Jazmines long courageous battle

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Since Jazmines passing the hits just keep coming. The bills have started coming in, Katie has learned that her bereavement time from work was not paid time,  which HR failed to mention when she was told she would get 5 days of bereavement, and the Dr's at the hospital apparently don't fill out paperwork for the critical care insurance that Shannon and Katie have for the family. Please continue to share so we can show this family love and support while they're still newly grieving the loss of their warrior princess. No one should have to worry about all these issues on top of grieving the loss of a child. 

An update from Shannon and Katie. Please continue to share Jazmines story as the expenses will only continue to grow.
Thank you to all,

Shannon, the boys and I would like to thank each and every one of you for the thoughts and prayers for our warrior princess Jazmine. As well as all the donations to help while Katie was off work to be with our daughter. It is with broken hearts that we inform you all that heaven peacefully gained a BEAUTIFUL  ANGEL last night at approximately 10:45pm. While we miss our sweet angel, we know that she is no longer hurting. She is able to hear, see and walk again. And best of all, she has probably already beat Grandma Jean at at least 15 games of Uno and Mexican Train Dominoes. We are confident that she has reached her forever home and is safe with her Grandma and Grandpa, as she decided to show us she had arrived as we were leaving the hospital. (See Picture)
Much love to all,
Shannon, Katie, Kris, Kolbi and Tristan.

Always Smile

Jazmines life was normal up to the age of 10. BUT then her love of soccer, singing, playing with her brothers and helping her mom cook was all quickly taken away from her with one single word.... CANCER.
    In April of 2009, Jazmine was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a type of childhood brain cancer. After surgery to remove the tumor, (tennis ball size), from her tiny and still developing brain, she underwent 4 months of radiation followed by 10 months of intense chemotherapy. On September 30th, 2010 Jazmine received her final chemo treatment but little did we know, her hell was just beginning.
    On October 6th, 2010 (just 6 days after finishing chemo), Jazmine needed a blood transfusion due to low platelets and red blood cells. As she walked In to the hospital that day, she couldn't help but smile and say, "This is my last one momma". But halfway through the transfusion, all of her vitals went crazy. The blood transfusion was paused while the Drs ran some tests. It turns out, Jazmine was septic and in renal (kidney) failure. By the 10th, Jazmine was on full blown life support and being transferred to a different hospital where she remained until December 23. During her stay, she was on and off the life support due to developing an empiema (infection) on her brain that required immediate surgery, and suffering from a stroke on the left side of her brain.
    Jazmine was never the same after walking in that day. She has been in a wheelchair since, had lost all hearing making her legally deaf, she suffers seizures from all of the brain trauma, has very limited use of her right side arm and leg, she can't process new information leaving her at approximately a 2nd grade level, and in diapers due to the brain not always sending those signals.
     Over the next six and a half years, Jazmine and her parents have fought very hard to get her to where she was at. However, everyday was a battle to keep her healthy, no hugs from non family as her immune system is very low, 1 soda a week, and every slight cough would have her parents on edge. But despite their precautions,  her battle showed it's ugly side again.
     Overnight on July 21st 2017, Jazmine suffered another stroke, this time in her occipital lobe, thus causing her to lose her vision. Jazmines health and mental status was off but after a trip to the ER and getting meds for a UTI, she was released to be treated at home. For 2 weeks she showed slow progress. But on the morning of August 9th, she was very weak and not very responsive, couldn't hold her head up and wouldn't take her fluids like she had been. Her parents rushed her back to the hospital, where she was admitted once again for sepsis, renal failure and pneumonia.
     After running several tests the Drs informed her parents that her kidneys are much smaller than they should be, which shows long term injury to these vital organs. She is still not able to keep the fluids off her lungs, and her blood pressure is so low that she requires constant medicine just to keep it to almost normal. Her parents and family have been told that there is nothing more they can do for her. Her kidneys are so damaged that they will just continue to get worse, her body is to weak to fight the infection on her lungs and she can't stay on the blood pressure medicine much longer as that just damages the kidneys even more.
   This strong warrior is losing a battle she and her family have fought so very hard to win. She went from a normal little girl, running and playing with friends, to deaf, blind, physically and mentally disabled and epileptic in the matter of eight and a half years.
     Her parents have never been the kind to ask for help. Not even during all her past health issues and hospital stays. But this time, the are still paying on bills from the previous stays and treatments. Jazmine has 3 brothers at home as well so both parents are required to work. FMLA is available for her mom, but unfortunately that is unpaid and does not pay the bills. I'm asking for help for this family so that Jazmines mom Katie can stay by her daughter during her final time. And so that her dad Shannon doesn't have to search for overtime to make ends meet and he as well can be with their daughter. There is no telling how long she has left, rather it be today or a few weeks, but the medical and other bills will still come in. The gas to go back and forth the 30 minute drive each way adds up and the cost of 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions that is not covered by insurance is all taking it's toll.  Please help me help Jazmines parents be able to spend her final days with her. Anything at all is appreciated, even if it's just many prayers. Thank you for reading Jazmines story.

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