Feud-erus with my uterus


Some people will know me from their interactions with me at my job, Holistic Pet in Portland, or know of me because of my art with Studio Mono&ME - Pet Portraits/Fan Art/Coloring Books, or in local gaming & comic communities, or maybe from my regular cosmetic posts on social media!

For those who know me, know I work hard & I'm not one to ask for a hand out. Which is why I'm also offering my artistic services in exchange for donations.

Yes, I have insurance.
My deductible is $4,800/year with max individual out-of-pocket cost $7,150/year.

I've already paid for labs & tests that were not covered, so really I'm asking for help to cover my remaining costs.

I will need $1,170 at the time of my preoperative appointment (which is now scheduled for July 18th 2017).

Break down of amounts I'm asking for assistance with:

$7,150 for my total out of pocket cost.

$625 for expected lost wages due to immediate recovery time post-op.

My Husband & I work hard. We both routinely have side-jobs in addition to our careers, & we're both desperately trying to pay off debt & not accrue more, being responsible, tax/bill/rent-paying members of our community. And things still are tough & got expensive fast!

Here's some medical backstory:
I very likely, pretty sure, after lengthy medical appts/costly tests & labs, already close to $2-grand (but don't want to spend the few thousand dollars more to identify the exact nature of) have a form of uterine/endometrial cancer.

It's not a 100% sure precise diagnosis, as I just mentioned, requires way more testing than I feel comfortable with doing/spending. And if it's not cancer, it's something equally as distressing.

My doctors are incredibly trained & educated, & have been around long enough to have seen my symptoms many times before, so I'm confident in their position, education, & evaluative deductions, that what we're dealing with is seriously bad news bears... (Really, I have an amazing care team.)

And with all the bleeding my body seems to want to do lately, obtaining a sufficient enough sample to test without actually cutting out a piece of my uterus, isn't happening. (Plus the aforementioned additional costs of more tests.)

Why did I opt/ask for the total hysterectomy?
For starters, I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which I'm sure has contributed to the last 21 years of increasing battering monthly pain; coupled with 21 years of periods from hell, 8 years of abnormal PAPs... & this last "thing" of bleeding & intense cramp-like pains for the better part of the last few months (since April), being the final straw. Nevermind the more intimate details of my lady-bits routinely kicking my ass...

There's no room for enjoying life in my body, when I'm bleeding just about nonstop, in pain, & exhausted from it.

So, like with any unhealthy/hurtful relationship, I'm done with my uterus!

Let it go, let it goOoooohhh....

After lengthy discussion with my doctors about the procedure, I feel there's overwhelmingly more pros than cons with having a hysterectomy.

My ovaries can stay - they more or less do more good than harm in my situation. And I'd rather deal with the cysts than with the brutal cramps & bloody floods.

The type of hysterectomy I'm getting will remove my cervix, uterus, & fallopian tubes (which will dramatically reduce my risk for ovarian cancer as well!)

Since I can't exactly attach a bunch of pictures of my insides, & what my pain looks like, or how much I'm sick of seeing blood every day, I'm attaching pictures from the pamphlet my doctor sent me home with, & of much lovelier things: My art!

I would love to create a line drawing or portrait for anyone who donates. Pet Portraits, Fan Art, or even one of my custom Fantasy Lady designs!

As for the diagnosis/upcoming surgery, I'm not at all scared. Being brutally honest here - the waiting around for test results & dates & financial quotes & trying to budget down to the last coin in our change-jar, has me more stressed than the actual medical crap I've been dealing with.

Mentally, fantastic. Emotionally, drained. Physically, worn out.

I don't feel like my uterus is what makes me a woman, so I'm not particularly feeling any emotion about removing it. Plus, I'm childless by choice, so not concerned about the inability to procreate.

Yes, I've been presented with alternate treatments. They sounded horrifying & provided me with no assurance for resolution; just an empty pit to throw more money at.

For once, I'm not gonna be shy to ask for help & I need it.

I am open to positivity vibes of every which kind (maybe send me some extra Zzz's too!)

I will keep updates coming as I get them.

Thank you to those who've read this far & cared enough to do so.

Thank you to Friends & Family who've sent cheer my way.

And many thanks to my Hubs & Pup for keeping me grounded.

#BeArtful ~MaryElizabeth

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