Erik Diederich - Doctor Expense and Recovery Plan

Erik was fighting Covid-19 in Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania. Due to complications, he was fighting for his life. 

After being in a coma for 20 days, he was discharged from the hospital and moved to a rehabilitation facility on 9/7/2020. Now his road to recovery is said to be a long one.

We are certain that many of you love Erik as much as we do. He has been there for us in so many ways and at the drop of a dime, he'd be there for you again. We hope we can be there for him now, at this difficult time, when there are only a few actions that we can do to help him. 

All contributions would help Erik, and family, offset any amassing medical bills, recovery needs, travel bills, and other related overhead. 

Erik is a wonderful and loving soul and we know that he is lifted by his strong community ties, of family and friends, near and far.

Thank you all for your caring thoughts. We all wish Erik a fast and full recovery.

If you can do so safely, hug your loved ones.

Note: The beneficiary of this campaign has been designated as Erik's mother, Shelley Hoist. This is to allow for Erik's incoming bills to be paid timely.

Information, as it is stated on Facebook, by our main point of contact in Pennsylvania, Matthew Thomas (updated here on 9/8/2020 at 2:08 pm HST):

"Asking for urgent prayers for my friend Erik Diederich. He’s in the ICU fighting for his life with covid. His lungs are not getting enough oxygen. Please pray!

<Update 9-7-20>
Erik is in good spirits and started his physical therapy at the rehab facility today. He said it was challenging but only an hr to start. He’s not allowed to have visitors yet but it may be a possibility soon. We’re not sure how long he will be in therapy. They plan to re-evaluate him in two weeks.

Pray for continued healing in his lungs with zero lasting damage. Also pray that his body would respond well to therapy and he would have a speedy recovery.

<Update 9-6-20>
Today’s update is front the man himself!!
“So so grateful for all the kind words and love and support. Getting discharged today to a rehab facility, one step closer back to some type normalcy.” Erik Diederich

That’s right Erik was discharged from the hospital today! He is in a great rehab facility now with his own clothes, better food and the support team he needs to get back to normal life!
Pray that his therapy is effective and that he gets 100% recovery! Zero lasting side effects.

He can receive cards at his new address here:

Lancaster Rehab Hospital
Att: Erik Diederich
675 Good Drive
Room 3118
Lancaster, PA

<Update 9-5-20>
Great news again today! Erik is more himself today and able to talk more clearly. He has a ways to go yet but is making leaps and bounds of progress. He's been off of any oxygen all last night and today. 100% breathing on his own. The doctors are talking about discharging him and moving him to a rehabilitation facility as early as tomorrow or Monday!

Please continue to pray for healthy lungs, as well as continued strides in his rapid turn around.

<Update 9-4-20>
Erik is doing great! He is slowly regaining strength, and is breathing on his own, and also able to move into his chair. These are huge steps for someone who just got off on life support for 20 days! He tires easily but is slowly regaining his voice. I got to speak to him on the phone today for about 20 min! It was great to hear him sounding like himself. He was tired but still cracking jokes as normal!

He is still in isolation but may be moved to a non-isolation ward sometime soon. After that, he will likely go to a rehab facility that is affiliated with Lancaster General, where he can receive the aggressive physical and occupational therapy he needs. It is too early to know about the long term effects on his body.

He is awake and reading his cards and letters, so keep them coming! New room number is 7707. He continues to astound his care team with his progress. Please continue to pray for clear strong lungs!

<Update 9-3-20>
Another Milestone Day!

Today they moved Erik out of the ICU and into the regular surgical ward for isolated Covid patients. They did move all his banners letters, cards too and are redecorating his new room. He is doing amazingly well for just coming out of heavy sedation and 3 weeks of no movement. He needs patience to build up his strength and continue healing. It is still a long road to recovery, but he is ON IT!!

Please continue to send your prayers and thoughts of his full recovery with no long term affects coming his way!! Erik and his family are so grateful for all of you, and to the amazing caregivers he has had.

His new address is:

Lancaster General
Erik Diederich Rm 7707
555 N. Duke St.
Lancaster, PA 17602

<Update 9-2-20>
Erik is continuing to make progress. He is still quite out of it from the medication but he is responding to commands. He know’s where he is, what month it is and that he’s had Covid. He’s not really talking much yet which is normal at this point. He’s very week but the doctors do have him sitting up finally. Please pray for strength as his body continues to heal.

<Update 9-1-20>
More great news!! Erik is off the ventilator! He is awake and responding to commands. It won’t be long before he is able to talk. Please pray his lungs continue to produce the life giving oxygen his body needs, and for continued healing as he enters the next phase of his recovery.

<Update 8-31-20>
Today is a milestone day! Erik is no longer attached to the ECMO machine and his body is oxygenating his own blood with the help of just the ventilator! We are so grateful for the ECMO machine that has saved his life and allowed him to heal.
Continue to pray for Erik’s lungs to be completely healed. That his oxygen levels continue to grow stronger. Pray for him to be comfortable as the doctors adjust medications and the next phase of recovery is implemented.

<Update 8-30-20>
Great news today!! Erik's chest xray is improving! These small daily improvements are adding up. The doctors are very close to removing him from the ECMO machine. We’re praying this happens as early as tomorrow.
Let’s keep praying and remember to give thanks. We are grateful for Erik's strong healing capabilities and determination. And for the skilled doctors, nurses and staff that are taking such great care of him. We are grateful for you and your healing prayers!

<Update 8-29-20>
Erik is close to being able to have the ECMO machine removed! They have lowered the levels enough to know that his lungs are able to process enough oxygen on their own, with the help of the ventilator. However, his lung xrays still look really bad. The doctors need to see more clarity in his lungs before they will remove him from the ECMO. Let’s pray for a better scan, for clear lungs! Once off of ECMO, Erik’s sedation level can be reduced. This will be a good change and allow him to be more comfortable. Thanks for your prayers!!

<Update 8-28-20>
Erik is in critical condition but making small steps of progress each day. The pace of recovery is consistent with Covid patients with similar ailments. The doctors continue to lower the ECMO and Vent levels in order to prepare his lungs to start taking over on their own.
Please continue to pray for his lungs to heal. We are believing for Erik to be able to come off of these machines very soon. And every one of our prayers is helping!

<Update 8-27-20>
Erik is making small steps of progress. The doctors continue to lesson the amount of oxygen the ECMO provides. It's a dance back and forth between the ECMO and the ventilator, while checking his blood every 4 hours to see if his lungs are healing enough to work on their own. And that is the goal - fully healed, clear, healthy lungs working on their own.

This slow progress is par for the course with Erik’s degree of sickness. Please keep the prayers coming, they are helping!

<Update 8-26-20>
Today marks 2 weeks that Erik has been in critical condition with Covid 19. His lungs are in desperate need of healing. We have seen some incremental improvement in his condition in the last few days. We are grateful for progress! However he has a long way to go until he is out of the woods. Let’s continue to pray for miraculous healing, for full functioning lungs with no lasting damages from this virus.

<Update 8-25-20>
No changes to report in Erik’s condition today. He is STILL critical and in need of our prayers for full healthy lungs. He has a wall full of cards and letters now, please keep them coming. The nurses are reading to him daily and soon, he'll be able to see them for himself!

Lancaster General
Erik Diederich Room 6622
555 N. Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

<Update 8-24-20>
We have some good news today! Erik's lung X-ray has shown a slight improvement. The virus attacked his lungs and even tho the virus is now most likely gone from his body, his lungs are still severely compromised. He is still in a medically induced coma and on the ECMO machine and ventilator. But today, they have seen the first measurable improvement in his lungs . Our prayers are working!! Please continue to pray for Erik’s healing, and for guidance for his doctors and caregivers.

<Update 8-23-20>
We have not had any significant changes in Erik’s condition today. This is a pivotal time for Erik’s care givers. As we await his healing, let’s be in prayer as they weigh options for how best to treat Him. Covid 19 and the effects from it are still very new and there is a lot the doctors do not yet understand. With a steady flow of new information and treatment options, please pray for wisdom for the correct measures to be implemented. Pray the best healing steps available would be realized towards Erik’s full recovery.

<Update 8-22-20>
Erik is holding steady and healing slowly. The ECMO is down to 85% today and his oxygen levels are holding steady! These small steps are significant pieces to a huge miracle. Let’s keep praying & believing for Erik’s full healing. One day soon, he will walk out of the hospital!

<Update 8-21-20>
Today is an exciting day. Erik is still in critical condition but the doctors decided to lower his ECMO level to 90% to see how he responds. I’m happy to report that he’s holding his own at that level!
Also, we were told that the Covid virus is most likely out of his system by now and it did not attack any of his other organs! Praise the Lord! Let’s keep proclaiming his lungs 100% healed!

<Update 8-20-20>
The doctors told us today that they would like to reduce the ECMO machine level and see how Erik’s lungs respond. However he’s just not quite ready yet. We need more healing in his lungs to start the process of weaning him off the machines.
Let’s focus our prayers on Erik’s lungs. Proclaiming them fully healed. That they are healthy, clean, non inflamed and full of life giving breath.
Thank you for your prayers! I will keep updating every day as information is available.

<Update 8-19-20>
Erik continues to hold steady. The doctors have been able to slowly lower the ventilator a bit, while the ECMO is still providing his oxygen. His lungs are showing small signs of improvement. We are extremely grateful for these small steps!
Please continue to pray for full healing!

<Update 8-18-20>
It’s an exciting day today! Erik is showing a small improvement in the condition of his lungs!! Praise the Lord! This is unexpected to show a positive change this early. Erik continues to show us he is present and fighting. He regularly responds to the nurses commands to move various parts of his body. And he’s impressing them with the strength of his grip.
Let’s keep praying that his lungs will continue to be restored to the way God created them, with full capacity and function. Pray his healing transformation is smooth and swift.

<Update 8-17-20>
Hi Everyone, Erik is doing exactly what’s expected of him. I know that’s a shock for some of us, as we’re used to him walking to the beat of his own drum. Thankfully, he is just resting for now. The doctors have increased his sedation level some as they have noticed him being upset/uncomfortable today.

Today's prayer request, in addition to healing, is that Erik would not be in pain or distress of any kind. Pray he can relax in faith that he is in great hands, help him to know he has excellent care providers and the best of family/friends holding him up around the world.

<Update 8-16-20>
Erik's condition is still critical but he is holding the course. He has not had a change today regarding his condition. We expect it to take some time and we’re all doing our best to wait patiently for his body to heal and start fighting for itself again.

The doctors have told us that Erik is able to hear what is going on and we got some good proof of that today. This morning as the nurses were discussing when to call his mom to give an update, there was some debate as to how many hours difference it is between PA and HI. When one of them said they think it’s 6 hrs difference, Erik opens his eyes, looks right at them and gives them a thumbs up! When they decide the thumbs up might mean more than 6 hrs, he opens his eyes again and gives them a thumbs down!

Please continue to pray for his healing as we wait for his body to respond to the treatments he is receiving.

<Update 8-15-20>
Thanks for the continued prayer and support from all of you. No surprise to any of us that Erik has touched lives all over the globe. We’re getting a glimpse at just how much with the endless comments and messages to him. When he comes out of this coma, he will have quite a bit of reading to catch up on.

Erik is continuing to do well on the ECMO machine today with 100 % oxygen in the blood. His lungs are still very saturated though and have not started to heal yet.

One exciting thing we discovered about LGH (Lancaster General Hospital) is that we have 3 contacts working in the hospital we were unaware of. Visitors are not allowed but we know a respiratory therapist, a doctor and the Director of Research. They are friends/relatives of friends and have graciously agreed to be a resource and answer questions. So we’re getting great first hand information that we trust.

Prayer request for today:
Effective treatment - pray the plasma and medicinal treatments would be effective at eliminating the covid virus and that no other organs would be affected.

No Inflammatory response - pray his lungs would heal and that there would be no other organ inflammation. This is crucial in the recovery process.

I will keep updating at least once a day.

<Update 8-14-20 v2>
Erik is holding the course. Oxygen level is at 100%, on the ECMO machine and the ventilator. He is still in a medically induced coma, right on the edge of sedation. He can hear whats going on, they believe.

They've started Remdisvir today and also rcvd antibody plasma to help his body kickstart the healing of his lungs. Both treatments are experimental but before he went under, he agreed to both.

It is now a waiting game for his lungs to start healing and his body to start fighting on its own. Most patients are on the ECMO for a few weeks.

He has a personal nurse and she put the phone by his ear this afternoon and his mom was able to give him a pep talk, reassuring him that he's got this and so many people are sending their love and praying for him.

He can receive cards, and his nurse said she will open and read them to him. They will stay in the room but will be tossed when he’s released due to the isolation.

Lancaster General
Erik Diederich
Room 6622
555 N. Duke St.
Lancaster, PA 17602

Please continue to pray for Gods hand in his recovery.

<Update 8-14-20 v1>
Thanks for the prayers & well wishes!! Erik is currently in medically induced coma while the ECMO machine oxygenates his blood. They estimate a few days to a few weeks depending on how his body responds. Please pray that his lungs heal quickly and the virus does not attack any other organs. He has also started plasma therapy and an experimental medication. So please pray he responds well to these. I will continue to update as I have information.

<Update 8-13-20>
The ventilator did not work and he is at risk of organ failure due to low oxygen levels. He had a procedure to bypass his lungs and oxygenate his blood. Just talked to the doctor and the procedure went well and he will be unconscious for a few days while they treat him. Please pray his lungs heal."


<Note: Any future updates will be added.>


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