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Exquisite Corpse MKE Dance Theatre Network

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Here it is! 

The Exquisite Corpse Milwaukee Movers Edition VIDEO!

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VIDEO Exquisite Corpse Milwaukee MDTN 

​By project co-ordinator and editor Christal Wagner 
featuring MKE Dance Theatre Network and community!

MKE Dance Theatre Network (MDTN) invites you to dontate to Exquisite Corpse Milwaukee Movers Edition video creation. We hope this project will bring to light how many exciting movers Milwaukee has! In this time of need MDTN strives to help support and raise them up during this Covid-19 pandemic.  We hope that this video raises awareness of the amazing movers in MKE and collects donations from you all for this cause! 

MDTN's video is made up of 42 Milwaukee area movement artists who filmed their intended offerings in a variety of environments while maintaining physical and social distance. The collaborating artists that provided original music for this project are Q the Sun and percussionist Paul Westfahl. This collection of videos and music are woven together by the fabulous and multi-talented Christal Wagner.This collection of movement explorations also serves as a fundraiser for the project participants who are all artists financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic due to performance cancellations and loss of teaching work. The GOFUNDME goal is $5000, and all funds would be divided equally among these artists. Please consider donating to this cause. 

Give with the chance to WIN a Photo Session!

Thank you to our community for their support of Exquisite Corpse Milwaukee Movers Edition. Your donations go directly into the hands of our artists who need your help. Click "Like" on this post, share it, and donate to our Go Fund Me Campaign between Tuesday May 5th and Friday May 8th.  Any donor giving $10 or more will be entered to win an hour long photo session with Christal Wagner Photography. $150 Value!  Most importantly, please help us broaden our supporter base. We know now more than ever that we thrive on a full audience at our Dance and Theatre shows. How about donate at the price of admission? Give back and get back! Thank you!

On April 25, 2020, Shepherd Express featured an article aboiut EXQUISITE CORPSE.  Check it out!

We appreciate your support!

Levels of Donation:

Dance/Theatre Movement Enthusiast - $0 Share our video!
If you enjoy what we're doing and are in a financial bind yourself. You can still help us by sharing our video!

Student Ticket Level - $10 
You feel like you've turned back into a college student as you eye up that ramen that's been uneaten in your pantry for years. Your eating habits have changed but your enthusiasm for movement hasn't!

General Admission Ticket Level - $20 
You're missing some of this spring's promised concerts, but you've got all this great online content at the click of a finger!

Orchestra Seat Level - $50
This project has enlivened you and made you miss sitting in your favorite theatre, tapping your feet to the beat.

Box Seat Level - $100
You're an art goer every weekend and all this social distancing makes you want to pull out your collection of saved programs and read them aloud, from cover to cover, to your next door neighbors.

Season Subscriber Level - $500
You want to see some of these Milwaukee movers kick it into high gear and perform loud and proud next season as if the scene hasn't skipped a beat!

For more information, please view the MDTN website

Thank You!
Stay Safe, Well, and Inspired!


Catey Ott Thompson
Milwaukee, WI

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