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Fight against deafblindness

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Hi all,

My name is Tim Schroeder, 38 years old and living in Hoofddorp (near Amsterdam).
I have a beautiful daughter, Eleyna and she is 7 years old. 

Unfortunately she has Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic condition causing deafblindness.
Usher Syndrome causes deafness and an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).
RP is a disorder that affects the retina and causes progressive loss of vision. 

From her birth she has a hearing disability and over the years her hearing will get worse until a point she might need cochlear implants. 

From around 10 years old she will also experience vision loss that worsens over time. Starting with night blindness and during the years more and more enlarging blind spots will leave a small area of central vision (tunnel vision). 

At this moment Usher Syndrome is incurable. 
Like many other diseases the cure is within reach but not yet available because of financial reasons. Something unacceptable and therefore we have to fight for a treatment. 

My fight against Usher will never stop! 
In March 2024 I will cycle from San Diego to Jacksonville. 
A 5000km coast to coast biketrip which for sure will cause a lot of saddle sore, but will hopefully also raise awareness and speed up the process of finding a cure. 

In 2022 I also cycled 2350km from Amsterdam to Alicante. 
It was a physical demanding, challenging and emotional biketrip. But also a beautiful experience and gave me some peace of mind.
In 2022 I reached my financial goal and raised over €26.500 for the Usher Syndrome Foundation. Very happy with that! 
The Usher Syndrome Foundation is using the raised funds for scientific research into a treatment and for better quality of life.

My financial goal for this fundraiser is €50.000. This would be €10 for every cycled kilometer. Can you help me with a km or more?  

Again I need your support to keep my dream alive that my daughters life will not get dark and silent.

Every kind of support will be much appreciated, thanks.

A proud but also scared and restless father.


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