Dr. Adrienne Ruby

This fundraiser is being set up to help Dr. Adrienne Ruby. Judging from a picture from the newspaper hanging up in her office, dated 1976, she has been a veterinarian for at LEAST 46 years.

Fast forward to the reason I am creating this go fund-me: I recently took in a sick 4-month old puppy before Thanksgiving, that was pooping blood, vomiting, and the skinniest dog I had ever set eyes on. My husband had found her on the reservation. I called around the next day after she became sick and was unable to get her seen by a vet in Winslow, Holbrook, or Flagstaff. Someone recommended Dr. Ruby out on the reservation. I had heard how busy she was before but I called down there anyway, desperate for the puppy to be seen. They told me Dr. Ruby was able to see her and had walk-ins that day so I made the 40 minute drive and waited in a long line of cars until it was my sweet girl's turn to be seen.

Dr. Ruby was shocked at how skinny she was and put the puppy on an IV. A few hours passed and soon it was closing time for her office. All of her workers were leaving, and I expected her to ask us to leave as well. But she didn't. She said it was no problem at all for us to stay so that her "little patient" could get all the fluids she needed. I sat with the puppy a few more hours while Dr. Ruby attended to other things. I prayed for the puppy and told her she would make it and how strong she was. Her gums were nearly white when we arrived and she now had a pink color to them. Dr. Ruby would sporadically pop her head in the room and ask "how her little patient was doing", with a smile.

A few hours more and Dr. Ruby released us with the proper medicine and instructions. I paid the bill and told Dr. Ruby that there were some people on Facebook who wanted to donate to the care of this little one, but to take the donations towards her practice since this pups bill was paid. She was so thankful and said it would go towards other animals.

The puppy died in my husband's arms a few hours later. He attempted to resuscitate but she was gone. We had done all we could do but it wasn't enough, she was terribly sick and skinny. I was heartbroken.

I had posted this puppy on several Facebook pages and she had hundreds of people who cared and were praying for her to pull through. I felt like a failure but I still wanted to honor her memory and make something good come from her short life so it didn't go to waste. A few people were asking me to set up a registry on Amazon or a go fund me for Dr. Ruby so I did.

While visiting for 5 or 6 hours that day I noticed Dr. Ruby's office is in desperate need of a few things. I also questioned her about what she needed and told her I wanted to help her-- she had won my heart with what she does.

BOTH of her trucks are out of commission at the moment, and she was due to have cataract surgery in a few days. Her office desk looked like it was about to fall apart. She had stacked crates for storage. Everything hanging on the walls was taped-- not one corkboard in sight to hang anything on.

She had a handful of dogs she had taken in and cared for. I offered to feed them for her since I had stayed so late, she was thankful. She talked about how one day she would like to get them all collars and she always needs more bowls.

With my prodding she talked about how she could use more sanitizer and how her microscope was about to go out. She said she had bought or been given almost everything she had second-hand. She said she knew the time would come where the second-hand items would all go out around the same time and that's what's happening now.

It broke my heart that a selfless person who has dedicated a lifetime of work to helping animals and more importantly helping the animal pandemic on the reservation, can't afford to buy basic things to maintain her practice. In all my life I hadn't met someone more selfless. When you think Doctor you think someone who has well-earned and ample money, not someone who doesn't have a working vehicle at the moment.

Dr. Ruby mentioned that she sometimes runs out of newspapers but has enough for right now. She will eventually need more. She said she has enough towels but she always needs more of those as well.

I asked if I found her a new desk if she would accept it, and she said yes. I also noticed her need for updated storage and shelving in her exam room. Some of her storage was non existent or consisted of stacked crates. Many things found their place on the floors as they had no where to be put. The person mopping the floors simply had to go around them.

Dr. Ruby also told me she wants to save her money so that one day she can have stackable stainless steel kennels to keep the dogs in instead of the wire ones--- similar to what you see in other vet offices, but these are not cheap. Other things she mentioned were tie downs for the dogs she takes care of and more feeding bowls.

I have created a wishlist for her on Amazon that include things she specifically said she needed, and things that I observed she might need. Anything from $700 stainless steel cages, to a $250 microscope, or $10 blankets for the animals are on the list. She also has a bad back, (I'm sure from years of being hunched over taking care of animals), and her office chair has not one ounce of cushion on it.

This go fund me is to help knock some of the more expensive things off the list and any extra will go towards the care of animals at her facility.

Again, Dr. Ruby charges the most affordable prices I've ever seen, dirt cheap-- as to make care more affordable for her clients on the reservation. I have seen lists of the people who owe her money yet she still stays out there and continues to fight, mostly by herself.

A woman who has dedicated her life to helping animals, at the sacrifice of her own income or comfort deserves to have basic supplies that she needs. Please help us, if you love animals at all, and if you can appreciate what she does. Consider donating or ordering something off of her Amazon.com registry. You can find it under her name: Dr. Adrienne Ruby.

Let's show Dr. Ruby that people see what she is doing and appreciate it. Let's give her her flowers and help her take care of these animals on the reservation that so desperately need it. Please help!!

In Honor of my little girl Cheyenne. RIP baby girl, your life will help others.


Kayla Weishan
Winslow, AZ

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