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EPS Interviews

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The Capturing Christianity team will be filming a slew of interviews at this year's annual EPS conference in Denver. So far, we have the following philosophers/apologists on the docket (this list will likely grow):

- William Lane Craig (confirmed)
- Douglas Groothuis (confirmed)
- Gary Habermas (confirmed)
- J. P. Moreland (confirmed)
- Greg Koukl (confirmed)
- J. Warner Wallace (TBD)
- David Baggett (confirmed)
- Jon McCray (confirmed)

For an example of our interview style and aesthetic, check out our interviews with Richard Swinburne, Ben Arbour, and Jerry Walls.

The interviews we film at EPS will be posted on our website for free to anyone that visits. They will also be sliced up into smaller bite-sized chunks and shared all over social media (here's an example).

We need your help covering travel and production. The total cost for travel (for myself, videographer, and his assistant) is $2500. The remainder will be spent on production (renting cameras, editing, etc.). If we meet this amount, we'll increase the goal so that we can rent better equipment and step up the production quality. (A normal budget for a production of this magnitude would be in the tens of thousands. Trust me, I know!)

Each person that contributes (unless they request otherwise) will have their name included in the end credits of each interview!

Your support means so much to us. We literally can't do this without you!



Special thanks to the Evangelical Philosophical Society for allowing us to film these interviews!



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