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Microbial Transplant

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For the past 10+ years I've been battling with what many doctors just put down to as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). However noone has been able to give me a definite diagnosis or reasoning as to all of the other secondary issues I've had on top of the discomfort from my gut.

Chronic inflammation, allergic reactions, breakouts, hormonal issues, severe food intolerances. Nothing of which has been able to be relieved no matter what extreme diet or supplement or new therapy I've tried.

Thousands of dollars spent on various specialists and tests and new fad foods or whatever the doctors swear will work, with no results. Instead, My symptoms are worsening. Many of my friends know my bathroom habits (or lack of), but it's the constant emotional strain, battling with depression, embarrassment, feeling isolated, a burden, the mental fog, self consciousness, and many other unpleasant feelings along with that of feeling as though my organs are expanding and pushing outwards until my stomach will soon burst.

In recent months I have now discovered the cause of all of this, and it is slowly becoming better recognised around the world. I have a rather extreme case of microbial dysbiosis. Meaning that of the thousands of different strains of bacteria in our body, some good some bad, mine are completely out of balance. I have literally no traces of 2 really important types of bacteria, and and overgrowth of many bad and dangerous types. Those of which have been linked to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgi, anxiety, depression, leaky gut syndrome, memory loss, brain fog, the list goes on...

I have attempted numerous diets and pumped myself full of probiotics, with no result. Apparently they stand no chance with the 'super bugs' that now reside in my gut. There is a treatment available, and brace yourselves, it's not pleasant. It's called a Faecal Microbial Transplant. Yes, in simple terms its taking someone else's poo and putting it up your behind! Pretty confronting, but if you'd experienced what I have and for as long as I have you'd understand that I'm totally open to the idea (literally!) 

I've been researching it more and more, and the treatment has been proven to cure some of the most life threatening bowel conditions including ulcerative collitis and Crohn's disease. It is now also undergoing clinical trials to see if it can help people with obesity after one person who had a transplant started putting on weight which they then linked back to the donor who had weight problems. Now it is being studied to see if it can work the opposite way as they are linking gut bacteria levels to BMI. I'm telling you, this is amazing stuff! It's honestly a break through treatment, and I urge you to look into it more yourself.

I had previously listed the details of the clinic performing the procedure for me. However as my gofund me page has recently had some media attention I have removed it to save the clinic getting an influx of calls from writers. If anyone is considering having the treatment and would like the details of my specialist I am happy to provide you with them privately.

Anyway, unfortunately the treatment is not free (unless you're game to try your own home version of it... No doubt everyone will shudder at that thought!). Over the past 10 years I've lost track of how much money I've spent trying to resolve all of this. At least $10k for sure. Never would I expect or ask for any financial support, and I feel bad knowing there are so many people out there worse off than me. But I'm currently a student and barely scraping by as it is. And I just received the news that this transplant is going to cost me in excess of $5000. The earliest I can book in is just after Easter, April 18th, and it could not come soon enough! I'm sick of being in pain and discomfort, of all the other health conditions that have developed as a result. I have such bad inflammation in both of my shoulder joints that I can't live my hands up over my head. I'm 29, not 79! I've had oral cortisone and numerous injections with no results. I've tried hyperbaric chamber treatments, acupuncture, Western and alternative therapies. You name it, I've pretty much done it all and for so many different injuries/conditions not just my gut. It appears it's all linked and I'm desperate to get back to a normal life. 

Aside from my own personal circumstances, I am super excited about having this treatment done to experience first hand whether it works. I have so much wrong with me it almost seems impossible. But science is an amazing thing and it's incredible what we are learning is possible. For anyone else out there that is in a similar situation with no explanation as to why something is wrong with them, this could be the answer and I want to be able to share my success with everyone who may also benefit. It's a pretty extraordinary concept!

I'd planned to make this a funny spiel, so many poo jokes and puns to be said... But once I started writing this it just reminded me how desperate I am and how serious this is to me. 

I need your help, every little bit helps. I won't be able to thank you all enough. But hopefully even getting the word out to more people about this breakthrough in the medical industry will benefit so many people around the world. And one day in the near future maybe this treatment will become covered by health care so more people can live a better life.

I know it seems weird, and extreme, and gross. But I know I have an abundance of outrageously good friends, and there's many more incredible and generous people out there too. If 100 people donated $20 I'm almost halfway there. Even less would be greatly appreciated and everyone's generosity means the world to me.

Thankyou all for taking the time to read this, and contributing whatever you can. Much love to you all!

Peace and love,

Em :)


Em Emski Ferguson
Brunswick VIC

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