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Dear friends and family, 

First of all, thank you for your supportive and loving presence in my life. I am truly grateful for each of you.

As most of you know I have been busy this past year focusing on building my business of private yoga instruction and thai yoga massage. I have been so inspired by my clients and the work we've done together.

What is most profound to me about this work is being able to offer the gift of a sacred time carved out to pause, slow down, be in the body, and spend high quality time with yourself, especially in a city that demands so much of us and spreads us so thin. 

This summer I intend to raise my expertise and enhance what I offer by diving into some professional development with two trainings under esteemed instructors:

-Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Practicing Surrender and Receptivity with Corina Benner at Integral Yoga

-SomaVeda Thai Yoga Training & Retreat with Elizabeth Gross and Alex Ryberg in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Upon completing these trainings, I'll want to put my new knowledge and skills right to work and will need as many bodies to work with as I can are reading this because I thought of you as someone that I would love to spend time with and share my healing work with. I'll finish both trainings by September, but if you can't wait  that long I have appointments available as soon as July.

In the spirit of funding my education creatively and supporting the wellbeing of my community, I'd love to offer you my services and their many benefits at a discounted rate. See below for some options, which include opportunities to work with me remotely or in person.


-You are welcome to re-gift sessions to someone who may appreciate it! Just introduce us via e-mail.

**For ANY donation amount (listed here or not) I will include a handwritten postcard thanking you from the Thai Yoga training in Costa Rica**


PRIVATE YIN YOGA - I have been teaching this profound movement art for over a year now. Yin yoga is a unique form, likely to feel vastly different from any other yoga you've encountered. You'll slow down and spend 3-5 minutes passively sinking into postures that target the connective tissue. Yin yoga is loved for its accessibility to most bodies, slow pace, and meditative quality. A private yin yoga session is a wonderful opportunity to receive thoughtful personalized instruction, get a deep "stretch", slow down your busy body, and slip into a stiller, quieter place in the mind. 

SOMAVEDA THAI YOGA "MASSAGE"- I fell in love with "thai yoga," often nicknamed "thai massage" when I first studied it in 2012. Surely unlike any other type of massage you have ever received, thai massage is often described as "yoga for lazy people" because the receiver essentially has yoga "done to them" without moving a muscle. Thai massage blends assisted stretching (including twists, backbends, and hip openers), accupressure, and energy balancing. Benefits include releived muscular tension and joint inflammation, improved circulation, boosted immune system, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Our session will leave you with a lasting feeling of relaxation and spaciousnes in the body.

Here's a few testimonials to my work:

“I wanted to create a sacred time for self care; to re-engage with my yoga practice after a 10 year hiatus; work toward fitness and flexibility goals with first priority being quiet time and stretch. Emily has been great about meeting me where I am. We change the practice based on life factors. Her intuition and listening has helped us achieve this and make the most of the time. Emily is intuitive, caring, skillful and hands-on with her teaching. She is adaptable and knowledgeable, meeting me where I am in spirit and practice. She is committed to helping me meet my goals and flexible along the way.” Anne D., private client

“Emily teaches such a great class. She has a very strong and nurturing presence. I was so happy to learn some new yin yoga poses from her. I wish I could take her class more regularly!” Andy C, workshop participant

"My first class with Emily I had one of the most profound and unexpected peak spiritual experiences of my life. As she guided me deeper into a posture, tears of bliss began to flow down my face and I was transported to a state of consciousness in which I could feel directly the divinity behind every person, object and moment. It was a deep reassurance that life itself was conspiring in my favor, that the future was going to be more beautiful than I could ever imagine and that this incredible and loving life was simply a preview for the wonderous adventure that awaits after "death". It was as if every cell in my body relaxed a bit with this newly recovered truth. A somatic imprint that has been with me ever since. I've found myself more willing to create, to love, to play and to face challenges. Emily is a treasure and anyone luckily enough to work with her will be forever transformed." - Anthony, group class attendee 


*Appointments are available July - November 2017

* To schedule: once you have donated, e-mail me at [email redacted] *

*Sessions take place in your home / at Reflections Yoga on E. 24 st / or at a studio near you*


My goal of $4,000 will help me cover:

$495 Yin yoga teacher training with Corina Benner at Integral Yoga

$1,750 Thai Yoga level 2 training with Elizabeth Gross and Alex Ryberg at Samasati Retreat in Costa Rica

$550 Costa Rica travel expenses

$1,205 estimated cost of business loss while in training
  • Erel Pilo 
    • $50 
    • 57 mos
  • Kyle Brown 
    • $25 
    • 58 mos
  • Andy Chen 
    • $125 
    • 58 mos
  • Christine Burke 
    • $250 
    • 58 mos
  • Brandi Vaughan 
    • $5 
    • 59 mos
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Emily Sussell 
Brooklyn, NY