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I am from China, and I am the only child.  My mommy was a strong and proud woman.  Thirteen years ago, she was a chemical engineer in China.  But my daddy began to suffer heart attack.  After my daddy was ill and in the hospital, we had many bills—many that we could not afford.  And we could not afford to take my daddy to the best hospital.  But my mommy never gave up.  She quit her comfortable job, and she started driving a taxi because in China she could earn more money as a taxi driver if she worked many, many hours.   She worked from 4am to 10pm every day.  She was strong and never complained.  Still, it was not enough.  She sold our house, and we moved to a small apartment. She was strong and never complained.  That was my mommy.  She would do anything for her family.  Because of my mommy, my daddy was able to go to the best hospital, and he began to heal. 

Since then, my family relationship is much stronger, my parents were my best friends, we discussed all sorts of topics during mealtime, we communicated, we shared feelings, and we loved each other to death. My mommy was a marvelous cook, she could cook everything and super delicious, and every time, she left the best parts of food for my dad and me.  That was her.  Always thinking of daddy and me first.

And then two years ago, my daddy went to the hospital again.  But this time he never came back home.  After that, it was just mommy and me.  And she was devastated.

I wanted so badly to give back to my mum.  I came to America in August 2016 on a scholarship to study for my MBA at Pepperdine University.  I was so happy to be here, because this wonderful country was going to help me fulfill my dreams of being able to help provide for me and my mum. I have American dream, and I believe I could find it here.

I don’t’ have brothers or sisters, and all my grandparents are gone.  So when I came to America to study, my mommy was very depressed and lonely.  So in April 2016, she moved here to be with me, so I could help take care of her.  I used all my financial aid to help her move here.  We didn’t have much, but we were so happy to be together again. 

And then on Sunday, June 5, 2016, that all changed forever.  Mum and I were walking hand-in-hand to the grocery store as usual.  We held hands because we were best friends and loved each other so much.  As we walked across a cross-walk, I heard a noise, like an engine.  Before I could react, my mother’s hand was ripped away from mine.  And I was pulled beneath the bumper of a huge truck and run over.  I watched as the truck’s wheels crushed my mum beneath them.  I will never get that image out of my head. 

The truck drove over us and stopped.  I was screaming and crying, trying to get to my mum, who was not conscious.  I saw the woman get out of the truck, and I thought she was going to help us, to help my mommy.  But she did not. 

Instead, she screamed at us, “Why you guys were here?!”  I was shocked and I begged her, “Please help my mommy!  Please! Call 9-1-1!PLEASE!!!”  But she did not. 

Instead, the woman, Nicole Herschel, grabbed my mother by her wrists, and dragged her from behind the wheels of the truck and dropped her on the side of the road.  She walked back to her truck, got in, and backed the truck up to make it appear that she did not run us over.  I sobbed and screamed for her to help my mum.  I tried to get up and walk to my mum, but my legs would not work.  I did not know it then, but my bone was coming out of my leg, and I collapsed.  So I dragged myself with my hands across the road to my mum.  I cradled her and begged for help.  But Nicole Herschel did not help.  She did nothing.  She did not help my mum.  She only tried to help herself, by lying about what she did.

My mum and I were taken to the same hospital.  police officer came and said Nicole Herschel was a witness.  I screamed, “No!” She ran us over! She is a liar!”  When he left, the doctor who operated on my mum came to see me.  He kept saying, “It’s terrible.  It’s terrible.”  He never saw such severe internal bleeding. He could not stop it.  My mommy fought for five days before she left me.  Now I am all alone.  Now I am an orphan. 

After a yearlong investigation, the CHP identified the driver as Nicole Herschel and recommended serious charges: felony hit-and-run as well as misdemeanor counts of vehicular manslaughter and tampering with evidence.

But the Los Angeles County district attorney's office filed only a misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter, a charge that carries a maximum penalty of a year in County Jail. 
Now the women who ran over us was only sentenced for one year in county jail and the judge allowed her to remain free until Jan. 26, when she is expected to surrender to the Sheriff's Department.

I cannot accept this judgement.
I need to fight for my beloved,I need to fight for what I believed!
I planned to use the fund to fight for the criminal lawsuit,if there is any.If not,I want to  establish a fund of justice for Chinese and continue justice for my beloved mom. I nned to untilize every penny to do meaningful things, either to my family or to the society.I want to change something!

If you could,also help me sign the petition at:

I appreciate your help!


Amanda Chen
Alhambra, CA

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