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Elaina's Legacy

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The funds for this campaign are In memory of my daughter Elaina Towery. Even though she has passed away her and I together through her story have been able to help many young women. Those that are battling addiction! Since it is holiday time I am trying to raise funds for those young ladies who need a place for the holidays, need a warm meal, a gift to show them that someone cares. Most importantly I’m trying to help a young woman secure housing before the holidays to get her children back. She has been clean, working towards her career and has her own transportation. At this time in her life she is just finally behind the 8 ball. Please help Please care!!!

As previewed on Fox 2 News on Monday 8, 14, 17 I had to remove my daughter Elaina Towery from life support due to the tragic opioid crisis affecting our entire Country. My daughter left that day to help a friend and take him to the hospital because he did not have transportation. She attended an AA meeting while her friend was in the ER at noon.  She stayed in contact with me through out the day. The last text coming in at 5:39 pm. " Mom I am sorry you are upset that I have been gone all day my friends Mom is working or else she would have taken him. He has to jump through all these hoops and i am trying to help him. I understand this is your car and I got gas, I just want you to know I am doing the right thing and trust me. You know I am always trying to help people. this wont happen again. I am on my way home."

As hours past my gut instinct kicked in. Later receiving at message through facebook messenger that my daughter was in the ER. Burger king employees found her in cardiac arrest. She went in to use the bathroom is what I was told after 20 minutes her friend found it odd that she did not come out. She was dead for 20 - 25 minutes per the hospital staff. The brian cells start dying after 3 minutes of no oxygen to the Brain. I stayed by herside for 5 long days, along with members of her family. She has spent many
years battling this addiction. She gave up her only son for him to have a better life. I had to choose to take him or save her it was the 2nd hardest decision I have made in my entire life. Before I took her off of life support that evening I promised her that I would for the rest of my life live her Legacy to save others from this deadly disease. If I can save at least one life I am living her dream.


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Cheryl Towery
Genoa Township, MI

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