Fearless Girls Won't Be Bullied

You believe that art can change the world. You believe that a woman's place is anywhere she wants it to be. You believe that when women stand together, we are stronger than the bullies and the institutions that try to stifle us. You believe in standing up for people who stand up for people. You believe that empowering women changes the world. Help make Fearless Girl part of a worldwide movement with a suggested donation of $10.

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This is a legal defense fund for our friend, Kristen Visbal

You might not know Kristen by name but chances are high that you’ve seen her artwork before. Remember the Fearless Girl statue that was installed in New York City facing down the storied bull of Wall Street ? That was hers.

Ironically, our friend Kristen now finds herself in a very similar situation to the small but mighty bronze statue she sculpted: facing down a financial giant.

State Street Global Advisors, the financial institution that paid the permitting fees for the statue when it was originally installed in 2017, is coming after Kristen.  They are trying to prevent her from making replicas to install around the world.  In doing so, they are preventing Fearless Girl from being used for what she was originally intended—to support equality, equal pay, and education, and send a bold message to corporations that women are a necessary and integral part of business.  

So why are they taking Kristen to court?  Because they figure they can bully this female artist and bury her in so many legal fees that she has no choice but to forfeit her copyright.  

Clearly, State Street is operating under the dated, tired belief that even fearless girls can be quieted if the bully is big and strong enough.

We want to prove them wrong.

For Kristen’s sake, certainly. But also for the sake of fearless girls and women the world over who have found themselves bullied or belittled or taken advantage of because folks just assumed they could get away with it.

Together, we’re going to show State Street and any other bullies who might be watching: You can’t own fearlessness. You can’t own girls. And you certainly can’t own fearless girls.

There are two ways you can help us do that:  

1) If you are able to, please help Kristen’s legal defense against State Street by donating whatever you are able to, no matter the amount. Even a small amount sends a powerful message against corporate appropriation of the artwork, which was meant to be shared with the world.

2) To show that you believe in the message of Fearless Girl and want to stand up against bullies like State Street, we’re asking everyone to share a photo of themselves striking the Fearless Girl pose with the hashtag #IStandFearless on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We've also included some social graphics for you to use - if you'd rather share one of ours! Those can be DOWNLOADED HERE for your use. 

And, in hopes of sharing the #IStandFearless movement far and wide, we’d love it if you could help us by also sharing this GoFundMe to help us mount the best defense for Kristen (and fearless girls everywhere) possible.

Please reach out to [e-mail editado] with any inquires.

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