Donna Kater Kicks Cancer

Several of our friends have encouraged us to reactivate the GoFundMe campaign. It is a weighty decision, but Donna is back in treatment, and it is again having a significant financial impact. Integrative treatment is not covered by our regular medical coverage, but we feel it gives Donna the best chance of living a long and healthy life without the huge risks and side effects of conventional treatment.
As you may already know, Donna was diagnosed with Stage IV Uterine Cancer in June of 2018. In July, she had a complete hysterectomy and started integrative treatment as soon as she healed from the surgery to address the numerous small tumors remaining in the abdominal cavity. That’s when we began this GoFundMe campaign.
We thought that Donna had beaten the cancer last November, when scans didn’t show any activity. However, some cancer stem cells remained, and months later, they vigorously reactivated. Donna started experiencing some abdominal pain and discomfort, which alerted her to the problem. We subsequently found out that Donna’s cancer is extremely sensitive to estrogen, so it is possible that this growth was activated by the application of estrogen cream that was prescribed by one of the doctors. Whatever the cause, several small tumors emerged. Donna immediately enrolled in a new treatment program based in Carlsbad which includes daily treatments and very low dose chemo twice a week for four weeks, then gradually reducing the frequency over time as the tumors recede. She recently had a scan that showed the largest tumor is now only half its original size and many tumors have disappeared. So, the treatment is working! A final step we are considering will be the use of SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy) over the next year which is designed to eradicate any remaining circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells.
There are several ways in which you can help.
1) Hold the vision for Donna’s complete healing and pray for her full recovery. Our friend, Cindy, has organized a group that holds the intention for Donna’s healing every Monday evening at 9 pm. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the information on how you can participate.
2) Contribute to the GoFundMe campaign. Every bit helps to take the sting out of the financial stress, and the expenses are mounting. Since this treatment is not covered by our insurance, all costs are out of pocket.
3) Participate in the fundraiser event Plant-Based Healing on June 15th, either online or in person. For the online event, a minimum donation of $50 per person to the Donna Kater Kicks Cancer GoFundMe campaign is required to obtain the link and password for the online event and subsequent recording. For the on-site event, a minimum donation of $150 per person is required to participate. The on-site event is limited to the first 20 people to sign up. The instructions to register are on .
Online Event: Presentations, cooking demos, and commemorative collection of recipes and handouts (via email). Donation includes online access to both morning and afternoon sessions. Through the magic of Zoom technology, online participants will be able to view all the presentations and cooking demonstrations. The Zoom sessions will be archived. So, if you aren’t able to catch all of the action live, you can access the archives at any time. Minimum donation: $50 per person

On-site Event:Hosted in private home. Donation includes the above, plus a catered lunch, food demo samples, a bottle of savory spice blend, raffle prizes, silent auction, goodie bag with coupons and swag, and an autographed copy of the book Handbook to Higher Health Consciousness: How to Transition to Plant-Based Eating to Heal Yourself and the Planet. Minimum donation: $150 per person
The onsite event is not just a casual potluck. It is a full day educational event hosted by Plant Food Path Academy, with an emphasis on plant-based healing. The morning sessions will focus on mindfulness and the benefits of plant-based eating. A delicious plant-based lunch will be provided, with seating both indoors and in the extended garden area. The afternoon sessions will include several cooking demos, hands-on food assembly, and more educational sessions, all from local celebrities. There will also be a raffle and silent auction. You will leave with a goodie bag containing my autographed book, Handbook to Higher Health Consciousness: How to Transition to Plant-Based Eating to Heal Yourself and the Planet, a bottle of Savory Spice Blend, recipes, handouts, discount coupons and other swag in your bag. Again, the instructions to register for this event are on .
4) If you are the owner of a business and have items you wish to contribute for the goodie bag, the silent auction, or the raffle, we are accepting donations. The items we are seeking to help make this day a success are:
•  Coupons or other items for the goodie bag attendees will receive
•  Larger valued silent auction items such as a gift basket or gift certificate
•  Items for the raffle
All donations are appreciated, and we will include your company as a sponsor of the event.
Thank you! We acknowledge you. Although this is a very difficult time for us, we deeply appreciate you, our friends and family, and feel connected in so many ways. We are so grateful. Thank you for support and love.
Questions? Email me at [email redacted]

Original Donna Kater Kicks Cancer story:

My wife, Donna Kater, is the most caring and selfless person you could know. She has authored several self-help books and courses with the goal of helping other people navigate their troubles. But the tables have turned. In June of 2018, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She had a hysterectomy in July in an attempt to remove all of the cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread into the surrounding tissue, and was too small and too dispersed to be removed by surgery. The medical practitioners say that this type of cancer is very aggressive, and her diagnosis is stage IV endometrial adenocarcinoma. Her oncologist recommended chemotherapy, but the chemo treatments have an extremely low survival rate as well as devastating side effects. Donna and I have researched other options and decided that the best hope is in a multipronged approach, including the best from both Eastern and Western medicine.
Shortly after healing from surgery, Donna started regimens that she could manage at home including regular exercise, removing sugar and processed foods from her already healthy plant-based diet, restructuring her life to reduce stess, juicing and liver cleansing following the Gerson Protocol, taking scads of supplements including reishi mushroom and essiac tea, and PH balancing. The most promising comprehensive treatment program we found is offered by the highly recommended Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine. This Center has had some amazing successes, but the intense program required to treat stage IV cancer is extremely expensive and unfortunately not covered by insurance. 
Donna has already begun treatment recommended by the Center. She had cutting edge diagnostic blood work as well as four treatments of sono-electric pulse therapy, similar to that used to break up kidney stones.  The next round of treatments involve intense daily IV drips for at least 3 weeks, but we are unable to move forward at this point because of the expense. Since the cancer is aggressive, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible.

As friends and family are well aware, Donna has devoted much of her adult life to helping others, with careers as a college counselor and a nurturing acupuncturist. She has written two self help books: I’m Still Alive – Now What?!? How to Survive and Thrive after a Life-Changing Event and Handbook for the Compassionate Ones – Helping Professionals and Caregivers: Seven Highly Effective Habits to Stay Energized, Motivated, and SANE.

Her mission and motivation has always been to help others. Donna rarely asks for help, but this is a time in her life when she is the one who needs your help.

Your contributions, prayers, and well wishes are very much a part of her healing journey. Donna believes in the power of intention and healing thoughts. Our intention for Donna is that she be 100 percent cancer-free, and that she be vibrantly healthy and well in every way.
How open-minded would you be to joining me in this quest? Please  share this campaign with others and consider donating to the effort.
In gratitude,
David Kater
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