End NYC Police Abuse With An ECRB



Our campaign seeks to hold abusive police accountable for their actions by creating an elected board that would have discipline power and work with an elected Independent Prosecutor. Your donation will help us build public support for the Community POWER Act .  

THE PROBLEM: In NYC, most victims of police abuse who file complaints with the current review board realize it's a dead end. The CCRB consists of people appointed by the city and police with no incentive to hold the NYPD accountable. And the Police Commissioner routinely overrules the CCRB's recommended decisions, preventing justice from being served.

An analysis by the New York Times  found that the NYPD has reduced or rejected recommendations for stiff discipline of officers in about 71% of 6,900 serious misconduct charges. Out of the 4,475 civilian complaints in 2018, not a single officer was fired

The system is heavily biased against the majority of civilians, people of color, youth and the poor, and the current CCRB can't and won't protect us.

OUR SOLUTION: An Elected Civilian Review Board.

The ECRB would be made up of everyday citizens  concerned about police abuse who are elected by their peers to represent their neighborhoods, rather than being appointed behind closed doors by people who seek to protect the police department. Along with an elected Special Prosecutor, the ECRB would discipline and prosecute abusive police officers and hold the entire NYPD accountable.

Campaign members have worked hard to write a powerful draft of this legislation, and we've made the critical step of finding a key sponsor, City Council member Inez Barron. Inez has pledged to fight to pass this powerful reform, but in order to get a veto-proof number of city council member's votes, we need to keep building big public pressure. That's where your hard-earned dollars will help!

The democratically organized campaign for this review board is 100% grassroots-- meaning there are no big grants or foundations funding our work. This means that the campaign is independent and beholden only to the communities who need this reform. This also means we need all the financial help we can get.

Your donation is critical to amplifying the voice of this campaign and making this vital reform happen. The money we are raising with this GoFundMe campaign will be used throughout the life of the ECRB campaign for outreach materials such as brochures, web hosting and maintenance costs, social media advertisement, legal assistance with the legislation we are drafting, as well other expenses that may arise such as hiring security or obtaining permits for events, rental for meeting spaces, etc. We thank you for supporting this movement towards towards a safer, more just New York City, and invite you to participate!

-volunteer with our campaign by filling out this form 

-send a prewritten letter to your council member  to let them know this is important to you

-follow our Instagram feed to keep informed about what we're working on and help spread the word

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