Teachers Unite

If you have ever wanted wide-spread change - this is the change you've been waiting for. 


Good teachers are special people! They are smart. They want to give their best to their students which will eventually improve society and the world.  That's how it works, right?

But how many teachers are wasting their time? Poor health, poor parenting, unemployment, apathy, and corrupt systems continue to prevent society from achieving its awesome potential.  IT'S  TIME to move forward and construct a system that functions for the people.

Good teachers deserve to see their students succeed. Good teachers deserve recognition. Good teachers deserve far more than they are currently getting. 

We call our teachers Personal Learning Specialist (PLS) - they are highly qualified, highly experienced and have extra skills that complement teaching: mentor/coach/officer/parent/consultant.  THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO!

'Life by Design' aims to unite good teachers who can see the gaps in education systems and can imagine a future of excellence available to all children.

Our team of researchers has dedicated over fifteen years to researching human potential, human spirit, education strategy, systemic structures, technology, and globalisation. We have designed a teaching program that can guarantee that teachers are not wasting their gifts of wisdom, knowledge, leadership, professionalism, cognitive processing skills, inspiration and work ethic.  Designed for participants 13 years and over, all participants select their Personal Learning Specialist based on their qualifications, experiences, location, and network capacity - This way we match up passionate students with passionate teachers. 

Under the guidance of a Personal Learning Specialist - All participants design their education, based on a flexible course program scaffold.
All participants are offered a quality job on completion of the program (This is a system based on 'looping theory.')  We guarantee your education.

Best of all we aim to make learning seriously fun! Passionate teachers can do this.


We require $500,000 over 3 years to finalise our roll out - $55,000 to complete our pilot project. The money will be spent on resources, developing our online presence, mobile app creation and finalising our marketing campaign. 

We have secured $20,000 funding over12 months which leaves a shortfall of $35,000, and we would love the support of the community, please. 

We hope you see value in our objective to sustain jobs and achieve human potential. 


Please forward any questions you may have to [email redacted]

THE SYSTEM EXPLAINED: Education by Design

Have you ever wondered why your country ranks poorly in education, quality of life, economics, industry stability or job satisfaction?
It's because your government is being manipulated to behave a certain way, it's because your government forces you to behave a certain way. The systems of education, health, media, law and many others are broken - we can fix this with the simple innovation of new industries - it really is that easy. We will eventually outgrow the current system and we can show you how to make this happen quickly:

Based on our unique "Open-loop" and "decentralised" education matrix - Every participant designs their education and is guaranteed a long term job -  Our highly experienced and qualified  Personal Learning Specialists help participants every step of the way.

Participants are exposed to quality resources and a global network of support to facilitate travel and real-life experiences. The job of the Personal Learning Specialist is to source the best resources available to you and connect you in with a quality network of support. 

Exodus Management applies world-leading data analysis to evaluate the capability and requirements of every participant.
The primary focus is experiential learning with a 70% exposure to an actual work environment, 20%
mentorship and 10% theory.

Participants may continue to attend a school or can adopt a home-school approach.

There are two ways to complete the course - Self-driven or guided programs: 

Course format:

1.1. Genius skills – Literacy and numeracy, discernment, effective communication, thinking and
understanding, research and development, conflict studies (Self-paced module)
1.2. Rites of Passage – Survival (3-weekends a year) - Life, death and everything in between!
1.3. The Make-up shop – human systems, anxiety, self-reflection (Self-paced module)
1.4. Excursions to the field of interest – international, national and local(Business and pleasure)

2.1. A flexible, outdoor, development program with a focus on health and fitness, risk,
environment, community, self-discipline and adventure (i.e. Duke of Ed, Scouts or Cadets)
2.2. Rave Safe (Includes travel-safe program, party planning, concert safety, risk assessment and excursions)
2.3. STEM (Project-based learning module)
2.4. My E-store e-commerce enterprise – create an income, digital awareness, business basics
and entrepreneurship (10-week part-time course, with ongoing support)
2.5. Consulting, coaching and counselling systems (understanding strategic models and worldly

3.1. T.A.E. – certificate in training and assessment (3-week course)
3.2. "The Moral Code" (Induction – a combination of modes)

4.1. Performing arts and elite training sessions – exercise, expression, talent management
4.2. The Whiteboard Movement (Platform for ongoing learning - Eventually facilitated through
the “My Village” app)
4.3. Specialisation support and networking (Vocational program, Tafe, University, Sport,
Performing Arts etc)

All students receive:

Personal case management
Guaranteed employment after training
Increase literacy and numeracy
Fulfilled curriculum requirements
Access to formal VET and tertiary subjects
Passive income planning 
Project-based learning 
Play-based learning 
Shared resources
Specialised education, training, case management and support from experts in their field
Options to become a Personal Learning Specialist (high income)
Connect with an established global network in 144 countries (and growing)
Significantly increase your health and wellbeing
Authentic experiences
Real opportunity to achieve your potential - an incredible journey of personal exploration
Connection with nature
Travel opportunities
Recognition of prior learning
Reduce stress, worry and anxiety
Learn unpublished concepts, cutting-edge philosophies, incredible personal skills
Learn a moral code that will challenge you and open your mind
Gain access to our secret research and futuristic science
Define a real-life purpose
Subsidised programs and a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Community BENEFITS: 

Shared resources
Networking and collaboration
Reduced homelessness
Reduced mental health issues
Increased quality of life
Reduced conflict
Efficient workers
Accountability and transparency
New systems

Our program is currently endorsed by:

The University of the Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Please visit our website to see our business partners.


Brothers - same mother, same father. Raised and instilled with the same principles; that a person is great because of what they do, not for what they think.

The boys' parents did their best. They had plans but unfortunately, these plans involved lives apart from each other.
So, around the age of thirteen, the boys were set free to become what society desired for them – after five or six years experiencing the hard knox, both in and out of prison, one of them managed to escape the clutch of the hood; crime, drugs, weapons and near death.

The younger brother remained battling his way through a life of seriously difficult obstacles. The older brother, Jim, removed himself from the vexatious environment and chose to become formally educated. He’s a high school teacher now with a passion for community and a keen desire to create a meaningful legacy. He started a not-for-profit research organisation and worked very hard to make life happen on his terms.

Yes, this is me. For a long time now, our parents and two older sisters have lived such divergent lives – I tried to stay in touch and foster what was good, but all I was left with was a bitter and terrible experience.

We continue to live very contrasting lives and fulfill different agendas, but we all do this with the understanding that we strive with the same sense of energy that this world has bred us to harness… My goal was to create the ultimate approach to enhancing people’s lives – I could see gaps in education and economically driven corporations. I needed a system that would satisfy the top and bottom players.

As I communicate with you now, a little over 30years old, I have realised that, as a man, the best I can do is to be a shining light of positive living - none of this holier-than-thou stuff but a genuine hard working beacon of love for my family and friends.

I have attempted to honour my family, friends and my own life by embracing my dreams and combining all my experiences, with my knowledge, and my heart’s desire.

I have created a system that will build a new industry, based on a family model, that will sustain jobs and human wellbeing.

The education system offers guaranteed permanent employment and a sense of belonging to something greater than the self.

We offer individual case management. We offer flexibility. We focus on catering to every student's needs with the purpose of identifying and achieving their potential.

We foster an understanding of the human spirit that no other system explores and we apply the most up to date data to ensure our students succeed in life, as best the environment and resources will allow.

Our program is based on the philosophy called “iSpirit.” It is an education system that facilitates activities for developing a matrix of four key areas: identity, independence, integrity and inspiration. Real-world personalised education based on fun and joy.

The system is available anywhere in the world (with internet access) and targets 13-24 year-olds but welcomes students of any age.

For the past 15 years, our researchers have been identifying and defining the most important aspects of life and success. iSpirit encapsulates the fundamental factors when understanding the human experience  www.thecentreforpeace.com.au 

With your support, we will deliver a revolutionary system that will cater to human potential on a global scale.

Our strategic plan will facilitate “Looping Theory” and “Decentralised Education.” This holistic approach offers a safety net for people to explore their potential with a sense of true freedom.

The catalyst for everything that exists.
From the simplest of inventions to the most complex of scientific discovery.
From the humblest of shelters to the mind-boggling towers of architectural design.
From a single personal belief to the dominating hegemonic systems.
From the ability to take a breath to the greatest achievements of human endeavours.

The truth of all identity.
The strength of independence.
The heart of integrity.
The soul of all that inspires.

The universal element.

Not limited by the human mind nor controlled by human desire, on the contrary,
the single natural component of all things is … Spirit.

Mainstream Schooling = No Job

Several national surveys of students, school leavers, and university graduates have uncovered some startling results.

United Nations data reflects that unemployment in western society is increasing and set to continue to rise.

Jobs are rapidly fading away as they are replaced by technology, more industries struggle, and certain occupations are simply no longer required.

A lack of not-technological innovation and an unrefined approach in the education sector is being blamed for the reduction in real opportunity for young people. The generic approach to curriculum has stifled many potential work opportunities around the world and given rise to a generation of entitlement.

Industry systems are often placed under pressure due to changes and developments within the global industries. Education systems are inefficient in catering for the needs of individuals because the access to resources and accurate information is limited. The current mainstream education systems are buckling under pressure to provide effective education and qualifications for sustainable pathways and the protection of health and wellbeing. After all, life is about living not working.

A significant decrease in university enrolments and an increase in enrolments in vocational training has been caused by the fact that many less-educated people are happier because they are becoming more creative in their approach to employment.
There has been a massive shift towards e-commerce, online transactions and decentralised operations. This is highlighted by the schools incorporating ICTs and STEM as compulsory curriculum subjects.

Technology is in full force and the big money can be found in digital entrepreneurial work, cyber safety and program development – where people make the most of the opportunity at the time and when the bubble pops they move on to the next project. With this approach, people can work minimal hours and become financially secure quite quickly. Although, if people are spending their time in front of a screen – what about their quality of life? Also, are they capitalising on the less educated, poorer,  unfortunate people and causing pain and suffering without even knowing it?

People are generally capitalising from opportunity bubbles in most industries and they are not focussing on sustainable employment for themselves and others.

For example, the significant rise in mental health problems means more pills are made. 

The significant rise in unemployment means wages go down because people are prepared to work for less. 

There are substantial risks in the future of employment because the market is highly competitive, insecure and unstable. It is this way because people do not have access to the abundance of resources that governments and rich people stockpile and release slowly to continue to maintain control over the people.

Since the “Uberisation” of many companies, the creation of “drop-shipping,” “decentralisation” and the exposure to passive income streams the challenge was set for governments to embrace the clean efficient systems that can potentially leave masses of people without the requirement to work.

Whether they are a post-graduate or high school drop-out people today are struggling to find work and those who are employed, struggle to keep their jobs because they are not being taught the skills required to be successful in the “real” world, or the employer does not facilitate a quality work-life balance. This is primarily the fault of the education system.

Examples for Australia:
• Australia is currently ranked 39 out of 41 countries for quality of education (2018 UN data)
• Most schools are provided with a generic curriculum; even though students are individuals
• Large class sizes are a major issue
• Schools are funded by corporations and organisations with an agenda that is not student-centered
• Decisions in school are mostly economically determined not student-based. Schools continue to develop, change, grow, transform - but they become monstrous processing facilities - instead of starting again with a student-centered approach. 
• Staffrooms at most schools become ‘clicky’ and many quality teachers are not appreciated
• Coaches, consultants, and tutors are doing the hard work in developing and refining the skills students did not acquire at school.
• Schools promote the skills that they are attempting to teach – inspiration, determination, resilience, self-discipline, confidence, high-order thinking, life-long learning, excellence, discernment, etc. But are they actually teaching these things?
• Schools are not skilling most students for life, work or their potential.
• Pressures in and around the home prevent people from securing jobs

*I can receive a 100%money back guarantee from Bunnings and Walmart but not for my children's education - something is very wrong about the current systems. 

Research shows that students predominantly obtain work through their family, friends and close relations – some of these positions require higher education and some do not, some of them are positions of purpose and some are dead-end jobs that do not provide quality products and services to our communities. If a student cannot gain employment through their existing network then they must seek to develop relationships with people in the position of power who can give them work, which places pressure on the student to perform and compete in an unfamiliar territory (which many good people struggle with).

Schools currently rely on offers of employment by the community, external providers for employment pathways and/or tertiary entrances to tick their boxes of success. On paper, this looks fantastic and presents a scope of opportunities – So, why can't people secure employment? It could be because many markets and occupations are unstable, insecure, underpaid, competitive, corrupt, meaningless or do not offer a healthy work condition that humans require to sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

The results of our research paint a dull picture for the future of humanity and justify why the “age of entitlement” is upon us. While it is commonly understood that necessary adversity is a requirement for achieving anything in life, it seems the governing systems of human livelihood are expecting young people to experience unnecessary adversity, and simply are not providing the service required to facilitate the best for the people - Forcing people into positions that cause sickness and corruption.

Education institutions are responsible for a large percentage of human interaction. It is vital that they cater to individual learning, exploring opportunity (local and global), inform governing systems and deliver content that will inspire students to define success and be primed for their potential.

However, it’s not entirely the schools’ fault that their students are not securing work – Industries struggle too and that is why many companies are in competition to attract highly-skilled, adaptable and reliable workers. Unfortunately, these workers are requiring large paychecks just to survive - The biggest complaint by workers is that there is not enough money in paychecks to keep them out of survival mode – day to day living can easily consume a paycheck in many countries.

Also, students are vulnerable to highly intelligent marketing campaigns that lie to their consumers and promote their products as the best products, especially technology devices, and poor-quality food. These things have been shown to cause a sense of hopelessness and apathy within the younger generation.

Furthermore, it is expected in most countries today that both parents can and will work, that young children can earn a wage, that people will not retire until 75 years old.

In contrast, work is of fundamental importance to having a quality life and living healthy – As Stephen Hawking said: Never quit work – work provides a purpose, meaning, and direction for your life.

I wonder how Stephen Hawking defined work, he was one of the greatest scientists in history, after all. Scientist generally defines 'work' as simply movement, generating heat.

Getting paid to move with purpose is the basis of work.  Being in a position to choose your purpose is the defining factor of freedom and can potentially shape society. 

If I could get paid to engage in what I love then is that still work? Of course, it is, and it is an ideal situation for most people.

So, where is the government in all this? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that your government is somewhat content with the current functions of society or they would be serious about implementing change and pumping more money into alternative education pathways and job security. Because this is what facilitates the quality of life.

What’s more, is that the Government has the fundamental obligation to invest in industries. If only the government would take the approach that if they look after the people, the people will look after the country.

Anyway, there is a way around the Government apathy and an option for people to easily create a more purposeful, healthy environment for themselves and their community by their design.

The suggestion is being put forward for people to define work in a new way. With the rapid rise in digital technologies work is transforming.

More importantly, work doesn’t need to be something we dislike. It can become a place of purpose and meaning, defined as a person’s contribution to their community, personal health, and freedom.

This shift in understanding will only occur if there is a slight change in the way people are educated to perceive work and if the reward aligns with the commitment and function of the workers. 

There are many powerful alternatives to mainstream conventional education. There are new-age education companies that explore personalised education and can even case-manage individual students through their entire education experience, these companies are popping up all over the world. With new philosophies such as “flipping the classroom” and “unschooling,” exposure to online masterclasses in any field of interest, software platforms that facilitate experts sharing resources and delivering learning directly into people’s homes. It seems the only element that people will struggle to obtain is face to face experience in their areas of interest.

But there are some companies that can even eliminate this problem - Exodus Management, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland is boasting a program that offers a holistic approach for every student, global opportunities, world-leading education and most importantly a guarantee of employment - currently, assisting home-schoolers, unschoolers, academic high flyers, and disenfranchised students - The company’s program is not free, but like someone once said, “You get what you pay for,” and sometimes the guarantee is all that matters.


James Fuller
Shelly Beach QLD

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