Faye Miley is a funny, happy, excited 7-year-old from Dublin, sister to Lucy and daughter to Robert and Sandra.

Faye had a sudden onset of headaches and vomiting in March of this year. Initial investigation thought Faye had a virus, so we continued observing her, waiting for Faye to get better.

In April, her symptoms hadn't subsided, so we visited the opticians, where they immediately agreed she had lateral inflammation of both of her optical nerves.
The optician sent us to the Eye and Ear Hospital; they also agreed it needed further investigation and sent us to Our Ladies Hospital, where our worst nightmare was confirmed. Faye had a "lesion" on her brain. We were immediately transferred to Temple St Hospital. Initial thoughts were that it was benign, and we were relieved. Faye had surgery to resect a 5cm Thalamic tumour from her brain. The surgery removed 80% of her tumour, but unfortunately, just days later, we got the news that no parent ever wanted to hear.

Faye was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV (GBM 4) H3K27 Mutation. Unfortunately, this is a high-grade form of cancer, and the prognosis is poor.

Faye has reacted extremely well to her surgery, recovery and her radiotherapy. She is our hero and our inspiration.

Unfortunately, we have a long road ahead, and we WILL have to travel for further treatment that is unavailable in Ireland to help our little princess. Sadly, this will not be funded by the HSE.

We really appreciate everyone's help in supporting and fundraising for our girl.
All the best
Robert, Sandra, Lucy and Faye xxx

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