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Finding Miss Norma

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"Finding Miss Norma: The Real Norma McCorvey"  is a movie in production about Norma McCorvey, the former "Jane Roe" of Roe vs. Wade...

You  can be part of this historic and inspirational documentary, AND have YOUR NAME in the credits at the end of the film...

You can have her book with Norma McCorvey's signature - "Won by Love"! This is a precious piece of history. (See the Seven Levels and gifts below.)

Hello Pro-Life Friend,

I am Randall Terry, the Founder of Operation Rescue. I was a close friend of Norma McCorvey for many years.

Norma passed away on February 18 of this year; she was 69 years old.

Norma has one of the most incredible testimonies of the grace and mercy of God that has been told in the last century.

Norma's conversion to Christ is on par with that of John Newton - the English slave trader who came to Christ - denounced slavery, fought for its abolition, and then wrote the glorious hymn: Amazing Grace

We are producing a high quality documentary movie on this dear woman...her struggles, her demons, her relationships - before and after her conversion to Christ. 

When we are done, we will make this movie available to EVERYONE for FREE. (I'll explain more below.) 

I promise you: "Finding Miss Norma: The Real Norma McCorvey" will inspire you, and move you to tears of joy.

It is possible that this will be the definitive documentary on Norma for the next decade

But sadly, while I was at Norma's funeral, I learned of a New York Times/Vanity Fair reporter who is writing a book on her life. It will NOT be pretty

In the past, this particular pro-abortion reporter has written "hit pieces" on Norma, questioning her conversion and her motivations, and portraying her as a "phony."

He stated that the "secret heroine" of Roe vs. Wade was Linda Coffee, the lesbian, pro-abortion attorney who recruited Norma to be the plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade. His moral compass is shattered! How could he possibly write an accurate record of Norma's life given his state of mind?

We must not let someone besmirch our sister in Christ. 

That book will mar Norma's memory, and sully her testimony for Christ. I will not sit by and let that happen. I intend - by God's grace, and with your help - to create an accurate record in film of who Norma was. 

This is what motivated me to stop all other projects I am working on, in order to produce a full length documentary on Norma, currently titled: "Finding Miss Norma: The Real Norma McCorvey."

Norma's beautiful story is told from the memories of 11 of her close friends, including two dear friends that were with her at her death bed - praying with her, while Norma was preparing to meet Jesus - as well as millions of babies. (See trailer for sneak peak.) 

Please join me in this opportunity - this sacred DUTY - to ensure that Norma's memory, her faith in Jesus Christ, and her battles to see Roe vs. Wade overturned - are accurately documented and portrayed for generations to come. 

But we need help. Will you help us?

Thankfully, I've already interviewed ten close friends of Norma - including Rev. Flip Benham, who baptized her; Fr. Frank Pavone, who later received her into the Catholic Church; Carol Everett, Janet Morana, Mark Crutcher, Rev. Rob Schenck,  and other luminaries in the pro-life battle, as well as two close friends of Norma who were at her bedside in the last days of her life.

(By the way, the amount we are trying to raise does NOT cover the full cost of this film. Moreover, I am not taking any money for this project. It is a labor of love for our sister Norma. But there are still many expenses in film production! That's why we need your help!)

If you will help us fund this project, we have special gifts for you. We have 7 levels to choose from. 

Level 1: $50. DVD and book, Won By Love (Not autographed). If your gift is $50 or more, we'll send you a DVD copy of "Finding Miss Norma: The Real Norma McCorvey" when it is done, as well as a copy of her book, "Won By Love."

Level 2: $100. You will receive a copy of Norma's book,  with a collectors plate AUTOGRAPHED by Norma McCorvey and me. (Randall Terry) This is a rare piece of history. You'll also receive a DVD of the movie.

Level 3: $250. You will receive the DVD, an autographed copy of Norma's book - "Won By Love" -  and your name will appear in the credits at the end of the film. "With help from: [Your Name]"

Level 4: $500. You will receive the DVD, THREE (3) autographed copies of Norma's book, and your name will appear in the credits in the film. 

Level 5: $1,000. "In Memory Of." You will receive the DVD, SIX (6) autographed copies of her book (they make exceptional gifts), and you can say: "In Memory of: [Name of Loved One]"

Level 6: $2,500. Producer. You will receice 10 DVDs, ten (10) autographed books, and your name will appear as Producer. "Produced by: Your Name."

Level 7: $5,000. Executive Producer, and "In Memory Of." We will only have three Executive Producers. Your name will appear as: "Executive Producers: [Your Name]." In addition, you can have: "In Memory Of: [Name] 

Also, Executive Producers will receive 10 DVDs, ten (10) numbered, autographed books, INCLUDING one book with the number 6, 8, or 10 (really low numbers.)  

Personal Note From Randall: I have been saving  #6, #8, and #10 for years, to give as gifts to "special people." In the light of Norma's death, anyone who gives $5,000 toward a documentary on her life is a "special person!"  Thank you in advance. (If you want to speak with me for more details, or to one of our staff, call: [phone redacted].)

Note: When Norma was still alive, she and I signed these numbered, "Special Dedication" commemorative plates that are affixed on the first page of her book, "Won By Love." (Our signature page is a full page.)

As of May 5, 2017, We have 196 of these books, all with her and my signature. When these 196 copies are gone, there are no more copies available that are autographed by Norma McCorvey and Randall Terry.

Norma's autographed book is an heirloom - a unique piece of history to leave your children - or to give to a loved one. 

Friend, when "Finding Miss Norma: The Real Norma McCorvey" is completed, we will make it available online for free to ANYONE who wants to see it. 

Again: This movie will be available to EVERYONE for free. And I am not taking any money for producing this film. Why? 

This is a labor of love for our friend, Miss Norma.

If you too have love for Norma, I ask you to help us with the money we need to raise in order to pay for this touching documentary on Norma’s life.

Your brother in Christ,

Randall A. Terry
Founder, Operation Rescue

P.S. Again, this amount - $45, 600 - does NOT cover the full cost to produce this film. But it would sure get us a long way there! I hope you will help today!


Randall Terry
Romney, WV

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