Finding what’s wrong with Monty

Monty is a 7 year old livershunt pug for which he has had multiple surgeries for. Having these surgeries has caused many other problems for Monty, one of those being very poorly intestines. As you all know Monty became quite poorly at the beginning of January with sickness and diarrhoea … on our first visit to Obi (our vet) he suspected possibly colitis and we came away with some antibiotics and anti nausea medication. We had no improvement that week and he’d lost 300g in weight, so we returned to see Obi on the 24th January who decided to take a full set of bloods. The majority of these tests came back abnormal.

Bile acid high - his livershunt

potassium high - possible Addison’s disease

Folic acid low - possible Crohn’s disease

something else was high (I don’t remember what) suggesting pancreatitis.

Obi decided to start with his first two abnormal results, so Monty went in for the day on Monday 31st January, starved (much to his disgust) for a lactic bile acid test and a ACTH stimulation test.
The good news that I found out today is his livershunt is still behaving itself and he does not have Addison’s disease. The bad news is that we now have to move on to see if he has Crohn’s disease or something else. As I understand it this involves taking a biopsy of the intestines. We are also taking stool samples from Monty which need to be tested… we will be waiting for these results before we proceed with the next step.

Thankfully Monty’s insurance will pay the main bulk of his costs but I am struggling to pay the part I have to pay towards his costs. I have set up a Vinted account to sell personal items such as jewellery etc. but I can’t sell quick enough to keep up with Monty’s costs.

I’m desperate to find out what’s wrong with Monty and to get him well again. Thank you for all your help, prayers and love.

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