Donté Perez Jones

On Friday, June 17, the world lost a loving father, son, and friend when Donte Perez Jones’ life was devastatingly cut short. Donte was last seen by family healthy and upbeat which makes the discovery of his lifeless body hanging in a park difficult to understand. Even on the weekend of Juneteenth, a commemoration of the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans, Donte’s parents had to fight for more than 48hrs to identify his body and to receive an unbiased investigation and autopsy. 

Donte was employed at Piedmont Airlines a division of the American Airlines group, but that didn’t stop him from completing a CDL program. He was excited to take the final CDL exam this summer, travel with his children, and start a lucrative career in trucking, a dream lost.

We are asking for community support to obtain an independent autopsy and legal counsel. Donte honored and served his country in the United States Army, he deserves to be treated with dignity and respect while his family prepares to lay him to rest.

The family will not rest until the truth surrounding Donte’s death is revealed. The events surrounding his death (see below) are suspicious and unbelievable. Therefore, we ask that you donate, share his story, pictures, and memories in support of the family and to honor his life.

Thank you for all your support during this difficult time.

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Suspicions / Concerns

Donte was last seen at his mother's house around 11:40 pm on 6/16 where he was in good health and spirits 
Donte was found dead in Wentz run park behind Whitpain Township police department. "HUNG” around 7:43am and his death was automatically ruled a closed case of suicide. 
He was found without his wallet and it is still missing. 
The police removed the body and opened the park for a planned event at 10am. 
His death on 6-17-2022 shocked family and friends considering his upbeat personality
Donte’s mother went to the Whitpain police dept. on Friday 6.17.22 and was told by the detectives that the case ruled suicide and therefore closed
Donte’s parents were denied their right to view and properly identify his body for over 48 hours. 
The coroner’s office said that they would not be doing an autopsy or toxicology report since it was ruled a suicide even after the mother requested one.
The detectives who notified Donte’s mother of his death, told her that someone needed to come pick up his car and keys from the park the same day. 
The police kept his cell phone after confirming a closed case. However, his car was not held.
According to Whitpain Township Police, there are over 100 cameras in Wentz park.
There is a camera approx. 25 yards pointing in the same direction the body was found.
Donte lived in Delaware county which is about an hour from Blue Bell Pa. where his body was found. Donte has known ties to Blue Bell PA. 
Why would Donte' drive an hour away at 12am to an unknown township in the middle of the woods and use the back entrance to get to the park where there are no cameras to commit suicide?   
Initially, police said that Donte was found leaning back on a pole with his feet flat on the ground wearing flip flops which were still on his feet!
The cameras were not reviewed immediately after he was found
On Saturday morning 6/18 after making calls to state representatives, government officials , NAACP reps, and others, the Whitpain Chief of Police called Donte's mother to apologize for the handling of the case and to advise that they would be doing a full investigation and autopsy.  The autopsy results are pending and expected to be released within a few weeks.


Unfortunately Justice costs money and time.

We are seeking help for legal fees.

Thank you for your support.

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