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Hello everyone, my name is Charlotte Smith! For over 3 years now (from the age of 11) I have been campaigning for children's health throughout the UK and around the world with my "EV Thank You!" cards.

For the first 8 months I campaigned anonymously (as I wanted to draw attention to all children not just me) thanking EV drivers around the UK for not damaging all children's health with vehicle emissions.

A Twitter account was only created when the wonderful EV Experience Centre in Milton Keynes (8 months into my campaign) suggested I create an account for my "EV Thank You!" campaign.

My "EV Thank You!" campaign is now on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all with the address of "EV Thank You".

During the last 3 years I have received personal letters of support and encouragement from heads of state and government including Her Majesty the Queen, Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, the former Prime Minister and the Rt Hon Chris Grayling the Secretary of State for Transport here in the UK and many more.

I have now travelled over 100,000 miles here in the UK hand delivering over 4,000 "EV Thank You!" cards around the world.

I’ve taken my Zero Emission children’s health campaign overseas to Norway and all of California driving in an Electric Vehicle from San Francisco all the way down to Orange County hand delivering my "EV Thank You!" cards to over 536 EV drivers1

If you're able to contribute towards my Zero Emission EV International children's health campaign that would be wonderful; however if not, not to worry, nearly all of my adventures large or small will be posted on the social media channels of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,and YouTube for all to see!

Hope to see you soon!

Charlotte ♥️


Charlotte Smith

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