Ewing Ranch Fundraiser. Carter Canyon Fire

On Saturday, July 30th, the Carter Canyon fire started a few miles south of the Ewing Ranch and Homestead. Carolyne and David had to evacuate fast. They got the animals and a few of the most essential belongings to safety. The fire started over the south canyon of the ranch and in a hurry headed directly towards them. By the next morning, every building and possession on the property was reduced to ash. The green cedar trees of the canyon that sat under the beautiful skies of the ranch all gone.

For generations, the Ewing’s (4 of them) have lived in these hills and canyons. They have helped maintain and keep the place livable through all the hard years of ranch life. This homestead had beautiful views, Grandpa’s original wood shop, and a lifetime of wonderful memories. But, this place is/was more than a home.

It will take effort, time, and money to rehab the land and make 140151 Carter Canyon Rd livable again as their home.

One amazing miracle is a baby kitten did survive the fire and the horrible night. She hid in a cinder block hole as everything burned around her including her little whiskers and eyelashes. She was crying for help the next morning. This cat soon to be officially named (ozzy, cinder, smokey) is one amazing survivor and will be loved forever by the family. She is receiving vet care at Midtown Animal Clinic currently.

Any donation is greatly appreciated, along with all the prayers and healing energy you can send their way.

Thank you so much.

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