Fix Carbon Imbalance To Stop Climate Disruption

We face the most serious threat in history.  The focus on climate disruption, sea-level rise, and other environmental issues is a distraction.  They are symptoms of a much more serious problem: Energy Depletion.

I’m an inventor and sincerely believe my company Fusion Energy Solutions of Hawaii, Inc. (FESH) has a workable solution. I will elaborate on the problem so you will understand the answer.

Like a car, the Earth has an energy storage battery, and it's about 99.2% dead in 2020. At the current discharge rate, the battery becomes fully discharged in approximately 2046. A car battery is a chemical means of storing electric energy in the configuration of molecules. Only the molecular configuration of the atoms changes, not the atoms themselves. In a charged state the battery is composed of lead and sulfuric acid. In a discharged state the battery is composed of lead sulfate and water. Charging the battery returns the composition back to lead and sulfuric acid.

Earth has an energy battery also. In a charged state the battery is composed of free oxygen and hydrocarbons. In a discharged state the battery is composed of water and carbon dioxide. Most don’t realize water is a greenhouse gas, for it safely collects in the ocean. The carbon dioxide is not bad, it is just part of the battery discharged. Charging this battery changes carbon dioxide and water back into free oxygen and hydrocarbons. That the battery is 99.2% dead is the problem, not the carbon dioxide! The Earth Space battery just needs to be recharged.

Thermodynamic studies, below, show that from 1AD to the present the state of charge of Earth’s battery has dropped about 99.2% due to our using energy faster than it is replenished by photosynthesis. We have more people than plant life recharging the biomass battery using sunlight can accommodate. The components of the battery in its discharged state are accumulating in our atmosphere and oceans.

Proposed are wind and solar power, but this will not solve our problem. Their energy density is too low, and they require fossil fuel for construction. A 6 MW offshore wind turbine needs about 32 years to break even on the CO2 emitted by just the manufacture of the 100 tons of concrete comprising its tower. The issues are complex, and the environmental cost of manufacturing this “green” equipment is just not considered.

With the magnitude of present energy consumption, for solar and wind to be sustainable, over 95% of the world’s population must now be eliminated. However, this assumes the carrying capacity of the system is still the original 500M estimate. But we have been in severe overshoot 100’s of years, and the carrying capacity is most likely much smaller than 500M.

I propose an alternative. Creation of a nonpolluting primary energy source using fusion energy. Over one trillion dollars has been spent on the research, going down what I consider wrong pathways. After 15 years of work, I was awarded patent US 8,090,071 B2 on a new approach to fusion. This path was first taken by Brookhaven and then Lawrence Berkley National Labs and shown operational at Berkley. Berkley just did not have net power gain, but my AC variant promises this highly elusive power gain. This becomes the primary energy source, like the engine in a car.

We also need a charger, like a generator in a car. After 8 years of research, I have just filed a patent on a very selective filter to pull CO2 from the atmosphere. I believe I also have the remaining answers to the rest of the solution wherein fusion energy will recycle carbon dioxide and water back into free oxygen and hydrocarbons. Once reaching carbon neutrality, the oil companies will be able to synthesize the hydrocarbon methane (natural gas) into synthetic heavy oil to be safely sequestered back in the ground. Storage of concentrated CO2 is dangerous, for it is a deadly poison.

I call this process fusion synthesis, and it will run parallel to photosynthesis and recharge the Earth’s biomass energy battery. There is sufficient deuterium in the ocean to support ten billion people for over four trillion years using fusion synthesis.

This research is critical, for studies estimate we have no more than about 40 years of energy left. Then its total, not partial extinction, as proposed by the schoolgirl Greta. I know science and engineering, but don’t know how to raise money. This $500K will be seed money to help FESH raise the R&D funds to do a proof of concept. This will cost about $50-100M. I would like to sell stock in FESH, for I sincerely believe it to be a very good investment. The risk is very high, just like the threat we face. I want to spread the risk and then I would like to share the wealth upon success. Security and Exchange regulations make that difficult. I also wish to legally activate FESH’s non-profit Fresh Energy Foundation. This will involve fees for lawyers and accountants. I can’t sell my personal shares as perks on Indiegogo. I need your help. This funding will assist in raising critical R&D funding by selling stock. The younger generation also needs your help to have a future. We need to work together.

Ten-minute video on how our new reactor works compared with the current state of the art.  It also describes the photosynthetic pathway of energy to Earth that now must be supplemented by fusion synthesis.  Merely obtaining fusion is not sufficient to solve our dilemma.

I hope to be able to offer stock on my webpage in the near future.  I need to verify the legalities and logistics.  Visit our website listed below:

Fusion Energy Solutions webpage

Andrew Nikiforuk in The Tyee wrote The Earths Battery Is Running Low :

The Earth's Battery is Running Low 

Stating:  “We’ve drained our planet’s stored energy, scientists say, with no rechargeable plug in site.”  In his review on an article presented in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:

Human Domination of the Biosphere 

Nikiforuk states: “Although the battery metaphor made headlines in leading newspapers in China, India, and Russia, the paper didn’t garner “much immediate attention in North America… That’s a shame because the paper gives ordinary people an elegant metaphor to understand the globe’s stagnating economic and political systems…Eventually, without sufficient living biomass to run the biosphere, it simply doesn’t matter how much oil, solar, nuclear, etc. energy you have, as there is no biosphere left for humans to use it. Biomass is not interchangeable energy. There is no replacement and we are depleting it rapidly.”

The state of battery charge reported above is approximated by the Ω value in Fig. 5. The slope from 1980 to 2000 is a -∆ 22.3 Ω/year. Ω approximates 0 in 2046. There is uncertainty with these figures, but most studies have similar findings.

These articles point out the brutal truth and are not for the faint-hearted. Read both of them. They illustrate the point I made in my discussion above: Merely obtaining fusion is not sufficient to solve our dilemma.  We also need a charger. The biosphere battery needs to be recharged…This means fusion synthesis. This is the recharging plug! 

We face the most serious threat in history. FESH is globally most likely the only firm attempting to provide a complete solution. Over the last 2000 years, humanities rate of energy use has exponentially exceeded the rate that it is replenished by photosynthesis. The components of the 99% discharged battery has accumulated in our atmosphere and oceans resulting in the symptoms of climate disruption, sea-level rise, and other environmental issues. At the present rate of energy consumption, the Earth’s energy battery becomes dead as shortly as 25 years. Humanity then goes extinct. Only high rate recharging by fusionsynthesis, or its equivalent, will be able to stop the discharge and then start a gradual recharge of the Earth energy battery. Recharge will normalize the carbon balance, eliminating the symptoms of climate disruption, sea-level rise, and other associated environmental issues.

FESH is a small startup with critical intellectual property. We need your financial help and support. Contribute what you can afford to do and share this link with everyone you know. All contributions are helpful, for this is going to take everyone’s help. It will become the largest worldwide project of history in-order to succeed. Our biggest hurdles are adequate funding and time. Thank you.


James DeLuze
Honolulu, HI

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