Help a Young Jewish Boy Come Home

I am raising funds to help a sweet and intelligent Jewish bar mitzvah boy attend Katz Hillel Day School.   He previously attended KHDS for several years, but had to move to public school due to financial issues.  As a result of his time at KHDS, he made life-long friends, friends who he still keeps in touch with.    Unfortunately, he has been the victim of bullying in his public school for the past year.   This situation came to a head two weeks ago when the bully and his gang physically attacked him and called him a "fat, ugly, Jew".   The school's only response was to have the bully sign a "behavior contract".    As he continued to feel unsafe and anxious at school, his mother removed him from the school.  He desperately wants to "come home" to KHDS.    During this time of Aseret Yemei Teshuva, please consider making a contribution of tzedakah so we can assist in getting him back to KHDS and to his wonderful friends.  KHDS has been amazing in accepting him and he will be attending class there. However, he still needs assistance with regard to the financial shortage that remains.       I encourage you to read his letter below.  It is heartbreaking:

Dear Rabbi,

I just became a bar mitzvah, which makes me 13. Things haven't been very easy for me.

I've had a difficult time since my mom had to pull me from Hillel. I was cyberbullied, but my dad didn't want me to report it because he was afraid things would get worse. And now there's been another incident.  I no longer feel safe at my school.

 It really wasn't that awful when my older brother was there with me. But since he moved onto high school and mom had to move our family, things have gotten worse. I really didn't tell my mom all about this as she really does have enough on her plate.

So this year things got much worse because my brother wasn't there with me.  I was physically attacked and called a “fat ugly Jew”.  It was really hard for me to let my mom know what was going on. It's been a year! She's been really supportive and she's been doing everything she can to try and make things better for me.

 She's had lots of meetings with principles, guidance counselors, and a Superintendent at my public middle school, but nothing seems to be working out right. So my mom enrolled me in online Florida virtual school. While it's better than feeling unsafe at my public school,  it is quite lonely being in the house all day with no friends.

 I really want to come back to Hillel.   I have always felt at home there.  I have friends there that I've maintained relationships with over the past three years.   The teachers inspired me to grow as a Jew and I truly feel it is the place where I can feel safe and be with people who care about me.    I am willing to do whatever it takes to help me catch up in the Hebrew subjects.   I am more than willing to put in the effort. 

 Please, Rabbi. My family really is in crisis and we need your help.
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