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Hi all,

My story is a long one, so here goes, please read all the way through!

I was born with cerebral palsy, I faced many challenges and had to overcome one hurdle after another. I was always told I'd never walk/drive and would be wheelchair dependant.

I quickly decided this was not for me, and as a child I refused to sit back and accept my fate. I didn't walk until I was 7, and even then I could only just mobilise, meaning I was unable to interact with friends, play, run etc.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved cars and racing, maybe this is because I was aware that cars were the only real way I could get around (as public transport was impossible for me to get on/off).

I fondly remember watching F1 and BTCC as a child, wishing one day I could do what they were doing. On my 17th birthday I applied for my driving licence, and against my family's advice I wanted to learn to drive in a manual car (they wanted me to learn in an automatic). I didn't want to be restricted and felt that if I learnt in a manual car and one day needed an automatic then I could do so, but I wasn't happy to accept more limitations.

Just before my 18th birthday I passed both my tests and have never looked back! I drive a lot as I have two children and do school runs (50 miles a day), and have other commitments also, but never have I driven and not enjoyed every second!

It has always been a dream of mine to race, but I always felt that it wouldn't be accepted, however, in recent years, particularly with Nic Hamilton entering motorsport, it has given me the confidence to strive to fulfil my dream!

I have done loads of private track day events, and some indoor/outdoor karting, and have had great feedback from all. I want to show my son (who loves motorsport) that one day he can be like his hero (Lewis Hamilton), and that whilst I may do things differently, I can still achieve my dreams.

I have a home simulator setup, running my Xbox ONE with full racing seat and force feedback steering wheel/pedal setup. I race pretty much every day, and enjoy every second!

What I really would like to do, is show other disabled people, that regardless of finances, disability etc, dreams can still be realised. I know others in a similar situation to myself, with varying disabilities who would love nothing more than the chance to prove themselves in racing, but don't have the confidence to try. I am here to prove that there is a place in motorsport for all, able bodied or disabled.

What I am trying to do at present, is to secure some support for myself and an opportunity to practice/be evaluated upon my ability and potential. I am hoping to be able to negotiate a partnership with a business/organisation in order to assist me, as I don't have the means to support my progression in the way that many do.

I feel, especially with some of the various accidents in motorsport of late, that there should be a mechanism/programme which serves to help the disabled into experience motorsport. There seems to be a lot around offering injured service personnel similar experiences, but almost nothing which caters for the disabled in general.

I not only would like to craft myself an opportunity to reach my potential, but would also relish the opportunity to leave a legacy which would help others in similar circumstances to myself. It may be something which starts small, and needs lots of publicity, but I feel that with support from various organisations and the general public that a scheme such as this could prove a huge success.

I've spoken to the MSA and the BRDC, what I am proposing is certainly feasible and there are many different directions which it could take, meaning the end result could be vastly different and have many facets.

The BRDC did tell me, that following Billy Mongers tragic accident, there was contact made from a member of the public a couple of months ago who was looking to make a donation to a charity/organisation working to enable disabled people to participate in motorsport. In the longer term, once I have achieved my dream, I want to be the inspiration for others to do the same, through an organisation which supports and nurtures the ability which the disabled candidates have.

Sadly, at the time, there was no such suitable organisation, and so the person's details were not kept.

However, I feel this news supports my view, that there is huge potential and public support behind a project such as this, especially as there would be natural provision for the disabled to race, and also, due to the risks and incidents in motorsport, some of the individuals may be injured or disabled racing drivers, which in many ways would give further weight to the cause.

I am hoping that by contacting teams, motoring organisations and such, that the project will secure substantial backing, and include experience from many different areas and in doing so, will reach its full potential with the maximum possible support and publicity.

Any support of any kind is appreciated, this will give an idea of how the funding will be used.

The first £1000 will cover purchase of helmet/overalls/HANS device etc

Another £1000 will be used for licence/test day fees and practice sessions, as well as ARDS instruction

Race entry fees can vary but are usually around £400 per race, so £2000 will cover entry to a round of races

And finally the remaining £1500 will be used for maintenance of the car which I will be using, as well as a contribution towards running costs etc. Fuel can cost around £300 per session, tyres around £150 each, luckily I will be sharing all of these costs to begin with.

In the short-medium term, I plan to gain sufficient sponsorship in order to begin a search for my own race car, however, this is a little while away.

To give an idea of how determined I am, I currently play Powerchair football for an up and coming team, and I will not allow my disability to dictate what I can/can't do!

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Kind Regards

Christopher Carter


Chris Carter

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