Activating the 'Fairy of the Day'!

I'm Emily Anderson; an artist and social worker who uplifts people’s lives with "Earnest little drawings that help people do BIG THINGS."

Three years ago I exhibited my hand drawn fairies at the South End Art Hop to see how people would respond to them.  I also wanted to see if I could talk about my personal process about making them and not feel silly.  

63 of my fairies are now in the Bluebird Fairy Deck which I use it to do Fairy Card Readings in my Fairy Booth.  These are conversations based on 3 cards people randomly pick form the deck.  Rather than telling you your future; the readings center you in your positive present and give you a pleasant space in which to consider what you'd like to welcome into your life through intention. 

People have been purchased these decks on-line and from my Fairy Booth and incorporating them into their daily home practices.  Regularly I get reports almost  about the positive impact the fairies of Bluebird are making in people's lives.  

The Fairy of the Day app will allow people to each day pick one fairy randomly from a deck of 100 (yes, 37 new fairies will join the original 63). 

 My friend Ren says, "It's going to be the 'safe space' on my phone." The fairy will then go into people's personal decks on their phone so they can return to it later.  The next day they will be able to access their new 'fairy of the day' randomly selected from the deck with a tap of their hand.

Who's going to help me do this??

In July I signed a contract with Ryan Huggins of Sundae Month ; an artistic game-design collective composed of graduates of Champlain College.

I'm raising money for the completion of the app and costs connected to effectively marketing it.  Your support of this project with a modest donation will allow the power of positivity to spread throughout our country and the world in a time when it’s easy to get dismayed by what's happening. 

The contributions of many Bluebird Fairy supporters like you carried us through the early important stages of the development of this project.  This support has been heart-warming and encouraging.  I am also grateful to a group of professionals and friends who believe in Bluebird Fairies and have contributed time and expertise to this project moving forward.  

Thank you all, again and again. 

And, please, donate generously to the 'Fairy of the Day' app appeal. Even a small contribution will help me move Bluebird Fairies forward. 

Thank you!



HOW Bluebird Fairies CAME TO BE:

My drawings of demons and fairies started 10 years ago when I was alone and trying to support myself as I moved through a very transitional phase in my life. Bluebird Fairies began 3 years ago when I had a "soft roll out" of my newly printed fairy cards at an arts festival in Burlington, Vermont. 

My goals at the festival were to see if I felt solid and happy sharing the story of how and why I make these fairies and if people would connect with them. I was amazed at how all kinds of people pulled in close to see the set of 63 fairies I'd hung up on the wall. People connected with their names, their interesting images and the uplifting things they uttered in their speech bubbles.

"In refocusing her energies on herself and her own story, Anderson appears to have found a uniquely expressive way to provide comfort to others through creativity and a touch of magical thinking. The goal, she said, is to "turn and find the lightness of life — to bring yourself up to a place where you can deal with [challenges] more positively."

                            -Rachel Elizabeth Jones, Seven Days 3.1.17


"Hi Emily, I found one of your Bluebird Fairy cards in a book that was returned to the Fletcher Free Library." The 'Fairy of Good Wishes Around You.' It warmed my heart."  -Christine

"Dear Emily,
I'm writing from Mexico City . We're visiting our son.  He and his love have a pack of your fairy cards. Every morning they draw and set one up. The day we arrived they had just hung up replacement hummingbird feeder to enhance their bird friends. And the next card they drew was the fairy of bird relationships. They love the practice.
Gracias por todo. '  -Sharyl

"Feeling so nervous about my house closing today and my dad just bent over to pick up what appeared to be a scrap of paper from my very messy half-packed apartment and turned it over.  It's the 'Fairy of You Can Do it!'   -Robyn

"Taking a fairy card has become somewhat of a ritual in our morning meetings. As teachers in a busy school, with the stress and unpredictability that comes with the territory, this ritual has helped us to center ourselves, find an intention for the day, and have a moment to reflect before diving in to our work. Sharing the cards with each other has also been an awesome moment of connection, bonding, and often times humor. Their range of styles and their playful nature has made it easy for anyone to feel comfortable jumping in, and we have all begun to look forward to seeing which card will guide our day. We love bluebird fairies!" 
                                                                  - Abby, Rock Point School

"I love the way you approach life like it is a garden of mysteries waiting to be solved, and taking pleasure at every phase of the journey."   Elizabeth


I began my professional life as a company member in The Bread and Puppet Theater of Glover, Vermont. There my natural talent for connecting with people was further developed organizing, creating, rehearsing and teaching shows to diverse groups of people in the U.S. and abroad.

From 1996-2014 I founded and ran The Awareness Theater Company; comprised of adults with intellectual disabilities and autism that put their stories on stage providing audiences with clearer views into the lives of these very creative company members.

For the past 12 years I've been developing and coordinating programming for high school students with disabilities to assist them in self determining their transition into adult hood.

The premise of my work is "if you can connect with who you are, you can more effectively engage with others." Bluebird Fairies has grown out of this understanding. 

Please support this project. 

Please, also, share this campaign with your friends. 

I'm so thankful for your support.


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