Eat More, Share More, Love More Fund

What is the Eat More, Share More, Love More Fund?
In celebration of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Panda Express teamed up with Phillip Lim and his namesake brand, 3.1 Phillip Lim to create the “Eat More, Share More, Love More” Fund to shed light on food insecurity, a prevalent yet often overlooked issue in the AAPI Community and uplift those in need by providing access to safe and nutritious foods.
Donations to this fund will directly benefit local organizations focused on food security, beginning with Heart of Dinner , More Than a Meal  , OCA Greater Houston , Radical Family Farms , Respect Your Elders  and Welcome to Chinatown .
Why should you donate?
Food plays a significant role in Asian cultures and the AAPI experience in the U.S. The act of eating and sharing a meal together is a multi-generational way to express love to one another; a plate of delicious food can break down barriers and promote understanding to inspire compassion.
A donation of any amount to this fund will further support the ongoing efforts of local organizations to ensure AAPI elders and families experiencing food insecurity are able to safely receive nutritious meals.
Who benefits from your donation?
Donations will support organizations that are addressing food insecurity within the AAPI community while also celebrating the cultural significance food plays beginning with Heart of Dinner, More Than a Meal, OCA-Greater Houston, Radical Family Farms, Respect Your Elders, and Welcome to Chinatown.
Cultural leaders from 3.1 Phillip Lim and Panda Express; the board, and the GoFundMe Trust and Safety teams are reviewing organizations to determine which ones will receive grants from the Eat More, Share More, Love More Fund.
We will continue to keep donors updated as grants are made. is a 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN 81-2279757). Its mission is to provide fast and effective relief to victims of disaster, and to fund education and other charitable initiatives. Since 2017, has raised over $135 million, for distribution to nonprofit organizations serving the same mission, and to individuals who are part of the charitable class. It strives to eliminate the paradox of choice for donors by providing a centralized place to give, knowing that those dollars are dispersed to the right organization and people. Working closely with its compliance and trust teams, has supported charitable initiatives in over 40 countries.

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