-factor for moderation, it would likely come in at about 2 hours 15 minutes total)

* The moderator will introduce each speaker, then reiterate the focus of the debate is to discuss what the Scriptures have to say about the shape and nature of the Earth and its place in the cosmos. This way the audience knows what to expect and the rules are set for the speakers before we begin.

* The moderator will flip a coin to determine who goes first.
Each speaker gets a half-hour to present opening arguments from the Scriptures concerning the topic(s) listed above. 

* After opening statements, each speaker will get 15 minutes for a rebuttal.

* After rebuttals, each speaker will get 15 minutes for concluding remarks and that brings the debate to an end.

After discussing all of this with Robbie Davidson, we thought it might be fun to have the debate live at the International Flat Earth Conference in Denver . We ran the idea by Dr. Sungenis and he agreed to the proposal.

As a statement of good faith, I suggested we (the flat Earth community) pay his way. Hence this crowdfunding effort. We'll be paying for his airfare, car rental, and lodging and Robbie will be comping his admission to the conference as a speaker. So, would you be willing to help us make this happen?

Let's do this.


- Rob Skiba

For tickets and information regarding the Flat Earth International Conference 2018 please go to 


Robbie Davidson
Edmonton, AB

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