Elvis Sejdic - Stem Cell Therapy

Elvis Sejdic is our dear close family friends darling 9 year old boy who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2012. Our family and his are very close, closer than any cousin or other family member we know.

Elvis is a happy, soft natured little boy with the biggest of hearts but unfortunately due to his being non-articulate , he finds it near impossible to express and communicate her feelings. His desire to play and engage with other children is also very limited and it’s only his own company that his seems to be settled with and animals. We had planned to get him a guide dog but that dream will have to wait due to the promise of this treatment.

His parents are doing all we can to help promote Elvis' development in every way possible. We have come across a Stem cell therapy that is conducted overseas which can help relieve the symptoms of Autism and improve the everyday function of the body. The Stem Cell is retrieved from one’s own body and re-administered into the spine to promote brain regeneration. Therefore, the chance of the body rejecting it is completely eliminated. This is not a cure, though it can definitely help relieve those symptoms and allow for children such as Elvis an opportunity to experience the best possible life for them on their journey to recovery. This treatment can assist with things such as social awareness, interaction with peers, response to commands, fine motor activity, and both self-stimulatory behaviour and irrelevant speech can also be reduced.

We all hope for him to do this treatment as soon as he can, hence the funds will help us do that as it will support us in paying for the treatment, the travel and the month long accomodation that is necessary. Without help, they may never accumulate enough money to do this or it may be too late.

We have all come to know of this treatment through a friend of ours, who was already supporting another child on this website to gain the same treatment. We have spoken to the other family who has shared their success story with us. We decided to do the same for our little boy.

My own family and I have been heavily involved in Elvis' life since the day he was born and want to use this as an opportunity to raise the necessary funds to ensure Elvis gets the help he needs.

Any contribution that can be made, I know will be greatly appreciated by myself, my husband and our three darling children.

Thank you everyone!
Please help spread the word, even if you can't donate. It would be a great help for us!

All who donate, no matter how much, automatically enter a draw to win a A3 art commission from yours truely! Check out my art and donate:

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