doodlemancy must move (and it is expensive)

HELLO IT'S ME DOODLEMANCY, known in meatspace as Margaret. I live in an apartment and I need to not live in it anymore. My long-time partner left me in 2020, my very cool roommate is now moving to a much cooler country, and I need to move home. The rest will be in bullet points in a futile attempt to be brief.

• I have chronic pain and my brain sucks extremely bad in multiple ways. I'm "not disabled enough" to have a snowball's chance in hell at getting disability assistance, but I'm sure Not Abled Enough to work a full-time job. God bless America!
• Between Etsy and my part-time retail job, I make a pitiful income. I also can't drive, (anxiety issue/wouldn't be able to afford a car anyway lmao) which really limits my job options! I LIVE IN FEAR! :)
• (I also really need to quit the part-time retail job this year because it is destroying my body and soul.)
• Since Covid is "over," my food stamps are being slashed from ~$250 a month down to ~$50, and my landlord was allowed to raise the rent by $155 and force us to buy renter's insurance.
• 2022 ended in a rolling series of financial gut punches, each of which would have been fine on their own but which together became an Ora Ora Rush on my bank account that left my already measly savings very bruised and sad.
• My cat has athsma and I have to buy a $27 bottle of medicine for her at least once a month now.
• My tax return is usually around $2k, since I don't make shit. I was kind of counting on it to give me the boost I needed to get through this relatively unscathed, but I forgot that American tax code HATES the self-employed, so... due to my moderate success on Etsy in 2022, I will be getting like... 3 hundo, maybe, if I'm lucky.
• Also, two of my teeth are threatening to explode, and Medicaid thinks those are luxury bones, so I just have about a 3k guillotine hanging over my head at all times. ("I love our robust social safety net," I say, as I dangle over a cliff, clinging to several fraying strands of yarn.)
• I also need to help hold up my roommate, who has their own struggles right now due to no health insurance/trying to move out of the country. And my mom, who is also finding herself struggling in the Too Disabled But Not Disabled capitalism hellhole.
• Also all my clothes are falling apart, electricity has gotten ridiculously expensive there's a price increase on some shit I need every other fucking day (C'MON, QUICKBOOKS... C'MON) and you know.
• I'm fine. It's fine. I have a therapist. I'm okay. I'm just a little dog in a hat in a cozy house with lots of fire and it's all fine.
(• it is not fine but i am trying very hard to stay calm.)

• Movers, junk removal services, electronics recycling fees, that kinda stuff.
• Storage rental, if necessary (probably necessary lol)
• More efficient shelving/storage containers, so I can fit myself, my cat, and my shop and crafting supplies into a smaller space.
• Replacing broken-down furniture (between my mom and myself, basically all our furniture is just falling to pieces)
• Packing/shipping materials for all the stuff I'm selling on eBay
• Repairs, carpet cleaning, painting the walls, that kinda stuff.
• Probably either fixing up my old bike or getting a scooter (so I can get to and from my day job once I'm moved without walking and killing my terrible body even more)
• Various other unexpected expenses and fiddly little costs associated with the move.

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