Equal's Value Identity "You Are Valuable" Campaign

Hello everyone.  Join me in bringing solutions and healing to our social spaces and landscapes by supporting Equal, A Global Human Initiative, Inc. +its Value Identity social, and human improvement model.  In short, Value Identity pivots us away from violence, pain, conflict and competition, while pulling into peace, healing, connection and collaboration. It accomplishes this using two components. Value Recognition and Value Assignment. These are the 2 foundational pillars of Value Identity. Value Identity shows us how valuable each of us is and why. Which helps you to feel better about you. It also helps everyone else who hears this message, and engages with this narrative, to feel better about who they are too.  When one of us feels better, we all enjoy the benefits.  We are all better when just one more person is able to improve how they feel. We are all safer when this happens. So donate, because it benefits you, your family, your loved ones, your neighborhood, your school, your community, your city, your country.  Value Identity is a sustainable social solution that equals Violence Prevention, Anti-Bullying, Personal Safety, Public Safety, Property Safety, Physical and Mental Health Improvements along with a myriad of other countless and tangible benefits. Help us to help to us all.  Any donation you make will enable me to bring this much-needed effort in creating real, tangible solutions for everyone, everywhere.  Equal is a 501C3 federally recognized non-profit, tax exempt, charitable organization.  Any contribution you make is 100% tax deductible. Thank you all in advance for both your support and for your gifts. And remember, we all possess Equal Value,
Equal Beauty +Equal Power.  

Peace +Blessings EveryOne. 

"You Are Valuable" Song
performed by Hawaii 6th Graders Jameston, Siaosi +Max: https://youtu.be/rhGfHXd9cJE


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