Support Raymok to get surgery

Selam.Merhaba. Thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Adyam, i'm a student based in Berlin.

Me and my family are from Eritrea, a country in North-East Africa. Our cousin Raymok is in dire need of support to raise the costs of a life saving surgery.

Raymok is a young woman, mother and teacher, who finds herself in unfavored conditions. Raymok is married and has two kids (3 years and 1 year old). She has been battling with health issues for most of her early life but her situation stabilized in the last years.

About three months ago she suffered from strong headaches and suddenly paralysed on her right side. She the went to the doctor, where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Because access to modern medical care in Eritrea is very limited, the only way to get treatment is to go abroad.

The treatment costs are way beyond her and our means. Coming both from families with little financial means and sending money back home regularly our capacities are limited, that’s why we’re coming to this platform to raise enough money to support Raymok in her endeavour.

Our cousins situation is urgent, her situation is critical and she’s currently in a wheel chair because she’s not able to walk. Her health is decreasing day by day. Her thoughts are constantly with her kids and we hope we’re able to raise enough to make this life saving surgery happen.

What can you do?

Only as community we can make this happen. So that with every donation, big or small we can support Raymok to apply for a Visa and get a surgery as soon as possible. No amount is too small as it brings us closer to the goal. Sharing is caring, so please spread the fundraiser also amongst your family members, friends, communities and networks.

We‘re grateful for every support.


ኣነ ራይሞክ ቃልኣብ ዝተበሃልኩ በዓልቲ ሓዳርን ኣደ 2ቆልዑትን (ወዲ 3ዓመትን ወዲ 1 ዓመትን) ኮይነ ፥ቅድሚ 3 ኣዋርሕ ኣቢሉ ይኸውን ሃንደበት paralayze ኮይነ ናብ ሕክምና ምስ ከድኩ brain tumer ( ናይ ሓንጎል ጥረ)ጌርኪ ተባሂለ ። እዚ ሕማም ኣብ ሃገርና ክሕከም ስለ ዘይክእል ናብ ወጻኢ ሃገር ከይደ ሕክምና ክገብር ሓቢሮምኒ። ናብ ወጻኢ ሃገር ኬድካ ዝግበር ሕክምና ልዕሊ ዓቅመይ ስለ ዝኾነ ማለት ክሳብ $100000 usd ኣቢሉ ዝበጽሕ ስለ ዝኾነ፡ ኩነታት ጥዕናይ ከኣ ካብ መዓልቲ ናብ መዓልቲ እንዳገደደ ይኸይድ ስለ ዘሎ ምእንቲ እዞም 2ህጻናት ቆልዑ ኢልኩም ኣሕዋተይ ዓዓቅምኹም ክትሕግዙኒ ብትሕትና ይልምነኩም።

Please note there’s currently another fundraiser in the US raising for the same case. All support from both campaigns go directly to Raymok. 


Adyam Tesfamariam

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