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12 January, 2018

Dear well-wishers,

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or the other. Thank you for helping me in my hour of need.

I am admitted in hospital since 9January, 2018 as an in-patient in Melbourne.

My case is being dealt by Socialworkers. I would like to thank Deepa Rai dd for helping me with this.

We are putting HOLD  to the donation campaign. As of now (12:07 pm) we have collected $12,716.00. Thank you so much for your love and support.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank my cousin Sabbu Maharjan for helping me with my fundraising campaign.

Further updates will be done from my Facebook page: Anxuna Maharzan

Thank you all my well-wishers.

With love & gratitude,
Anshuna Maharjan


9 January, 2017

Dear wellwishers,

Thank you for your love and support.

A while ago, I was very depressed. With a swollen heart and no hopes, i was very helpless. The doctor had said that the operation should be done within 6 months. With no money, no coverage, no family, no guidance , i sat there crying day and night. Its been 3 months already.

Since last week, with the help of my sister, we’ve started Gofundme and as of today we’ve raised more than $9000. Thanks to my friends and wellwishers who have donated and thank you for your kind words and prayers. Your love and support have made me mentally very strong. Finally i will be going to hospital for another rounds of checkups and echo ecg.

If my situation is not worse and fit for travel then i will go to Nepal next week and do operation in Nepal as it might be cheaper there than in Australia.

If my condition is very worse and unfit for travel then i shall be admitted to hospital soon. Social workers have contacted us and they have said that they will help me in dealing with hospital as they know few hospital staffs and have promised me to help me liase with Insurance company regarding my case.

Thanks to media who have helped me reach out to the community and to share my story. I have received love, prayers and most importantly suggestions and guidance.

I promise to all my wellwishers that i will fight this health issue and come back as a fighter. With the help of my sister, i plan to start Anshuna Heart Foundation and help students like me who are suffering from heart diseases.

Thank you for your love and support.

With Gratitude,
Anshuna Maharjan


4 January, 2017

I, Anshuna Maharjan, would like to request you to help me financially for my medical treatment.

I am currently in student visa. To extend my student visa I went for my medical treatment on 17th of October 2017 and after several investigation and echo report I came to know that I have a defect in large atrial septal, which simply means that there is a large hole in my heart.

After consultation with Heart Specialist, I found that it will cost me tentatively $40,000 to do my surgery here in Australia. I have tried very hard to collect money from all sources - parents, friends, relatives and also taken loan from work. But i am having difficulty to arrange such a huge amount.

I am liasing with my College for help. The student support services of my college has been helping me to liase with Insurance but as this is claimed to be pre-conditioned, Insurance will not cover my treatment. I am trying to justify my case. Hopefully at least some treatments will be covered. But nothing is sure as of now. 

My parents have inquired in Heart Specialist in Nepal. But as i am residing in Australia so the doctors of Nepal are unsure about my conditions and costs related to the operation. I believe the cost in Nepal will be less than that in Australia. I am trying all i can to collect funds so that i can go to Nepal for checkup. I am financially incapable to sustain such a major operation. 

I have left my job and have no income. My health has been deterioting day by day. The doctor has advised to get an operation for better chance of survival.

I have approached NRN Australia, NAV Victoria and Guthi Australia. I have received positive response from them. I am waiting for financial help from them and hopeful to receive them soon.

I would like to request all my friends from social media to help me in this campaign.

Your help would be highly appreciated and will help me to move ahead in my life. Thank you very much!!

Anshuna Maharjan
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