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My sister and I are being wrongfully evicted by Allied residential Management Group that manages Laurelwood Garden Apartments for King County Housing Authority which owns the property La residential harass belittles insults and intimidates all of their low-income and disabled tenants for any reason they feel like they harassment on the abuse will get worse if you disagree with something that they're trying to forcefully put on you be it and illegal fee or raising your rent or blocking your way of pain rent and turn around block you for several months then say you have failed to pay rent and try to evict you for non payment even though it was outlized residential's actions that prevented you from being able to pay rent in the first place if they tried to do this with my sister in 2021 and my sister was already signed up with an eviction prevention program at the time 3 months prior to the eviction Allied residential committed eviction prevention fraud by signing my sister up for the same program 3 months later just prior to the affection the manager of Allied residential only has authority to do something like that with tenants permission otherwise it's up to the tenant to sign up for those programs the manager at the time violated rights and broke the law and got away with it though they were not allowed to evict her and the eviction prevention program paid all of her back rent is a then waited then in February of 2023 they demanded for her to provide her proof of income paperwork which would be her social security what she had not received her letter from Social Security as her proof of income to provide them in the mail they highly disagreed with her in towards the end of March she received her social security paperwork and provided that to them and then they asked her to provide and sign the low income tax credit paperwork she had a concern and a question about that they could have easily quickly answered and resolved but no they refused to answer so then they in April block her way to pay through the pay app which they say they don't do and it's up to the app company that controls that kind of stuff but when we called the app company the app company said no they have no control over the functions or financial information of the account only the account holder which would be the manager has that capability if they were to do so they would be breaking several laws so my sister had been prevented from paying rent since April of 2023 in December of 2023 they had a court ordered writ made out for her eviction for the 12th of December which we went to Northwest Justice project was assigned an attorney we went to Northwest Justice project because they helped us with the last eviction they tried to pull in 2021 this time Northwest Justice project provided us with an incompetent inexperienced attorney and did not listen to us the clients when we were telling them very valuable important information in the case it was ignored I quote the attorney said well your opinion differs from my own so when when does attorneys opinions become facts for law but the attorney did get a hold put on the writ until January 9th January 9th a tyrant judge ruled to go through with the eviction writ Sheriff's have not followed through with that writ Sheriff's knows that that would be a violation of their oath and be violating our constitutional and civil rights and sheriff is not going to do the dirty work work for Allied residential my sister and I are trying to purchase a motorhome and move out of this hell hole where tenants get treated worse than prisoners on death row so we're trying to save up as much money as of her limited Social Security income to hopefully try to buy used motorhome in the meantime we're going to try to hold Allied residential and the King County Housing Authority that owns the property fully accountable for it took me getting involved and fighting with Allied residential to get the appliances that needed to be replaced in my sister's unit that she'd been living with and losing food in an unsafe environment because the fridge was faulty and it would barely freeze and it would costly go into defrost mode 11 food to spoil and go bad and then freeze everything within the fridge and then thaw out again and a stove which the stove top elements for bad and faulty the switches were bad and faulty and the disc garbage disposal was old and worn out and it wasn't until we showed the manager the blade that broke off and flew up out of the sink and nearly missed my sister's head and considering that she is a TBI Survivor since age 9 that was very traumatic for her for she could have lost her life and the manager at the time her name started with a t it was some Oriental lady she was very rude and opinionated and refused and tried not to see the truth and then would over exaggerate and make things sound worse than they were for my sister has a service animal a little chihuahua who had one little turd on a potty pad and in the manager's report of inspection of the unit she wrote down in an email that she noticed a pile of feces which was an over exaggerated lie one little turd was a pile of feces Ally residential will lie through their teeth to get their way and to get what they want even if it means lying and evicting a disabled woman out in the cold during the middle of winter and everyone should know now the eviction equals Death so any landlord that's willing to evict someone is fully capable of committing murder cuz that's exactly what they're doing when they evict disabled low-income and elderly people and even military veterans King County Housing Authority has been notified and they've done nothing about it so far we are going to stay in the unit until we are forcibly removed and after all of the years of psychological trauma and abuse and states of depression that they've continued to put my sister in they will evict someone even if they have to take him out in a body bag and if that doesn't sound like Injustice and treason and crimes against humanity to you and you don't like the sounds of this well I have you know that Ally residential manages most all low-income and subsidized housing throughout the greater Northwest of Washington State and parts of Oregon on top of that Allied residential has a history of having conflicts with tenants there are court cases that had been filed against them nine times out of 10 they get a rubber stamp and get out of jail free card every time they break the law and violate people's rights so if you have a disabled low income elderly person living in any of these complexes we can guarantee you they're being victimized in some form or another and Allied residential is already commonly known as the worst management company in decorator Northwest so like I said we're desperately trying to get a mobile home RV

Like this one that if we can come up with the money in time so if you would like to help please donate or reach out to Northwest Justice project the Housing Authority anyone you can think of get the word out let people know how horrible the crimes and Humanity the Allied residential is being allowed to do and King County Housing Authority is allowing them to and Washington State Courts legal system is clearly corrupt for we have traitors masquerading as judges that are obviously violating Oaths these actions are violation of constitutional civil and tenant laws and rights we thank you for all of your help and support we love you God bless

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