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Everesting Masca @ UPA La Palma

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My name is Erez Zarum, I'm an amateur Cyclist and i have been doing this challenge called "Everesting" for about 7 years now in different countries and different climbs.
The challenge is simple, you pick a climb and repeat this climb multiple times in one ride(day, no sleeping allowed) until you reach the total elevation gain of the Everest which is 8,848m.

I am originally from Israel but fall in love with the Canary Islands, specifically, Tenerife which i quite often visit every year.
As i have arrived to Tenerife beginning of September i have heard and witnessed from Tenerife the eruption of Cumbre Vieja in La Palma.

I decided to extend my vacation to also celebrate my birthday in Tenerife, at the 16th of October, and i could not find a better way to do it by Cycling and giving back.

At the 16th of October 2021 i will attempt to do "Everesting" on the climb going from Masca valley up to Mirador de Cherfe, a length of about 4km and about 420m of total elevation per climb, for this i will need to climb it 22 times, in one ride, no sleeping allowed.
The amazing part about this climb is that in a good day you can see both La Gomera and La Palma.

My way of giving back is to organize this fundraise and i have chosen UPA La Palma as the cause for this fundraise.

"UPA (Animal Protection Unit) of La Palma is an initiative taken in order to unify the efforts of the island's community for animal welfare.
The island of La Palma still does not have a shelter for animals. Humane individuals and groups, animal associations, are the only resource that stray and abandoned dogs and cats have. Its main page has been created to facilitate the organization and education of the community in the field of animal protection and care. Our goal is for the cat shelter to serve as a place of relief for disoriented animals and for all those who need immediate help"


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Erez Zarum
Paula Rey

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