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Dreams with Wings (Phase 3 -$9 K)

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I'm Lorelei Shellist - Producer, Fashion Designer, Model,  Style Expert, Inner Beauty Empowerment Coach, Author & Speaker. 
"Empowering people is my passion. When we give ourselves permission to follow our dreams, our genius takes over and no one can stop us! " 

Introducing the Dream….
"I AM Dreams with Wings” is a Fund Raising Project to support - Skin on Skin, ”a Fashion Film about the dream that lies just beneath the skin. Based on my memoir “Runway Runaway,” this is the true story of a courageous runaway teenage girl with the tenacity to follow her dreams, travel the globe, and persevere as a model for the grand masters of style. As life cast challenges in her way she carries on- never knowing where her dreams will take her.

Skin on Skin is slated to WORLD PREMIER at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival this summer July 2016!  

Please help us pay off these final items. Your funding gives wings to everyone's dreams including yours! 
See where you fit in...
Join our Siren Star Angel Dream Team Machine!

Cast & Crew "happy" after a long day at the office!
Because dreams are for everyone, our diverse CAST & CREW include deaf talent, raw talent, male & female models and actors of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity.
"Lorelei Shellist empowers others to follow their dreams and thrive in their own skin. " Ruth Klein of National Association Professional Women NAPW
As a member of the Siren Star Angel Dream Team, your donation will not only assist in funding the cost of producing this inspiring film, but also benefit the:

"I AM Dreams With Wings"
 At-Risk Teens programs
I AM Dreams with Wings  Graduate Class of 2016
2 scholarship programs @ San Diego Mesa College Ca

The Runway Runaway Fashion Design Scholarship  2016 recipient is Danielle Smith! Conratulations Dani!
The Shellist Music Memorial Scholarship
2016 recipient is Ana Alvarez! Congratulations Ana!
HOW IT WORKS ~ We are committed to bringing this film to fruition and WE NEED YOUR HELP to make it happen.

Your contribution will not only help fund the cost of production – it will serve to inspire others to have the courage, dedication, and tenacity to follow their dreams! 

Please make a donation. As a contributor, you will become a member of our Siren Star Enterprise Dream Team! You will enjoy a perk  reward andyou will be acknowledged graciously on all of our social media platforms. Thank you!!! 

"Don’t let YOUR dreams RunAway from you!" 
Lorelei and the Siren Star Angel Dream Team 
© 2016  Siren Star Enterprises
 Please scroll down for  a perk reward that suits you! 

Get your own SKIN ON SKIN T's & Tanks!

FLOWY TANK:This go-to relaxed jersey tank for the gals..has comfortable combed & ring-spun cotton.
easy fit side seams and round neckline.

 T-Shirts 100% Cotton      sizes:
 S (2-4), M (6-10), L (10-14), XL (14-18), 2XL (18-20

$35.00 includes USD Domestic shipping-
(Canada add $15.00 shipping/UK add $33.00 shipping)



 Tanks Alot,  Guys & Gals ...


2 Inspiring Books!  Official Cast & Crew Leopard / Lace print Chiffon Scarf and more!
$120 USD  
Domestic shipping included (10 Available)   Estimated Delivery: April-May 2016US shipping included (Canada add $15.00 shipping)
(UK add $32.00 shipping)

●      "Runway Runaway: A Backstage Pass to Fashion             Romance and Rock and Roll. " By Lorelei Shellist
●      "Women Will Save the World"  collection of                       inspiring & empowering essays. Published by                     Absolute Love bestselling author Caroline                           Shearer. Includes entry  by Lorelei Shellist
●      Limited Edition Official Cast & Crew ‘Team Skin              on Skin’ Zebra Chiffon Scarf 
●      Shout Out on Social Media

Exclusive Cast & Crew Chiffon Scarf!

FEATHER BOAS (LEVEL D)- Limited Edition!
$75.00 USD   Domestic shipping included.   
Ships US & Canada (Canada add $10 shipping)

Runway RunAway Collection Exclusive Cast & Crew Chiffon Scarf!   Estimated Delivery:  2 Weeks

Be the first one to receive and wear these limited scarves from the Runway RunAway Collection designed by Lorelei exclusively for the cast and crew of the Skin On Skin - (Peau sur Peau) Fashion Film! Now you can be apart of the team and dress to express your dreams!

 ●      Limited Edition Official Cast & Crew ‘Team Skin on             Skin’ Zebra Chiffon Scarf 
●      Shout Out on Social Media

Executive White Leather Jacket $1275.

100% Alpine white leather motorcycle riding jacket with heavy duty brass hardware. Lined with a rich gray paisley fabric. Designed for distinction, this jacket wears heavy duty zippers with chest and side pockets. A unique ribbed detailing on the left arm and sharp diamond stitching detail add an alluring touch to this jackets powerful character.

Get your surprise ybf beauty Gifts chosen from this Basket!!!
$495.00 USD + Shipping ($650.00 value only 1 left)
From our Sponsor “ybf beauty” products.

Scroll to bottom to see what's in the basket!


$500.00 USD  (only 2 available)
July 29th & 30th 2016

●      Red Carpet Photo opp with Producer/Director Lorelei Shellist
●      Exclusive Invitation to La Jolla International Fashion          Film  Festival 2016 for 2 nights you and one guest
●      Invitation to after parties for 2 nights you and one              guest July 29 & July 30th, 2016
●      Network with film producers, directors, talent and              media from around the globe at all events
●      Orchestra seating you and one guest at festival                     screenings (7/29 & 7/30)
●      Shout-out on Social Media


$900.00 USD  (4 Available)
Location: Los Angeles - and So Cal areas 
Estimated Delivery: Aug 12 - Nov 12, 2016
For Palm Springs, Santa Barbara & San Diego add travel fee of $250
 ●      Private Fashion Discovery Party at Your Home                 with Your Host Lorelei Shellist
●      Limited Edition Official Cast & Crew ‘Team Skin on             Skin’ Leopard/Lace print Chiffon Scarf  for Party                   Host
●      Invite up to 20 of your best friends (includes                          Fashion Icon Archetypes™ Personality                                      Presentation Fashion Icon Archetype Quiz™ and                one set of 12 Glossy Fashion Icon Archetype                          cards™ per guest) 
(Party date may take place between August 12 and November 12, 2016)



$800.00 USD  (2 available)
Location: Los Angeles CA 
Discover the Fashion Icon in YOU -
Magic Makeover!!!

($1450.00 value!)
*Additional Locations add $200.00 for round-trip travel:
 - Palm Springs , CA
 - San Diego, CA  
 - Santa Barbara , CA
Estimated Delivery: Aug 12 - Nov 12, 2016 

Spend a Full Day (6 Hours) with Lorelei and receive a Magic Makeover. In a personal setting, expert Fashion and Image Consultant Lorelei Shellist will guide you to become aware of what you are telling the world about who you are and attract the positive attention you deserve! Lorelei’s collaborative creative process will empower you to radiate your inner beauty and create your very own signature style, so you will feel fashionable, fantastic and free to be you, free from your inner critic, and free from self-sabotage.  Find freedom in fashion by awakening to the beauty and love that you already are!
●      Magic Make-over Discovery Session (2 hours)
●      Fashion Icon Archetype Quiz™
●      Fashion Icon Archetype cards™
●      Closet Clearing (2 hours)
●      Signature Style Shopping excursion to fill in the                    essential missing items from your wardrobe! (2                    hours)
(Session will take place after the La Jolla International Film Festival (LJIFFF) between August 12 and November 12, 2016)



$299.00 USD  (5 Available)
VIRTUAL ONE on ONE Time with Lorelei
Estimated Delivery: April 15th, 2016 - April 15, 2017

1 & 1/2 hour VIRTUAL LIVE Coaching or Counseling Session on SKYPE or FACETIME with Life Coach & Expert Stylist Lorelei Shellist: this includes a one-on-one in-depth discovery session about how you present yourself in the world, in business and in your personal life.

Bring Style to Your Life Package includes:
●      Live online session with Lorelei
●      Fashion Icon Affirmation Poster™ – download
●      Fashion Icon Archetype Quiz™  – link
●      Fashion Archetype Cards™ – digital download
●      "Runway Runaway" digital book
●      Shout-out on Facebook 


$199.00 USD   Domestic shipping incl (30 Available) 
Estimated Delivery: April-May 2016
Ships US & Canada (Canada add $10 shipping)

●    Fashion Icon Affirmation Poster™ – download
●     Fashion Archetype Quiz™ – link
●     Fashion Archetype Cards™– digital download
●     "Runway Runaway" digital book 
●     Limited Edition Official Cast & Crew ‘Team Skin on             Skin’ Leopard/Lace print Chiffon Scarf
●     Shout-out on Facebook
●     Your name as contributor in Closing Credits



 Eric Adler Custom Bow Ties 
$70 USD + Shipping (20 Available)
Estimated Delivery: (allow 2 weeks from purchase.)

● Limited Edition Eric Adler Custom Bow Tie:
    Black Velvet Jaguar Bow Tie
    Diamond Point design is a 2 1/4" tip -
    This shiny jet black bow tie with matte black    
    jaguar-like velvet spots have a rich allure.
    It is fully adjustable from 14-17" neck sizes and made 
    with premium hardware. Available in two styles, the           Batwing shape is a 1 3/4" tip and the Diamond Point is      a 2 1/4" tip" 
● Shout Out on Social Media
● Your name in Closing Credits

● Limited Edition Eric Adler Custom Bow Tie:
    Black and Gold Giraffe Bow Tie
    "This black bow tie with gold and silver giraffe-like               speckles is made from a luxurious brocade acetate             blend fabric. It is fully adjustable from 14-17" neck             sizes and made with premium hardware. Available in         two styles, the Batwing shape is a 1 3/4" tip and the           Diamond Point is a 2 1/4" tip"
● Shout Out on Social Media
● Your name in Closing Credits

Originally invented by Croatian Mercenaries and later adopted by the French higher class in the 18th century, the BOW TIE has always been a SYMBOL of DISTINCTION and LUXURY.

+++[For more information on Menswear Designer ERIC ADLER, also one of our fabulous Sponsors, please see his bio and website link after the perks!]+++


$50 USD (20 available)
Estimated Delivery: 1 week

Discover the beautiful, mystical, magical Fashion Icon Archetypes™ that are inherent in you!
Take Lorelei’s quiz to discover the aspects of your personality that rule your wardrobe!
Lorelei’s Fashion Icon Archetypes™ cards will educate you in identifying your unique characteristics, and help you understand them so you may integrate them into your life. These aspects will become your friends and allies as they teach you to accept yourself through their mystical wisdom and abstract meanings. Learn to acknowledge and understand the light and shadow sides of your archetypes, your life purpose, spiritual contracts, desires, and fears. Finally taking the guesswork out of your dress work!

●      Fashion Archetype Quiz™ – link
●      Fashion Archetype Cards™ – digital download
●      Shout Out on Social Media 

$25 USD  (25 available)
Estimated Delivery: 1 week

Lorelei’s Inner Beauty Empowerment Affirmation Poster will support and empower you from the inside out. When you read and recite these creative, affirmative and meaningful qualities each day, you will feel uplifted, empowered and beautiful from inside yourself.
●      Fashion Icon Affirmations Poster™ digital                                download
●      Shout-out on Social Media  
●      Your name as contributor in Closing Credits

Unique, exciting one-of-a-kind designer brands are dressing our actors in the film!
John Fluevog shoes, ybf Beauty, Betty Badd Couture, Eric Adler Menswear, Jewelry By Rosalina, to name a few...collaborate with-The Runway Runaway Collection® introducing "The Dream Dress®" for the woman on the run - who thrives in her skin! 
JOHN FLUEVOG our Shoe sponsor!

 Siren Star Angel Dream Team contributors:
   Your name will appear in film’s end credits & you'll be graciously acknowledged on all of our social media platforms. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!
***PLEASE NOTE: Some rewards involve a  physical product so a shipping form appears for all orders. It also helps with listing your name in our closing credits.
International Fashion Film Awards Red Carpet Interview with filmmaker Lorelei Shellist (2015)

Haute Couture gown by Lecoanet Hemant Paris 1988

The book that inspired the film         

Lorelei hosting the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.                                 
Lorelei Shellist captivates her audience with excerpts from her RUNWAYrunaway book. Readers describe their experience (2010).   

"Skin on Skin" Director / Producer Lorelei Shellist on location in Paris (2015)

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Runway RunAway Collection


A true artist and aesthete, Eric Adler Bornhop had a dream and a vision.
While living in Spain, Eric was inspired by stylish street culture to create his own clothing line. In July, 2012, Eric first walked in the door of legendary designer, MANUEL, as an intern.  Manuel taught Adler the art of tailoring and encouraged him to explore his own personal style. Eric brought his menswear brand, ERIC ADLER, to life in 2014 when it made its debut at

NASHVILLE FASHION WEEK.  This year Eric was the winner of the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund Award.  Recently Eric has opened his own studio in Nashville where he designs and tailors for notable clients such as Alan Jackson, Big Kenny, Shania Twain and more.  

 Eric Adler Bornhop Owner/Designer
Eric Adler Clothing

**********************************************************************************************************************ybf Beauty Box contains:
●      Black leather bullet case with mirror contains:
          ● 4 Double-ended brushes (8 brushes total)
          ● 1 brush/cosmetic sleek carrying case with mirror                  that carries lots of goodies besides your brushes!
●       Smudge-proof Gel Eyeliner Box includes 5 colors:
          green -  maroon - lavender - navy - pink!
●       Universal Eyebrow Pencil: This unique brow pencil              is the #1 selling eyebrow pencil in the WORLD,                    customizable color to create natural-looking brows            every time, works with ALL skin tones and hair                      color to shape, fills-in, softens/darkens and even                  disguises platinum shades of silver!
●        Water resistant eyeliner duo in brown and black.
           These ybf dual-ended eyeliners come with the                      perfect smudgers to soften or dramatize your                        eyes!
●       Empowering eight eye shadow collection compact             with mirror: 8 flattering, robust Italian shades!
●       Eye shadow crayon in double ended tantalizing                     turquoise and naughty navy
●       Eye shadow crayon & mascara plum eye shadow                   crayon double ended plum mascara with purple                   smudge-free eyeliner pencil
●       Luscious  ybf luxe lash mascara
●       Highlighter Soufflé - sheer, airy soufflé that                             provides a silky-smooth complexion & brightens                   your skin.
●      Perfect prep face primer - luxurious line filler and                perfect prep face primer! Keeps your skin & makeup          looking its absolute best!
●      Hands-free light diffusing foundation - this fabulous          foundation gives you sheer to full coverage to even            out skin tone, brighten your complexion and help                camouflage skin blemishes, red/dark spots, broken              capillaries and any other unwanted skin                                    imperfections. 
●      Bronzer - Italian-pressed, micro-fine, silky, pressed-          to-loose bronzing powder delivers a natural radiant            glow!
●      Kabuki brush - applies loose powder for  flawless                 finish
●       Bling photo finish - 3 “photo finish pressed                               powder…a face shape-shifting trio!” Italian pressed           powders to contour highlight and blend come in                   one convenient mirrored carrying case, black jet                   beads & red faux crystals
●       1 black velour puff - great for powdering shiny                       areas!
●       Brighten, hide & sculpt concealer trio - these 3                     concealers glide on smoothly and help hide                             blemishes you don't need the world to see. 
●       Swipe & Wipe makeup-remover mitts (2) - these                   fabulous mitts quickly remove all of your makeup                 with  water. No soap, no chemicals, no cleansers!
●       Jeweled eyelash curler enhance the length of your             lashes with beautiful red faux gems that add sparkle           to your morning!
●       Sweet cheeks tropical treats golden gleam bronzer             & baby pink blush 
●       ybf perfection with a purpose duo - this unique                     pinwheel face powder & bling kabuki brush, 
●       Perfect pout lip polish gloss - 
●       ybf fall in love lipstick red  lipstick tube container                 has built-in fold-out mirror for touch-ups on the go!
●       Black star tip sponges -



  • Kalli Cameron
    • $25 
    • 8 yrs
  • Ana Passaseo
    • $300 (Offline)
    • 8 yrs
  • Dana Wright
    • $150 (Offline)
    • 8 yrs
  • Tom Corte
    • $100 (Offline)
    • 8 yrs


Lorelei Shellist
Los Angeles, CA

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