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Emilia has served the community since 1975

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I would like to start off by saying it took a lot of thinking, to start a GoFoundMe. Today I felt the positive energy to do so. My story goes back to the early 1980s. I would take walks with my mother from East Riverdale over to KFC when it was located on Gerrard at Broadview. There was a women who would always say hello and make me laugh. I always asked my mother is the "funny lady working today?" Her name is Emilia. She started working at KFC in 1975. With that location closing later years she continued her work ethic at current location on Pape Avenue. Many of you from the community probably shared the good spirit she certainly sends out with a smile. As I grew a little older, there was moments when I haven't visited KFC for some grub in sometime. She always remembered who I was, most likely many of us. Emilia shows courage and commitment. Dedication, the joy she has brought to many faces. Giving back, Not only giving back. But being able to do this for someone who has been outstanding over the numerous years of serving. With the donations and goal set. She will be able to care for herself,  pay bills, care for her health, rent / home payments and to continue being an amazing person. We all have been dealing with the challenges of Covid 19 being difficult. Let's all stay safe.


The focus of the founds donated will be to organize transportation. So Emilia can have a easy way to get around over the months forward as a senior. The relief of bills, having rent and other in home bills covered for the time forward, for someone working hard during the pandemic, this will ease much stress and allow a peace of mind. Health is another important thing,  founds will be going towards organizing personal care appointments along with a quality supply of PPE, Emilia has never had a cell phone before. A easy to use phone of her choice, will be set up with out a bill to worry about over a traction of time, to continue a safe journey during Covid 19 

Last but not least, THANK YOU ALL. To everyone who took the time to read the story, share personal memories in the comments, the great words you've all shared is appreciated, I have taken the time to make sure to read them all to Emilia. Finally a warm thanks to YOU ALL AGAIN. The donations received,  just shows how as a community, city, country. we can all make a difference. small or big. Continue the energy 

A little about myself and my relationship with Emilia , it is great. As you've read in my story. She has always been around. We have become friends, someone to always enjoy a hello from. Someone to look over and make sure the day's are well. Growing up in Toronto my entire life. I've always been apart of making a difference in the community. I think it's important to give the time and faith towards good deeds. I had the chance to be apart of Organizations, Such as "The National Students Commission" and Camps as a kid / teen, that allowed me to learn about community service, being a leader and making a difference. 

Thanks to all the Major MEDIA outlets in Toronto / Canada for reaching out and covering the story



Jason Schweitzer
East York, ON

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