Fight together with superhero Eden

This is Eden, my 4-year-old nephew who loves paw petrol, his dog Yuko and playing with Torre and Liene, his older brother and twin sister. With a whole life in front of him, a lot of challenges still lay ahead. 

What is his medical condition?
Eden has short bowel syndrome due to heavy necrotic enterocolitis when he was born, leaving him with only 40 centimeters of large and small intestines. He is confronted with intestinal failure on a daily basis and is therefore dependent on parenteral nutrition (TPN). Furthermore, he suffers from a severe hearing impairment, has a language development delay and behavioral problems caused by all these traumas he suffered as a young kid. 

Why are we doing this?
Seeing my sister Hanne,  Eden's mother, and her partner Olivier battling for him every day, made me wanna act and try to do something for them. My sister gave up her career to take care of Eden, which has become a highly emotional and exhausting fulltime job. Big bills for his daily care are putting huge pressure on this family. Taking away a little bit of this huge financial burden and giving them the chance to enjoy some quality time together is our mission. I would love to see this family being able to focus only on their child's happiness and wellbeing, without having to worry about the financial side. 

How you can help?
Donate directly via Go Fund Me. Or set up your own action (selling waffles, running a marathon and getting sponsored,...) and donate the revenues to this account.

What will the money be used for?
Medical care of Eden & some extras for the family to enjoy some quality time with their child at the medically assisted holiday center Villa Rozerood .


No credit card? You can also transfer to BE02 9730 3538 6240 on the name of Hanne Demuynck - "Superhero Eden".


The story in Dutch? See the movie below.

No matter what your contribution will be, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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