Enlightened Life Pilgrimage Festival

A call to join the pilgrimage of the ages - the first Kumbh Mela of America

Be a part of the first-ever Kumbh Mela pilgrimage to be held outside of India! Gather with saints and sadhus from as they meet the shamans of the First People Tribes on sacred land near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What is the Enlightened Life Pilgrimage Festival?

Since ancient times, the saints and sages of the Himalayan mountain range have journeyed to the Kumbh Melas of India. These holy people travel to one of four sacred sites every 12 years to receive the divine nectar of wisdom, consciousness and awakened life. Millions of  spiritual seekers make the pilgrimage with them in order to receive their blessings and get a taste divine life.

Now these nomadic sadhus are coming to North America - a historic movement that marks the first time the Himalayan saints will leave India to make pilgrimage to the West. This landmark convergence, foretold in Native American tribal prophecies, amplifies the call to higher life that was first brought to the western world by leaders of the eastern dharma such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ram Dass and Yogi Bhajan.

On September 17-21, 2020, at the Enlightened Life Pilgrimage Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you will get the chance to meet Siddhas, yogis, yoginis, tribal elders, mystics and holy people from around the world as they gather to raise sacred energies to create enlightened life on earth. You will be a part of the pilgrimage of the ages that will initiate the next wave of conscious awakening, change the course of human destiny and regenerate Mother Earth.

You will experience the sacred rites of timeless traditions, performed in the central temple by initiates, priests, medicine people and pujaris. You will dance, chant, pray and meditate, make sacred offerings, join in fire ceremonies and get filled with the spirit of enlightened life on earth.

Message from the sadhus about the pilgrimage

Previous generations have witnessed the arrival of gurus, siddhas and sages in north America and throughout the western world. These dharma leaders left an enduring legacy of yoga, meditation and conscious transformation. Their journey to the west changed western culture dramatically and opened the gateways for the arrival of the coming pilgrims who represent the next wave in the spiritual evolution of the west.

This is the Sadhus' message about the purpose of the holy pilgrimage to Santa Fe, New Mexico:

"You have shifted consciousness and integrated wisdom in many ways. Yoga, meditation and higher awareness have integrated into your western lifestyle. Now, it is time to apply the fruits of your practice to create enlightened life on earth.

Enlightened living directs your awareness, practice and devotion to restore harmony with Mother Earth, and to live in a new way that cares for nature, water, earth and sky with conscious awareness and love.

We invite wisdom teachers, shamans, sages and spiritual masters from around the world to meet with us in the Temple of Enlightened Life and join us in our intentions on behalf of the global family of humanity and for the sake of the earth.

We honor the tribal first-nations people who have forever held this message and vision for Mother Earth. Through generations of struggle they have steadfastly held the path and now their wisdom comes to the fore as a blessing to all humankind.

We invite everyone to come to Santa Fe, at the southern end of the Sangre de Christo mountain range, the Himalayas of North America. This sacred place is the vessel where the special energies of these holy peaks are collected and held. Bring your loved ones and friends and meet us there September 17-21, 2020."

We invite you to bring your loved ones and friends to receive the blessings of the saints and enter our village of enlightened life. Please join us to learn, grow and expand your vision for a future filled with wisdom, conscious family life, earth-healing lifestyles, enlightening music and arts, sustainable culture and the attainment of a long and vibrant life.

We need your help

We are bringing a first-ever pilgrimage of sages from India to the United States. A lot of administration and preparation is required for this to manifest.

Our team has already traveled to India and is working to help the sadhus get their passports and visas. Securing the travel documents with the government of India will take financial resources and on-the-ground staff.

Our pilgrimage team will return to India for to help our local volunteers prepare the sadhus for the journey. They will need clothing and shoes in addition to their airline tickets. We have a local travel agency in India that will help with them travel from their sacred locations throughout Tamil Nadu to the international airport in Chennai to begin their journey to the west.  At the sadhus' pilgrimage camp, we will need tents for sleeping, cooking and a central structure for holy gatherings.   

From the beginning, we have realized the importance of this first-ever journey of the sadhus outside of India. We have an experienced film maker and a plan to capture the sadhus as they leave India, arrive in the U.S. and begin their observance of the pilgrimage in Santa Fe. The result will be a feature length documentary film about this historic pilgrimage of the saints. The film will be released at a later date for a film festival tour, as well as a digital release. It will also be available for screenings at North American Hindu Temples, ashrams and spiritual communities.

Prasad for Donors -

Blessed objects and sacred ceremonies at Enlightened Life Temple

$54 Japa Mala Prayer Beads from India
$108 Prosperity Puja for you, your family and business
$216 Siddha Homa Fire Ceremony
$360 Deity statue for your home altar
$500 Puja with deity of choice - Shiva, Vishnu, Laxshmi, Skanda, Ganesha, Tara

Southwestern U.S. Hindu Temples Pilgrimage Tour 

Bring the sadhus to your temple! The sadhus pilgrimage tour will be available after the main event ends to travel to Hindu Temples in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and southern California. Sponsor the tour and host the saints in your temple community. 

$10,000 - 25,000 to Host the Sadhu Pilgrimage Tour at your temple

Tickets and passes to the Enlightened Life Festival & Kumbh Mela Pilgrimage, Oct 17-21 2019

All GoFundMe donors who donate the amounts below will receive the corresponding ticket(s): 

$850 ------ (2) VIP Reception Tickets (only 100 available)
$1,000 ---- (2) 4-Day, General Admission Passes 
$1,500 ---- (2) 4-Day General Admission Tickets + (2) VIP Opening Reception Tickets (only 50 available)
$3,000 ---- (2) 4-Day, Pilgrimage Festival Passes with (2) VIP Opening Reception Tickets (only 50 available)
$4,000 ---- (2) 4-Day Pilgrimage Festival Passes with (1) VIP Festival Glamping Tent (only 15 available)
$5,000 ---- (4) 4-Day Pilgrimage Festival Passes with (2) VIP Glamping Tents (only 15 available)
$6,000 ---- (6) 4-Day Pilgrimage Festival Passes, (2) VIP Opening Reception Tickets, (2) VIP Glamping Tents  (only 10 available)
$10,000 and up ---- receive (8) 4-Day General Admission Passes, (4) VIP Opening Reception Tickets,  Special seating in the central temple and music venue and acknowledgment as a Premier Supporter in the Printed Program Guide (only 10 available) - or a custom bonus of your choice.

Who are we?

The festival is produced by the Enlightened Life Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 non-profit, spiritual organization. Enlightened Life is an international temple of consciousness, founded in 1997 by Jyoti Ma, who began the spiritual path as a western mystic, and eastern yogi, Prince Hirindra Singh, to share the collective wisdom of the most powerful enlightenment traditions. The temple is a rich resource for effective techniques and practices that nourish life’s journey with healing, higher awareness, enduring peace and life-sustaining earth wisdom. The temple also has a special focus on supporting indigenous culture and native spiritual life.

Jyoti Ma facilitated the expansion of the temple’s vision by spending several years in India training in the Sanatana Dharma, with various masters and gurus in the yogic paths of conscious awakening, including the traditions of Kundalini, Tantra and Advaita Vendanta. She has spent time in sacred homa and puja with Sri Karunamayi at her ashrams and temples in India and in the U.S. for many years. She journeyed to the Himalayan ranges where she met and spent time with Siddha master, Sri Hari Baba. At her initiation into the Siddha Yoga of Tirumular, she received the name Jyoti Ma, which represents the fire of spirit that is the core essence of spiritual life.

Through the parampara of Sri Tirimular, the famous saint of Tamil Nadu, Jyoti Ma received guidance and direction to initiate the first Kumbh Mela pilgrimage to North America. With the support of the Siddha Sangha of Enlightened Life temple, she is overseeing the movement of essential wisdom and spiritual energy from east to west. Her primary disciple, Prema Sagara, an accomplished yogic practitioner, temple sangha leader and conscious entrepreneur, is the Chief Executive Officer for the Enlightened Life Pilgrimage Festival.

Our core pilgrimage team also includes:

Chief of Logistics and Security - Paul Franco is a native tribal leader with Karankawa Apache and Mayan ancestry. He is a military veteran with expertise in security, planning and logistics. Paul has a passion for off-grid living and is the owner of Base Camp Tierra del Sol in Terlingua, Texas. He is an advocate for raising human consciousness and protecting the treasures of nature, water, air and Mother Earth.

Website and Content Management - Sangha member Adi Turiya, disciple and adept in the Integral Yoga tradition of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Adi will serve as the aide-de-camp to the Saddhus both in India and in the U.S., escorting and attending them at all times during the pilgrimage. He will look after their spiritual and material well-being as well as making sure they have whatever is needed as their sacred mission unfolds.

Social Media, Marketing and Content Management - Mayuri Ma is a member of our temple sangha whose dedicated soul purpose is the salvation and regeneration of Mother Earth. She is deeply involved in reforestation, a natural extension of her devoted practice as a Siddha yogini.

Filmmaker - Jess T. Johnston is an expert artist who has devoted his passion to making creative and engaging films for non-profit causes. Jess is passionate about spirituality, natural living, native culture and restoring balance to Mother Earth by raising human awareness. https://thedford-film.com

Where will the pilgrimage happen?

The festival will be held at the sacred Pecos River Valley, near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Each day of the event, the Himalayan Sadhus will join their counterparts from around the world in the central temple. A limited number of campsites are also available at the Sadhu’s pilgrimage camp.

The Sangre de Christo mountain range of northern New Mexico is known to the yogis as the Himalayas of the North America.  New Mexico, known as the Land of Enchantment, is home to numerous sacred sites including tribal lands, pueblos and magnificent, natural earth cathedrals. The City of Santa Fe and the Northern New Mexico Pueblos are world leaders in sustainable perma-culture, conscious culture and spiritual life. In northern New Mexico you will find an abundance of biodynamic farms, off-grid lifestyles and a variety of ashrams and temples.

In this sacred place, tribal leaders will receive the Himalayan saints for their first pilgrimage outside of their native lands. The Sanatana Dharma of Mother India will unite with the earth conscious traditions of the indigenous nations for four days of holy rites, pilgrimage and prayer. In their presence, in this holy place, participants will sing, dance, chant, hold ceremony, meditate, offer puja and gather around the sacred fires to initiate the wave of consciousness that brings about enlightened life on earth.

Why we are seeking help…

We are bringing a first-ever pilgrimage of sages from India to the United States. A lot of administration and preparation is required for this to manifest.

Our first step was our journey to India in March 2019 to begin the process of selecting the sages, most of whom don’t even have identification cards or birth certificates. We will need to return in November 2019 to beging the process of securing the travel documents with the government of India and the US Group Visas, which will take time, financial resources and on-the-ground staff.

Our pilgrimage team will journey to India again in early September 202 to support the sadhus as the embark on their first-ever airplane journey to begin their pilgrimage to the U.S. 

In addition - we plan to capture this historic pilgrimage on video as part of making a documentary film about the sadhus journey. The film will be released at a later date for a film festival tour, as well as a digital release.

What are you funding? (Total cost, and breakdown expenses)

$108,000 is our preliminary goal. We are seeking the following -

$40,000 Round trip air travel from US to India for our pilgrimage team
$16,000 In-country transportation, food, lodging, local guides and translators for our team 
$20,000 Local consultants to secure identification and travel documents for the sages
$20,000 In-country film crew, permits and rental equipment
$60,000 Film director and production services
$20,000 Passports, Visas and clothing for the sadhus
$30,000 Round trip airfare for the sadhus, translators and cultural advisors
$40,000 Site rental in the Pecos Valley
$50,000 Coach transportation for the sadhus North American travel, food trailer, equipment trailer

How you can participate

Plan your pilgrimage now, and sign up to receive an Invitation to the Pilgrimage  

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