ENKI - EP Release & more

ENKI is a Manchester-based modern jazz quartet. Harrison Perkins, Sam Davies, Dan Lawrence and David Hoffmann met during their studies  at The University of Manchester in November 2018 and after a couple months developing a repertoire, they played their debut gig at Soup Kitchen Manchester on May 12th, 2019. 

Exactly one year later, we release our first EP with MSC Records on May 13th, 2020.

ENKI - The Keppel Road Session 

And this is where YOU come in! 

Other than our own energy, time and creativity, resources of all kinds from friends and collaborators flowed into this production. Many of which we would like to compensate in a more adequate manner, which however was not possible with the initial funds at hand. 

Sharing a similar faith with many artists around the world, our July 2020 Tour to Luxembourg, Germany and France has been cancelled. We not only lost an opportunity to share our music with many audiences, but also the extra income from some very prestigious gigs, we were able to organise. 

This crowdfunding campaign's first priority is to cover the costs we already have incurred. However should YOU manage to leave us with some extra cash, we will use this to jump start the production of a full album. We have the creative material  and we’re gathering resources already!

Thank YOU for your support! 

Ps: We hope that we can recognise that support with some live concerts asap! 

Harrison Perkins - saxophone
Sam Davies - piano/keyboards
Dan Lawrence - bass 
David Hoffmann - drums 


Joshua Mellard - production (MSC Records founder) 
Benjamin West - recording & mixing engineer  (MSC Records) 

Peter Maher - mastering engineer 

Emily Kiely - artwork


David Hoffmann

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