Emerson needs emergency surgery

Emerson has to have urgent surgery and I need help.  He has multiple bladder stones and sediment that are causing him pain, restricting his ability to pee, and could kill him if a large stone blocks his urethra. Some history on Emerson: He was rescued on 12/19/15 at just a day old with his mom Princess and his 9 siblings.

Sadly at just 2 weeks old, their mom showed signs of the distemper virus. One by one the pups got sick. By week 4 we had lost 4 of the 10 puppies along with the foster family. The 6 surviving pups came to my (Holli’s) house, where they were given round the clock care in an effort to save their lives. By God’s grace, a lot of supplements, home cooking, hand feeding, constant care, the remaining 6 puppies survived.
At 5 weeks old, Emerson and Baby started having neurological symptoms (tremors and seizures). We found a vet in Texas who performed a spinal tap treatment to kill the virus and off to Texas we went. The other 4 puppies went to another foster home and one by one they were all adopted. To date they are all happy, healthy, and much loved family members in their forever homes.

 Emerson and Baby have remained with me going on 18 months. Given the care they need, people just aren't lined up to adopt them.
I have watched these two pups go through hell and back yet they know no different. They are best friends and just like teen pups they play and play and play .

Emerson began to have bladder issues earlier this year. His symptoms come and go but include pain while peeing, decreased flow, and peeing blood. His urinalysis and cultures were negative and his first of 3 ultrasounds (over 2 months), showed what may have been a stone but the 2nd and 3rd showed nothing. His X-rays showed nothing, so the vet did not have a diagnosis/solution for what was going on with Emerson.
For 3 months, I have treated his symptoms with supportive care but still knew something wasn't right. Unfortunately I don't have the money to do an ultrasound every week, so I drove the vet crazy with emails and calls but no one could tell me what was wrong. It breaks my heart knowing now these stones have been growing inside his little bladder this whole time but also grateful to finally have an answer which took going to an internist who before running a bunch of tests, (thank God), just went right to doing an ultrasound and Bam there they were stones, lots of stones, but worse than the stones was the "sediment " as she called it, otherwise known as tiny slivers of stone that cut like glass that he's been passing through his little pee-pee ..which is why the blood , the pain ,the mood swings ,this poor kid has been passing sediment for months ...
so "an easy fix "she says , I then breathe a sigh of relief ..she then says "he will need surgery” hah jokes on me easy for who ? then the word "critical" as if I didn't know but darn this isn't an easy fix. I need help. Please consider making a tax deductible donation so once again I can save this precious souls life. Every day we wait he suffers and every day we wait we run the risk of blockage or worse one getting stuck.
I don't regret saving him or his sister they deserved to have a chance but I also didn't know 18 months later they would still be with me. I'm all they have, and they see me as mom and my home as theirs as this is all they have known.

The last 18 months  I have done  everything in my power to save them including driving to Texas for treatment , holistic vets in Mexico , physical therapy , acupuncture you name it I have done it . Anything to improve their quality of life after the damage done by the distemper virus. Now to have bladder stones be what may take this little man away.  No he deserves better. Please help Emerson  ! every penny counts and time is not on his side =(

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