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My story is to show that certain ideas that are generally accepted in Society today are outright wrong, specifically the environmental hazards of wireless Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation employed for communications and Dirty Electricity on household wiring, along with toxins from artificial Scents, Fragrances and Perfumes.

Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation


Image credit: Circular to cut processing time of cell tower permits to 30 days 




Scent, Fragrances and Perfumes Free

Here's information from the Canadian Lung Association stating why avoiding Scents is so serious:


Image credit: Scents the lung association 


Natural Disaster: Flooding

The most recent catastrophe in my life was caused by a natural disaster that began a long sequence of events that I have not yet recovered from. Here's what happened.

An immense wind and rainstorm created flooding in a back room storage area that I did not have access to in the house where I was living on August 7th, 2018.

Here is an example of the damage elsewhere in the City of Toronto:


Image credit: Shlomi Amiga/Canadian Press | CBC News

August rainstorm caused $80M in damage Insurance Bureau says 

The flooding in the back room was not discovered until after 48 hours. I voluntarily helped a little with the clean-up by providing my hydrogen peroxide to kill mould better than regular bleach, and my emotional support for loss of irreplaceable family heirlooms of the family who had rented the unit for storage.

Things worsened after the mould grew behind the locked door; I was not expecting that I would need documentation later that I did not have when needed, of how I was on normal cordial terms with everyone in the house and the landlord. In fact, previous to the flooding, the lady living on the top floor told me that I was the landlord's "favourite"!


Anaphylaxis in Nose, Mouth and Throat Almost Took My Life


Then on the morning of August 11, 2018, the resulting mould that had likely grown under the drywall below the window-well where the water came in and on other objects in the room and become airborne, was forced into my front basement apartment by an enormous fan placed in the common area overlapping the open doorway of the wet back room to dry it out.

Anyone in Ontario can be a landlord and be perhaps well intentioned, yet wholly incompetent to do property management, maintenance and repairs correctly.


No Escape Before I Had Opened the Door to My Apartment

I had no fire exit, no basement window egress, or any forewarning to escape -- and if I did not have over 30 years of wellness training along with the correct emergency care holistic product within a few steps when I stopped breathing due to an anaphylactic reaction, I would have lost my life to the airborne mould.





Beginning to Recover

I slept for about a day and a half solid, running a fever, knowing that the innate intelligence of my body would cope with this toxic load, over adequate time and in clean living conditions. I adhere to natural health care principles and have somewhat recovered from previous far greater environmental insults added to my existing Body Burden. 


Icky Photo of Mucous

(Warning to scroll down fast to avoid seeing it)


For two months I coughed up thick mucous into the bathroom sink. It was three weeks since the almost fatal mould exposure before I had enough strength to start documenting all I could. 


          This is an image of some of the mucous that my body needed to be gone on September 4, 2018.

                  (The bathroom sink is a gray colour with a white swirl.)


Declined by Doctors' House Call Service

When ready to deal with this new crisis, I discovered that the sole doctors' house call service in Toronto refused to accept my case because when I called, I asked for legal records to be collected to document my injury. I was in no condition to argue my dismissal.


Recover at Home is the Sole Option

For over a decade I have known that there is no medical clinic or hospital service designed to care for someone with my special needs. I anticipated irrecoverable harm if I ventured out before I knew I was strong enough to recuperate from visiting a dangerous environment to gather the required medical evidence to save myself from my landlord who had told me on September 1st, 2018 that he was going to hire a lawyer when he discovered how injured I was. He saw that I could barely breathe or stand up without great effort. For example, if a piece of paper fell off my desk, I had enough self-discipline to leave it on the floor for several weeks to conserve my energy, when my desire was to pick it up.

Nothing affected the other people in the house. I was very careful to do required duties as soon as I could.

Toronto Public Health sent a nurse and everything was fine. 


Too Late at Medical Clinic

By the time I did visit a medical clinic, a whole month later after the injury, I was told that it was too late to prove what had happened, even though my breathing was still heavily laboured and lesser so on the second visit.


Exposed to Environmental Hazards Every Visit at Medical Clinic

During the second visit at the medical clinic I turned red in the face from the very strong Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation and Dirty Electricity. There were two wireless routers on the floor and they use cell phones for internal communications. There is no signage to ask patients to turn off their wireless devices. My doctor did not understand what happened to me. To prove it to myself, immediately after my visit, I went to the DIY blood pressure machine next door in the drug store and found I was 10 points over my normal reading.


Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Abandons Me 


The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has no regular service that is accessible for me to go to a medical clinic or to a legal tribunal; the TTC Wheel-Trans service later turned me away despite my doctor's medical evidence. My doctor had written to them explaining that I could not tolerate wireless radiation and scents from others. It takes me several days of rest after returning from an inaccessible venue to feel as well as before I left home.

I walked within my neighbourhood with a small handcart for groceries, or suffered after I took public transit.


Tenant's Insurance Policy Did Not Cover

My tenant's insurance policy did not cover flooding effects because it was not in my unit. I later heard my landlord claim during the Hearings at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) that I did not have tenant's insurance when I had sent him the proof that it was in effect. 


Municipal Licensing & Standards Did Not Apply

Municipal Licensing & Standards did not apply to this kind of peril, only black mould inside a unit.


Self-Care is Best

Simply breathing caused great agony in my lungs for over a month. Each sunny day, I walked outside in the fresh air as far as I could go, hoping to encourage improvement in my lung functioning. Over the next three months, the lung pain very slowly diminished until I was again able to breathe normally.

After the flooding in the back room, no one in the house ever said a kind word to me; I imagined that they were following legal instructions to not do so.

To my surprise and delight, instead I found chalk drawn encouraging pictures with messages on the sidewalk in front of other homes in my neighbourhood while out on my walks.


Three Times my Basil Plants Died

My basil plants on the window sill all died, presumably from mould. I tried three times with fresh organic plants.



Inadequate Bathroom Ventilation

The landlord had written into the lease that I was to open the bathroom window to allow the shower steam to escape because he refused to repair the bathroom fan.

Steam condensed on the bathroom mirror inside my unit even with the bathroom window wide open. On the coldest day of the year it froze in the open position and it took me an hour to free it, carefully chopping at the ice.



Inadequate Apartment Ventilation

Finally, on Tuesday, June 11,2019, I received an email that was the proof that I needed about how the people in the two floors above me controlled the house ventilation for their comfort and excluded my needs, without any communication with me. When the weather was lovely and warm, they were opening their windows and turning off the furnace fan, heating system and air conditioning. Lack of ventilation in my unit had caused them to complain. I discovered that if I cooked something aromatic that was cause enough to have someone upstairs turn on the ventilation within a few minutes. The kitchen exhaust fan was also broken.

Upon signing of the lease, the landlord had verbally forbidden me from asking him for anything. 


My Basement Apartment was Cold in the Winter and Cold in the Summer

During my tenancy, I slept under a Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL) Emergency Blanket on top of my regular bedding. 

The apartment was usually well under 20 degrees Celsius. 


This temperature reading was taken on January 17, 2019 at 11 AM.


In the summer, I followed the instructions of the lady living one floor above me, who controlled the thermostat for the entire house and taped over the vent in the kitchen, where the frigid air conditioning came in. Previous tape reside marks are there from tenants before me.

I kept myself as healthy as I could.

I did not ever ask my landlord for anything.


Paralegal Fails

I hired a paralegal because physically I was not able to cope with the legal progress. This fellow did not call my medical professional expert witness to give live testimony at the Hearing after I had instructed him to so so. This paralegal made numerous false assumptions and failed to understand how injured I was. On the day of the Hearing, I could not even keep up with the pace while sitting at home, connected by a telephone landline.


Nowhere Else To Go

There is no emergency shelter bed, no COVID-19 respite center, no affordable accommodations, no temporary housing and no permanent housing for anyone with my medical needs for a clean environment anywhere in Canada if someone loses their home. All City of Toronto services use WiFi and 5G is almost everywhere; if not it's 4G.

Furthermore, it's impossible to operate facilities as scent-free safe places.


Legally It Was Up To Me to Save Myself

After the first Hearing I took matters into my own hands, to correct Errors in Law as best as I could, when I truly still needed all my energy for self-healing and yet simultaneously had to defend myself in the next process of Ontario's landlord and tenant court, at great personal risk.

The first Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) order was incorrect in numerous aspects-- including I was ordered to pay non-existent rent arrears of over $7,000 when I had absolute proof with my honoured rent cheques that I had paid in full and on time, every first of the month, no matter what, throughout my entire lease.

I kept struggling to avoid eviction -- I lost twice more, finally in a higher court. There I had kept myself inspired by gazing at the painting of beautiful young Queen Victoria in Osgoode Hall and by remembering the long arm of the Law will eventually reach me.



Staying Alive in the Legal System Until Eviction

Due to good legal help, not only from Duty Counsel, in addition the guidance of the excellent staff in our justice system at higher courts, I was successful at lengthening the time I had in my home until my wellness rose enough to barely cope with my housing peril.

One excellent Duty Counsel lawyer, Andrew H., saw my case clearly and gave me the strategy to win or write to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) to show them what was really happening, which I could not accomplish because of my medical condition.

The courtrooms were medically unsafe for me and I could not fully function correctly, still being far too weak physically from my August 11, 2018 injury and further compromised by their substantial environmental hazards.

I was not able to even turn the pages in my binder adequately to find my notes in time to follow Duty Counsel's instructions, or answer questions correctly in detail at each appearance.

In preparation, I had written a long document to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) of how I needed special accommodations within the premises. My needs were not taken seriously upon my arrival. I asked for an adjournment due to lack of a safe environment for me and I was denied.


Image Credit: The Radio Frequency Spectrum Machine Learning A New Wave in Radio Technology 

There were two wireless networks in use and a separate series of modems on the ceilings for each. People are allowed to use their cell phones in the hallways and there is no recognition of their danger.

On top of that, an outside contractor had placed a scent distributor in the Ladies' washrooms, not adhering to the policy shown on signage that declared the premises to be scent-free.

My symptoms overcame me to a certain extent, but it was either disregarded or invisible to all those around me that I could not adequately cope. 

Rescued by Friends

After losing my home and half my possessions that I had collected for their suitability to meet my clean environment medical requirements, my closest friends have taken me into their own environmentally safe homes, helped with money, camping equipment, sharing hearty fresh organic vegan meals and whatever they could do until now, as I very slowly restored my wellness to the level I have today.


My Friends Have Provided For Me Up Until Now, Throughout  all the Adversity and Aftermath

My best friends have assisted me, seeing that I was well enough to stay at home while knowing that my body knew what to do to slowly get well. They also helped with the correct advice before I met with Duty Counsel, who independently verified the path I was to follow.

Here is one example of adversity. The landlord had falsely blamed me for things that went wrong in the house, when I was not responsible.

An incident that was  purported to my alleged wrong doing is when the tree roots at the front of the property grew and blocked the plumbing pipe going from the house to the street. I found the plumber's report in the landlord's filed evidence. 

This picture is a portion of the report, a hand-drawn diagram of where the problem was located, below ground level, outside my front window.


The first thing that happened in this incident is the washing machine overflowed when the lady on the top floor was using it one evening. I heard the commotion in the common area and for self-protection did not open my front door. 

The next thing I knew was that my toilet would not flush correctly. The fumes from the toilet were overwhelming for me on top of all else. Throughout the evening, I kept plunging and pouring hot water down the toilet every few hours, continuing throughout the first half of the night when I ought to be sleeping and had the toilet almost freed by the time the landlord and his plumber arrived the next day. Then I discovered what had happened the previous night. I thought I was just about an hour or two away from breathing normal air, by getting my toilet bowl unplugged.


Misrepresentations Leading to Aftermath in My Life

My landlord had manufactured numerous legal misrepresentations, which were later admitted to me off the record by his paralegal that they were entirely intended to mislead authorities in order to avoid being held accountable in the future for his Human Rights violations. This paralegal  confessed her strategy to me after all other parties had left the room at the last Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) Hearing. Did my landlord commit PERJURY?

After the landlord's paralegal left, I retrieved my binder of evidence from the adjudicating Member's desk that I had submitted and had never been heard. It had never even been opened to look at my side of the case, or collected to be considered later. My landlord had new evidence admitted. Why was mine ignored?

My landlord had refused mediation earlier in the day. Then his paralegal used up most of the presentation time. We were the last case to be heard before the end of the day.

When the next order came out, it said that the letters of medical evidence that had never been heard were missing. I had made sure that all the evidence was on file with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) under my correct file number. I had four letters from my family doctor and two from a medical doctor specialist who I had seen previously showing how substantial my medical needs are.

In addition, I had a report from a medical professional expert witness who teaches Continuing Medical Education (CME) and it was not considered. It had been filed and accepted as evidence at the first Hearing.

No one was willing to listen and understand reality.

However, I was able to correct the false claim of rent arrears because it was indisputable after I had filed my honoured cheques. 

My friends cannot help with loans of adequate funds any more.

I know which is worse - choosing between the original almost fatal injury and the aftermath of the legal battle to remove my housing which is a medical necessity of life for me.  BY FAR - THE AFTERMATH


Occasionally Coughing

When the  pandemic protocols first started, I was concerned that it might be misinterpreted, if I happened to cough when I was in a public place. Fortunately I did not. Now I seldom cough, unless exposed to a toxin, although I still feel the lingering effects of the mould in my lungs, combined with my preexisting conditions.


How Hazards in My Life Became This Serious: 

Toxic Exposures in Childhood of Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke, Toxic Cleaning Products in the Home and X-Rays



In my childhood I had second-hand tobacco smoke exposures in my home and seriously felt it hurt me then. Little did I know how it would negatively impact my entire adult life.


Toxic Cleaning Products and Pesticide in the Home

In addition, toxic cleaning products and pesticides were used in my home. One example was the vertical no-pest strip hung in the corner of my basement bedroom. 


Image credit: Shell No Pest Strip 

This product, which vaporized a nerve poison 24 hours a day, was too powerful for me.


My Body Fought Back to Cleanse

When I was little, my eyes crusted over at night and my mom would wake me with a wet warm washcloth in the mornings to permit me to open my eyes. Next, before the age of 5 years old, I lost my tonsils in surgery so that they could no longer show symptoms of working so hard to set my body right.



I received repeated lengthy X-Ray exposures of my feet, each time I needed larger shoes, with a Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope. I remember looking through the side viewer and seeing my bones lit up as bright green images as soon as I was tall enough to peer in.

52322590_1604939172485210_r.jpegImage credit: Vintage Shoe Fitting X Ray Machines Will Zap Your Feet 

At age 11, I was taken for numerous orthodontic X-Rays. I cried inconsolably hard afterwards, because of the terror of my head held tight with metal stabilizers in my ears for X-Rays, without any explanation in advance of what the technician was going to do to me.

Later I knew my body had changed forever.


Salk Oral Vaccine at School

In 1962, I participated in a medical procedure in school, Oral Poliovirus Vaccines (OPV),  that has been discontinued today because of the administration of an attenuated (weakened) live Polio virus. 

'OPV is no longer recommended or available in Canada because most cases of paralytic polio from 1980 to 1995 were associated with OPV vaccine.' Poliomyelitis Polio For health professionals 


"Not Possible"

In the spring after receiving so many dental X-Rays and the Salk Oral Vaccine, my school nurse examined me and told me that my newly discovered serous decline in vision was not possible because she herself had examined me last September.


Radioactive Disc the Size of a Quarter from Bruce Nuclear Generating Station 

During Grade 11, being keen on sciences, I sat in the front row of my Physics class. My teacher performed a lesson with a radioactive disc the size of a quarter from Bruce Nuclear Generating Station. At the time, I was wondering if the radioactivity from it would affect me. Back then nuclear science kits were used in schools.

Monthly pain arose, at the beginning of each feminine cycle. The ovary is particularly susceptible to radiation damage. Once it was so excruciating that I had to be sent home. Was my pain caused by the nuclear radiation exposure?


External Toxic Causation

In my teen years, my manifestations went unrecognized as external toxic causation when I could not waken early in the mornings to go to school and experienced other severe symptoms. My situation had deteriorated from earlier years when the main indication something was not right then was frequent nose-bleeds.

In my early 30s I starting learning about natural methods of wellness. I realized that I still could not tolerate dairy products and began a life-long  exploration to find what methods of care work best for me.


My Friends Have Provided For Me Up Until Now

My best friends have coached me back to life and helped with correct advice when the landlord blamed me for everything that went wrong in the house. He manufactured legal misrepresentations, which were later admitted to me off the record by his paralegal that they were entirely intended to mislead authorities in order to avoid being held accountable in the future for his Human Rights violations. My landlord's legal counsel had successfully confused the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) adjudicating Members and higher court Justices. 

I have special needs for medically correct environmentally safe housing and have exhausted all my funds. I had saved first and last months rent money for a low budget apartment. I used it all up and more during the pandemic to take care of my immediate safety needs as best as I could.

My ideal housing would be free of Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation wireless communication signals and the household wiring would be balanced with capacitors to neutralize Dirty Electricity. I also require a scent-free place. Ecological housing could be an exact fit.

For the last decade I have been voluntarily serving my community of those exposed to serious and immediate danger from wireless electricity. It really includes all Life, all of Nature and structures on the Planet. All of God's Creation is threatened.

Please see : StayOnTheTruth.


I would highly appreciate your assistance for rental and food financial stability for 4 months, from now until spring.

If you cannot donate you may consider if you could leave me an encouraging comment and also share my story.

Thank you for your kindness.


© Dianne Knight, 2020


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