Edgar Allan Poe Cat With Broken Leg

Hi, my name is Edgar Allan Poe!

I am a cat and I am 12 and a half years old. I was the victim of a hit and run on September 1st this year, an incident that changed my life and that of my little family completely. This update was written on December 5th. It is a short summary of what happened to me including an update concerning my latest visit to the vet and a call for help because we are in dire straits right now. If you would like to read my original campaign text, please scroll down. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I was hit by a car in the early hours of September 1st this year. The driver didn’t care about me, he simply took off and left me to die. Somehow I managed to crawl home despite my injuries, as it turned out later, the worst of them being luckily “only” a complicated comminuted fracture in my right front leg. My human took me to three different vets who could not help me (one suggested amputating my leg, another one recommended putting me down because he diagnosed internal injuries).

Fortunately my human was determined not to give up on me and took me to an expert clinic. There I underwent a long surgery in which the doctors applied a special medical implant to treat the comminuted fracture in my leg. Additionally, I had to be closely monitored for three days because there were reasons to suspect internal damages within my digestive organs. When the suspicion that my urethra and/or my intestine had been severed or suffered ruptures could be removed, I was finally released from the clinic.

That was on the 4th of September and my human had to nurse me for roughly 12 weeks until I was finally allowed to go outside again on my own. It sounds pretty easy, taking care of a cat – most people will think it would be more difficult to take care of another human being, but I can assure you that it was a pretty tough job, 12 x 24/7! I wasn’t allowed to jump or run around for the whole time because that would have endangered the healing process. Bone healing is not only very painful, it takes endless amounts of time spent almost entirely lying around doing nothing aka resting – which was no fun at all, neither for me nor for my human. I am a very active and energetic cat and I am a great hunter. That was the part I missed most during the long weeks of recovery. I was restless and moody and I would throw tantrums at times, especially at nights when I felt miserable. In order to get me through those endless weeks that it took my bones to heal enough for me to walk around again my human had to take care of me almost all around the clock. Especially the long night shifts that she stayed awake with me to distract me from missing my hunting time were terribly devastating and nerve-wreaking for my human. She suffers from several chronic illnesses and had to put her life completely on hold which meant that she couldn’t proceed with her therapies and had to endanger her own health for me to get well again. Still she never questioned her decision. She puts my well-being and that of my tabby sister before her own because she needs us for her own well-being just as much as she needs her medication.

The latest visit to the vet that took place at the end of November was quite disappointing. The x-ray pictures show that my bones haven’t healed as well as they should have and the vets say that this is due to me being so old. Bah! How dare they call me old! Although I am allowed to go outside again, I do not enjoy my outdoor time as much as I would like to. I still limp at times and I am frequently in pain, the vets suspect that this is on the one hand due to the cold winter weather because my metal implant doesn’t acclimatize to my blood heat but to the chilly temperatures outside. I will have to be patient for a few more months because my bones will need to be given more time to heal. Especially my ulna, where there is a triangular bone splinter which causes pain as it harms the surrounding soft tissue. The vets suspect that its spiky end is constantly injuring the muscles, tendons and nerves. The body’s self healing powers will hopefully take care of it, encasing the splinter with a callous that will protect my soft tissue in the long run.

In order to check how my ulna is healing and how my body is coping with the bone fragment I will have to get a new set of x-rays in about 2 – 4 months, the time span will depend on the intensity of my limping and on the amount of pain I am in. Additionally, my human will have to keep a keen eye on my leg to spot first signs of my body rejecting the metal implant or the screws loosening. There is a very small chance that the metal implant can remain in my leg, but it will most likely have to be taken out again, which means that I will have to undergo another operation in the clinic as soon as my bones have grown strong enough to support my weight and my active lifestyle of running and jumping around and hunting rodents. I don’t worry about it for the time being because the operation for my implant removal will most likely take place in the fall of 2018, unless it causes trouble or loosens prior to that.

As I have already told you, my accident and the aftermath of that terrible hit and run have not only turned my own life upside down but also that of my human. The financial impact to this very day exceeds 3000€ (roughly 2600€ of vet bills alone so far). I am very thankful to all my Twitter friends who convinced my human to set up this campaign for me. So far it has raised about 1650€ (the actual amount the campaign reached until today minus the fee that GoFundMe charges) and without these donations and the support from her boyfriend my human would not have been able to pay for the many vet bills that kept piling up since my accident.

Still they are having a hard time making ends meet. Both their bank accounts are badly overdrawn and adding insult to injury their car broke down last weekend. We live in a remote area and we need a car to get around because public transport is not only very bad in regards to accessibility and frequency, it is also more expensive than fuel and other costs of ownership for their almost 16 year old car. Fixing the car will cost more than 550€ and they cannot afford it because all their savings were used up already to pay for my vet bills.

Due to her chronic illnesses my human is entitled to a small monthly amount of social welfare. She usually manages to get by with the little money she gets and her boyfriend helps her out as good as he can when for example the bills for her regular medication exceed her financial means or when we need our usual flea treatment, our medication for deworming or the annual inoculation shots. We never had a proper Christmas with a tree and fancy stuff and that’s ok for us as long as we have each other. But it would be great for me and my family to have a nice meal and some treats to celebrate the end of a really bad year. What is more, we need the car pretty badly for me to get to the vet as soon as possible if anything goes wrong with the metal implant in my leg. Also in case anything should happen to my tabby sister Emily Dickinson or to my humans themselves. Therefore we had to update my campaign and change the campaign goal. I hope you will find it in your heart to help us, even the smallest amount makes a large difference to us and is highly appreciated!

We are thankful for you reading this, for you sharing the link to my campaign and for every single donation! I wish you all a merry Christmas, purrs and cuddles,



Hi, my name is Edgar Allan Poe!

I’m a cat and I am 12 years old. September 1st was the worst day of my life. I was hit by a car and the driver left me to die. My leg suffered multiple fractures but somehow I managed to crawl back home to my human. I was taken to several vets but they could not help me and advised my human to have my leg amputated. One of the vets even suggested putting me down because he diagnosed internal injuries.

My human was determined not to give up on me and took me to an expert clinic. There I underwent a long surgery in which the doctors applied a special medical implant to treat the comminuted fracture in my leg.

Additionally, I had to be closely monitored for three days because there were reasons to suspect internal damage within my digestive organs. When the suspicion that my urethra and/or my intestine had been severed or suffered ruptures could be removed, I was finally released from the clinic.

That was on the 4th of September and since then my human has been nursing me. It is a tough job, taking care of me 24/7, I admit that!

In order for my leg to heal and for the bones to grow back, I am not allowed to jump or run around. The doctors say that I have to stay indoors and rest for 8 long weeks, which is really hard for me because I am a very active and energetic cat.

But the healing process of bones takes very long. The vets explained to my human that it takes several stages, first the bone tissue needs to grow back and develop, which is what happens in the first four weeks. In the second half of the healing process the bones need time to grow hard and become strong enough to bear my weight again when I jump and dash across the fields.

If all goes well, I will be able to go back to my old lifestyle of hunting mice and rats daily. Before that can happen, the bones must have grown back completely. To make sure that they have, the vets will need to take another set of x-rays at the end of October. If the healing has progressed according to plan, I will then have to undergo a second surgery for the implant to be removed, but compared to the first surgery I had, this will be a piece of cake. Hopefully!

I am an outdoor cat. I used to live indoors for the first nine years of my life until my human moved to a remote place. That was three years ago and I will never forget the first day I was allowed to go outside. All the smells and colours, and the sounds! Sunbathing in the open air! I have never felt happier! My outdoor time was a fountain of youth to me and I don’t feel like I am 12 years old at all. Three maybe, four tops! ;-)

My human and I have gone through thick and thin. I was adopted in 2005 together with my sister Emily Dickinson. We were in quite a poor shape back then, two tiny undernourished kittens covered in fleas. We were lucky to find such a loving human who gave us a nice home. But we are not only important family members to our human! We also have a real job to do, because we are our human's therapy cats. We have very special skills that help our human deal with a chronic disease. So we have each other's back and nothing will ever tear us and our human apart! For that we are grateful!

If you want to support us, you are most welcome! My human and I really appreciate every single donation and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

But please make sure that your pets don’t have to cut back on their lifestyle due to you helping me! ;-)))

Best wishes, purrs and cuddles,

PS: We would love to invite you to follow us on Twitter, my username is @Katerkind. There is a diary of my recovery and you will meet a lot of my wonderful furrends.


This is a statement concerning an event that occurred on October 7th. We owe it to our Twitter friends, to those who donated to our campaign and to GoFundMe, who were accused of supporting fraud.

Dear friends,

Yesterday our campaign became the target of fraud accusations, based on nothing but hatred and spite. When one of the instigators of the witch-hunt was repeatedly asked to provide proof of their allegations, they referred to one of my tweets. It was one of those tweets that I post daily, counting the days of Edgar’s progress of recovery. The time that it takes for the broken bones in Edgar’s right front leg to heal is 8 weeks = 56 days, the first day of it being Tuesday, 5th of September, which is the day after he was released from the clinic. The tweet that was supposed to proof that this campaign is a fraud was that of day 32 of recovery. I cannot make head or tail of why that tweet should proof anything other than the fact that Edgar is healing quite well and doing fine, given the circumstances. Maybe dyscalculia had a hand in it, maybe lack of medical knowledge concerning the time it takes for bones to heal. Most likely the tweet was randomly picked to concoct a fabrication to back up the completely unfounded accusations.

I was asked to tweet a statement to defend my campaign. First, I thought that no cyberbully had the right to force me to explain anything to them, knowing that nothing I could say would really be good enough, because bullies never listen to reason, if they did, they wouldn’t be bullies.

But not only the reputation of Edgar’s campaign and even that of GoFundMe was at stake, but also that of a very kind ambassacat Twitter friend who had supported and re-tweeted our campaign. Therefore I condescended to waste time on feeding the bullies and started tweeting a statement. It took me more than 50 tweets, typing away in a frenzy to explain about Edgar’s accident, the motivation for setting up his Twitter account, the when and how and why of setting up this campaign, the obvious reasons why this campaign is not a fraud, etc. etc. etc.

When I had finished giving my statement, I noticed that the main bully had repeatedly commented to random of my tweets demanding to see our vet bills. I was totally flabbergasted. Somebody who had nothing to do with our campaign, who had neither contributed to it nor the least intention to ever do so claimed that it was their right to see personal documents of mine! Others started backing these demands, likewise without having any right to do so.

I did NOT post my vet bills on Twitter for everybody to see. My motivation for this being on the one hand, that no bully has the right to demand anything from me, least of all confidential documents that include my name and address and that of the vets I took Edgar to. On the other hand, I had promised the vets not to publish the bills on any social media platform. When I set up this campaign, I aspired to provide absolute transparency so that everybody who would like to donate could see what their money would be used for. Therefore I had called the vets that have treated Edgar to ask in advance if they were ok with me publishing their bills. None of them liked the idea of seeing their documents online, visible for everybody, because they had reservations concerning social media. Naturally I complied with their wish although back then I couldn’t really understand what their problem was. Yesterday, when the nasty face of social media reared its ugly head, I finally realized why people distance themselves from it.

So far for my motivation not to publicly display photos of my vet bills. But the bullying continued, claiming that I was still a fraud and the proof was me not publishing my bills for them to see. Our ambassacat Twitter friend offered a compromise to clarify the matter once and for all. She asked me to send pictures of the bills via DM so that she could tell everybody if they look legitimate. As she had been one of the contributors to the campaign I was of course willing to do so. I provided the documents for her to check and she posted tweets to let everybody know that our campaign is not a fraud. Still the damage was done; the haters and bullies had reached their goal to discredit us. We are angry at both the nastiness of the bullies and the stupidity of their believers. The bullies’ claim that the only way to prove the legitimacy of a campaign is to provide photographs of bills is nonsense. Everybody knows that it doesn’t take a lot of skill to fake or copy vet bills or x-rays or whatever. People should use their brains more often! I think it is worth mentioning that none of the bullies and haters apologized for their conduct after our campaign had been cleared of all charges. On the contrary: They tried to cast further doubts, one of them was still ranting on about it last time I checked.

Anyway, I have wasted enough energy on bullies and haters! The time it took me to write all this is time that I spent away from Edgar!

I’m planning to post another update next week to provide transparency about our vet bills and to account for the total sum of Edgar’s campaign. Everybody who has been so kind to donate to us so far is most welcome to send me a DM via Twitter and ask for our vet bills. I am most willing to supply them (for private use only and in exchange for the promise not to publish or pass them on).

Allow me to finish with some piece of advice to all the kind-hearted people out there who support campaigns to help others who are in need. Yes, unfortunately there are frauds out there and they prey on the compassionate softies whom they consider weak, offering tear-jerking stories to evoke sympathy and get their money. If you want to give a donation to somebody, take some time to get to know them, befriend them to see if their story checks out. Your heart and your intelligence will tell you, if they deserve your support.

Love, hugs, cuddles and purrs, Edgar, Emily, mama and Sebastian



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